ff14 is just as good

All the data centers weren't based in north America. 3 of them were based in Canada the rest are in Japan.  wow still best mmo but ff14 is just as good if they fix pvp que times ill say different. I quit over a month ago. Happy I did. The game became stale, the crafting pathetic. Red scripts ruined the game. The elitist toxic player base made the game difficult FFXIV Gil for anyone to get anything done as well. Statics, filled with elitist blaming people for everything and fallng apart because of it. Sad the game was fun for a while.. Loved astrologian. I just hated the player base, and how you had to choose either crafting.. or pve unless you wanted to play 10 hours a day you couldnt do both.

First time playing an MMO I guess eh? far from it. Played since UO days seen it all. And seen the decline in the player base/trolls etc. It mostly started with WoW and the modernization of MMO.  No one cares Buy FFXIV Gil . Why are you still following the FB page? Im with John Claude Esh. Your as mucha troll as those you are complaining about. You're dumb then. This is the best MMO on the market. And 3.1 just made it better.  I am not dumb, I am entitled to my opinion. And the best MMO on the market not by a long shot. It has many glaring problems with it. I follow it because I loved this game, and want to keep updated if they ever change certain things that I quit because of. Well I can't see them turning it from a game with lots of content into something you can win everything by playing 2 hours a week.

Maybe you should have changed servers? I know for a fact there are some incredibly friendly servers to choose from. Gilgamesh, Lamia, and Exodus are a few. Also just gonna put this out there, ffxiv is an mmo, and no matter what mmo you play, you will face these issues. No such thing as a prefect mmo but ffxiv has come closer to it than any other mmo I've played. Best to stop whining about not being the best and just play the game.


Guild Wars 2 New build available

New build available! Patch your clients to prep for ‪#‎GW2HoT‬! Halloween content is in-game now! Patch notes are live. If I could patch the game at all. All I get for the last week of trying to update is fatal errors. If still getting that and you have tried everything already just reinstall the game. -repair have you done this, takes less time vs reinstall GW2 Gold , if not call your neighbour maybe they play too, you can copy their uncorrupted .dat  I always keep a back up copy of the .dat when its working D: Good idea Zach Miller! I'll do the same.

Goodbye normal dungeon , hello fractals. Anything new for those without the expac? Or do you NEED the expac to be able to enter guild halls, new zones, etc? You can enter the guild hall without it, just can't help claim it. You also have access to the new WvW and stuff smile emoticon.  You can access guild halls in a limited way but not the new maps. Just buy the expansion lol.. Question: For those of us that already bought the core game, do we still have to pay for the full 50$ of the expansion? Because it says it already comes with the game. (Which I imagine is part of the price.)

Or do we get it for free? I hear that's what happened when Living Season 2 first came out Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.

I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, but I really wanna know before I erroneously shell out 50$. 50$ gets you the core game and the expansion, the core game without the expansion is already f2p (tho they don't call it taht)I know, I said: "For those of us that already bought the core game." We're not supposed to pay for the core game again are we?  You gotta pay the fifty even if you already own the core game. You need to look at it the other way around:) the core is the free part of this pack. Veterans got a bonus character slot if they pre-purchased.  So, If we're a veteran and we didn't pre-purchase, we're kinda screwed, huh? Unless you'd rather wait for it to go down in price, like the main game. it was announced well ahead of time that pre-purchases who already own the game get a free slot, if you decided not the pre-purchase, that is on you. As for paying the 50$ again, yes you do, the core game is free to play now anyway and all buying the expansion does for those players is lift the restrictions.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

With each expansion being pre stated as priced at $60. If someone bought the game when it first came out in total that's around $240 at the end of it all. if there is an expansion for each dragon Guild Wars 2 Gold . That's not including all the micro transactions. Your all new way of selling sounds alot like EA.

original game $60 HoT $60 plus one more at $60 this isn't close? that is also assuming there will be only one more expansion after this one. an amount of money doesn't say anything unless you put it into context. 60USD for 2-3 years of fun is nothing, and while i doubt that there will be 2-3 years of content for each expansion, i am sure that they will be worth every cent. I dont think it should be compared to putting 50% in the base game and then releasing the rest as a series of 30USD DLC every 3 months or so. Thank you Anet for all the hard work! Can't wait to see and experience everything Cheap GW2 Gold the expansion has to offer. At the beginning i didnt care about hot...but now i really looking forward to get hands on colonthree emoticon.

Everytime I join a countdown something gets ddo'sed , not that it will stop me but... I can't wait! My legendary needs complete. The countdown to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns begins today! You can still pre-purchase at.  i only want t o buy heart of thorns ,not another copy of guild wars 2. your not buying guild wars 2 anymore with the core game is free to play anyway you are literally just paying for heart of thorns.  Then you're buying a $50 expansion pack which the creators justified the price of by packing the original game in as a "freebie." The Original, which was $60, when it came out.

Zora Trafalgar Strider ok i see now ,but that means the heart of thorns is still priced at £34.99,for an expansion pack ,thats a lot to pay.do you whine cause you feel like you have to whine ? i dont get it! first you whine about one thing, then it is explained, then you whine about another thing, GODAMNIT.  Dude get over with the "I only wan't to buy HoT , not gw2" ITS FREE TO PLAY now, so get over with it, and buy it if you want to support the game, if not then stfu and go play something else.


3 or 4 dungeons and bosses for gear

 I appreciate all the input. I think I've got a good feel for it from what I've herd so far. I kinda would miss the NMs and stuff. They were always kinda fun. FFXIV Gil The old one was such a grind, but that's what made people appreciate the good gear Buy FFXIV Gil when you seen it on a player.I wish you the best Adam Andrews and have fun if you end up playing it. Thanks for your input Christian Vilches. Have a good one!  If u like spamming the same 3 or 4 dungeons and bosses for gear untill they update them to the next 3 or 4 dungeons and bosses and at the same time make it play exactly like every other mmo but very pretty. Then ya, go for it. If you are looking for that ffxi that stole ur heart making you want to explore every nook and fight every nm. This just didnt do it for me. This is more for casual gamers. Whare you miss a day or month or in my case a year and eh not that far behind.

 is way better. This game lacks originality. Too heavy on instances. Fail Void Ark better be.... COFFIN up that treasure! I see what you did there. Oh...oh ho....hohohahaha! That'd was good ^^Hopefully they will understand that new content should bring higher iLvl if they stick to that vertical progression..

It's so lame when people already have their iLvl200, just to glamour it, or perhaps having new accuracy stats on them..Look at Bismark EX iLvl175.. it's used for glamour, and.. it's ugly.. bec it's outdated the moment it has been inserted.. so lame.. SE you better up the ante, and stopping the reborn features of 2.0 and patches up to 3.0..It's a great game; listen to your people like before, and it shall last for years. Sadly I think they stopped listening to player feedback and just do what they want. Most of the time they get butthurt cause something they implicated went unused so they force players into doing it. Like forcing people to grind out hunts, fates and buying materia.  And when they do reply do fans suggestions it's always "too much server stress" "will require too much memory".