I already have FFXIV on Steam

After playing this game for over 30 years i found out today Square Enix deleted my account over a frozen credit card due to fraud. the account was froze due to inability to pay because the credit card company and FBI froze my account to investigate who stole my information. I was just told that everything was deleted in my account and their is nothing that can be done. No sorry, no hey here is a cd key for the collectors edition you lost and expansion to heavens ward. No way to get me any armor for exp gain, FFXIV Gil or i know a decent thing seeing how it can be pulled up how about my armor, items, job class unlocks, gil, or all the in game content since the game was remade.

Thats right i played the batched version as well and stayed loyal, this whole time. now all my work in playing "black mage" and supporting classes etc. is all gone. All my in game friends and experiences lost to the wind all the hard work and tireless hours building up my character lost to the great customer service and square enix account management services. So here is a good question for you, if you played all games for over 30 years what would you do if your account was erased and all your time, money and hard-work taken away. Would you stay loyal? start over from zero? Would you waste a single dime on a company who does this to their loyal fans? the answer is NO. the technology to be decently honorable to make up for someones loss is there. the ability to transfer all my stuff into even a new character is even there!

There is something that can be done when your YOSHI - P and have the game and its mechanics at your disposal. I know customer support FAILED, i couldn't even get 1 penny back as a refund nor a SORRY. so as the Wandering Minstrel once said "Many a night, when I stare up into the boundless heavens, I will oft catch a glimpse of a world not quite our own... Different, Buy FFXIV Gil yet eerily similar. Is this the Void, or is it something else? I suppose time will tell..." Time told me my account went into the void. And if you or someone can not do something my loyalty to this franchise is going their as well.

 Is It avaliable for steam store? Please answer this. I already have FFXIV on Steam and I'm contimplating getting back in. But Stormblood isn't part of it, useless offer lol.Paul Gearing So? You can still pay for it. You should've said: "Because it's new", my point still stands, it's a useless offer. Not useless to people who want to start the game. £12 for arr and heavensward. Is a great offer.Which one do you recommend the most?  The XIV is the online one I talked about, it has a monthly fee though.  If we remove that one then, which is your favourite? The newest one, but that one is not on sale hahaha. My favorites are FFX and FFIX. Maybe because in these 2 the aeons are very important and I love summoners .


I've been playing FFXIV since 2.0

Jeffrey Simmons I've been playing FFXIV since 2.0 and I love all the references to prior games. Like when they first released the image of magitek with a character that looked like Terra, and how of course I started off as a DRG so I could look like Kain. And now the Warring Triad statues/bosses — my inner child is ??!! Now imagine how awesome a Chrono Trigger MMO would be!  If I don't like them it makes them crap to me, and I'm not giving your opinion. I'm giving mine. Cheap FFXIV Gil  Kyla Sturgeon Chrono Trigger is a criminally underused franchise.Is this game still populated enough to play and have fun? (EU & NA) Thinking about reinstalling. Jessica Austin I felt the same way. XV is a redeemer. Totally new, but still feels like final fantasy. It's plays a little more like 12, but the open world is f'in amazing! Such a visually appealing game.

Because I like a certain pronunciation? Because you're a whore for anything FF Lem (even if it's collaborative. Let's road trip! xD)  They always have such bad voice over commercials lol. This one sounds like Romy from "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion". Either way I'm still totally going to it. Wishing this was going to also be in Dallas. Houston's not that far, I'm definitely going to make a trip down there for this! Party for Trials of Bahamut escape game. No bonus and I will be parsing to monitor everyone's contributions. Hello there final fantasy xiv lovers, I need help. I recently bought final fantasy xiv-the complete experience-on ps4, Buy FFXIV Gil but the game keeps saying unable to download patch files [20512][25008]. If anyone had this problem before with their ps4, please tell me how to stop this problem.

Did you type this error on the lodestone forums ? Today there is an update. Wait for 6hours and try again to download after that or see my link. Maybe it helps you. Do I need to buy a vpn router? The router I have is called netgear.Do you have enough space on hard drive? That's always my issue. No, change your dns server to Googles in your Internet settings, fixed. Evan Harbison I have about 4.22 TB free space. Daz Bowman, just change the dns server on my ps4?  Nico Conuts do i have to buy a vpn router? U can leave ur controller idle just keep touching the touch pad every couple minutes I was having the same problem.

You just have bad luck...there was maintenance going on last night so that might have caused the issue since all servers close for maintenance. But hope you enjoy the game. Exit and try again I get that problem sometimes when downloading patch all I need to do is close app and reload it .. been playing ffxiv for two years on ps4. Alexa Rochelle this would be amazing for all of us to do!! Kyle Kortvely already had a fanboy moment.It is an escape room. Like a physical escape room! We work as a group to solve puzzles, in person .