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I can't wait to join Runescape music event

I wanted to avoid sending out sheet music or midi files because I find it's more creative for people to use their own imagination to build a piece of music. It's not that many notes runescape gold for sale :)

Why not try playing the theme, experiment with it, have fun with it, and see where it goes. Play it on a piano, guitar, recorder, harmonica, hurdy gurdy buy runescape accounts, didgeridoo, or whatever else you have lying around or load up your sequencer and write a full on dubstep remix! Anything goes!!

Wooo sounds awesome!!!! Shame i'm not terrible with music, i'm worse :S But still, i like the ideas of new competitions of runescape account!

I can't wait to hear them :) I wish I cou


Do you have concentration problems

 Many players have problems. Some are due to stressed study or pressure. Some are because of elder age and brain function decade. No matter what reasons are, you can fix it up by below method.

Good sleep is number one! Lack of sleep is really a serious issue that makes it difficult for us to focus on tricky topic for long time. If you are a teenage, 7 hours of rest is necessary for you to concentrate on study.

Playing games is a good cure for lack of concentration. It is easier for us to focus when we play games, especially for young adults. When you are absorbing in game, your attention is completely fixed in it. If possible, you can buy diablo 3 account to take adventures in Diablo3. When you learn it, it is really incredible that you could easily concentrate yourself on it. And diablo 3 accounts for sale is always available and affordable for all people.

Keep a balanced diet. Eat much green vegetables or yellow veggies as you can. Nuts and beans are especially important to keep brain develop well. These food are good for your brain and making your smart. Try to avoid white food, such as bread, flour, sugar and grease. Caffeine and sweets can stimulate your nervous system, so drink less coffee and eat less candy to the great extent.


how some of streamers are ringing in Diablo III's new year

From competitions to giveaways, free gifts, and more, find out how some of our streamers are ringing in Diablo III's new year with Diablo 3 account.
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 I love the stupid trolls posting the same, old, recycled, boring hate comments and YET they're still liking this page, AND playing the game. Hilarious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIABLO!btw people like that are idiots and this game absolutly sucked and i played it for 1 month like no trees no actual points you get to put in they murdered this franchise to sell Diablo 3 account
The only reason we like the page is so we can make fun of you and read the daily lolz.The problem is that if you guys don't like the game just don't play it. Happy birthday Diablo and thanks!


Factors affecting the Google search rankings

Google blog search (Google Blog Search) is a very important tool for the construction and promotion of a blog site, in general, as long as they appear in the Google blog search ranking rather forward for example, will be able to in the blog fairly long period of time to obtain a stable access to the source. - Of course, Google blog search, there are many additional features, for example, we can Ping Blog Search to improve the speed of web pages indexed by Google, quickly make our web pages in Google's index database, in ordinary web search also benefit.

So, how to make your own blog moved up in the Google blog search? Or, what factors affect Google blog search rankings?

Recently, Seo by the Sea on Google a new patent for blog search analysis, to explore the factors that decided to blog search rankings rise or fall, although it may not be very accurate, but reflects the trend is not in doubt .

First of all, with the traditional Web search ranking depends on the correlation between the blog page and search term, this is nothing to explore, blog site under construction also need to choose the right keywords and optimize for.

Secondly, the blog search ranking also depends on the mass fraction of the sites / pages (Quality Score) In short, the blog site / page quality higher the score, the higher the ranking in a blog. Affect the Quality Score factors were as follows:

Improve the quality score that enhance the blog search ranking factors

Blog popularity: mainly reflected in the number of visitors on the blog RSS, the reason is very simple, the popular blog more subscriptions Well;
The potential popularity blog: derived by analyzing the behavior of users in the blog search, for example, the number of the search results page click on the blog;
Links: the number of occurrences in the other blog "blog link";
High-quality link: the number of occurrences in the authoritative blog "blog link";
Content Tags: blog itself as well as customized label;
In addition to the types of sites outside the blog cited: non-link from the blog site;
Pagerank: blog site and the PageRank of the page;
Reduce the mass fraction lower ranking factor in the blog search

Duplicate text (Duplicated content): On this issue, we will in future content discussed in detail;

Predictable release frequency: If you have been using a fixed time to publish blog posts, may be considered using some spam mechanism auto-complete, also includes a blog in a short period of time promptly publish a lot of content;
Blog site's RSS feed inconsistent: this is a lot Spammer often means adopted;
Content contains spam common keywords;
Advertising: too many ads placed in a blog;
The blog post has a very similar length;
Links: on the one hand, blog sites do not link to inappropriate websites; On the other hand, if most of the blog links point to the same site / page, no doubt with some spam suspects;


runescape is suitable for you or not

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WoW, RS or Diablo 3

Face it pc player diablo 3 is a great game but also a destroyed great game.All pc players are just testers for the better diablo 3 that is coming to consoles.There will be no auction house,better drops,trading in game,better boss battles, and just better more legit people to play with now for playstation 3.So cry all you want about d3 for pc its pretty much ruined because of auction house but besides that the game is great.I really dont understand why there are so many trolls who are really big WOW nerds that say diablo 3 sucks LOL dude diablo 3 might have failed alil because of AH for pc BUT i would play anything in the world besides that fairy tale little kids game world of warcraft LOL and you say d3 but you play WOW lol makes no sense at all.Me im not a cry baby troll I know this game will kickass for playstation 3 Diablo 3 account itleast so i bought a 50inch LED tv and a ps3 blizzard I am rerady for d3 now its gonna kickas!!!!!!I am not some cry baby troll who is going to waste my time over spilled milk,look you troll losers just stop playind d3 if you dont like it go back to your little kids game WOW but I know diablo 3 is awsome and will be even better for consoles.These trolls that play WOW on here are the last people on earth that I would trust about good video gamesLOL i mean you people think WOW is cool but d3 sucks LOL whats wrong with the world these days diablo 3 account sale!.

Yet another way this branch of blizzard passes the buck & does less. I suppose d3 customers should be using google to create thier own avatars too? When play Rs, you can buy cheap rs gold.
You rake in hundreds of millions, now, try to act like a branch of blizzard & made Diablo relevant again.
Add lobbies, blizzard north managed w/ less recources, to actually develope a TON more option for the players.


Witch Doctor is a good choice of occupation on Diablo 3

The witch doctor is a good use of poisons, explosives, good control, which specializes summon various monsters career. Before did not come into contact with the witch doctor, I thought it was a boring career. After beta testing, the witch doctor is definitely worth playing. Especially when the army command summon legions of hell is completely submerged, really interesting is not it?

Occupational characteristics

The skills of the witch doctor is very similar to the Necromancer can curse the enemy, summon the dead bodies, and the summons to attack defense. Dot (Damage over time) and the existence of soul harvest, the witch doctor has a maximum output potential. Meanwhile, the witch doctor summon types range and very tough, everything from the the human shields type to output type. Most of the players point of view, the witch doctor will be the most professional of the wasteland capacity (purgatory before) on Diablo 3 accounts.

Team positioning

The witch doctor though inferior to the monks but also quite good buff and debuff. The highest degree of difficulty, pets although it is not resistant, but can still play a blocking role so you need to buy diablo 3 account. The strongest of the three control skills for a long time, plus the Rune toad in theory, can be a monster 100% control groups chaos and change chicks are very sick.

Well, reading the detailed description of the five career, whether you have selected your favorite hero? If you do not it does not matter, let us look at how we are all optional.


farm rs gold from Fishing and Cooking

If you are searching for good ways to earn rs gold, this guid is really good for you. You can train Fishing and cooking and make rs money at the same time, which makes your leveling fast and effective.

Fishing and cooking will bring you some easy earned Gp! All you need to do is start fishing. You will be needing feathers for faster lvls until you reach the tuna's with harpoon.
Trout/salmon will be valued by many early on, and will most likly have a decent price at around 20-50 gp per trout and 30-75 gp per salmon. Depending on who you sell to the price will vary alot.
Cooking them will be a evil necessary if you wish to sell them. However if you just build a stock and wait for others to get their cooking lvl up, you could make a better profit!

If you burn 25% of what you fish while cooking, you lose out on 25% profit. But if you wait and sell them for 10% less then cooked - You make 15% more! Ofcourse you will lack the cooking levels, but assuming your after the Gp's that is the better deal!

I believe lobsters until sharks in catherby will be the fastest way, and a good profit. 100 gp per raw (?) seems reasonable. Catching sharks later on will bring you 500-1000 gp per shark, it is uncertain on how much gold the people will have accumulated by then.

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main reasons for Runescape not popular nowadays

People playing WOW etc got their accounts back and included the gear they had but NOT in Runescape - what the hacker takes is gone forever. You lost all your armors, rs money and even account. As for what we pay; far too many people don't realise the price has increased from $5US to $7.95US but I know the Australian Dollar is worth more than the US and our NZ Dollar is even more unfairly rated. This is even more proof of how Jagex is similar to the Nigerian bank account hackers as both are trying to take all your money for nothing. I actually think someone that knows how to contact Interpol should inform them how Jagex operates because Jagex actually operate against their own rules that they made for the game! Many quests need to buy armors, and you have to buy runescape gold.

Then of course I hate the lagg that cuts us out of trying to relax playing. The bott accounts do the same as they take most the gear we try to collect and only to trade to a silly kid that thinks he/she is a hero with max levels although doesn't even know how the game works. So many botters mean such a small community of us real people thus it's hard to have a good conversation now. And of course if you have botters and gold selling sites, the game is so destroyed since High Scores etc don't mean a thing any more.

What are some main reasons that Runescape is not popular nowadays.

Hand Pain from all the clicking
Lack of free content
PvP gank squads
Crafters forced into PvP areas for rare resources
Chat spam filled with really retarded scams that stupid kids actually fall for "lulz i dubble yur goldz TRADE MEH"
Magic costs too much, runes can get pricey, especially death runes which are only craftable by members and always in short supply forcing mages to use inferior spells
Rangers can only be good if they're members, their armor demands it
Melee is OP due to lack of mages to balance the power
Bad enemy AI
No player guild system

What pushes you away from runescape?

What pushes me away is that players think to high of them selves they forget that they them selves were once new bees.

I have lost my old character on RS and have not got it back I made a new one and I instantly get treated as a New Bee even though I have played RS since it was in Beta form Soooooo many yrs back. you try to get help or advice on things in generaland you get the cold shoulder treatment I was never that cold to any one I have all ways tryed to help but now I am a little iffy about playing RS its a nice game and all but its not the way it was back in the old ways were people were helpfull. Sometimes, when I traded Runescape gold, Jagex thought I was spammer.

The community can be rough sometimes either ellitists or just rude. I have met some nice people playing though. Thought it is cheap to buy rs armors and buy rs gold, I have to use this money for my study.

I left the game when they implemented GE and removed wildy. These are back now but I find it hard to get back to the game. Still keep checking out the website for updates, so who knows one day I may go back.


Hope big changes on Runescape

To be honest I'd like there to be more big secrets, lore-related discussions are great in a games community when everything isn't set in stone; we get to throw out our ideas and it brings us all together. It's one of my favourite parts of other RPG games buy cheap rs gold.

Not that runescape doesn't have its big secrets in lore, i'd just like to see more of it. 

As for what i do want to know.. i'd like to see more about the elder gods and their artifacts, it's an intresting subject

The maturity in the replies here is incredible.

I'd like to know more about the gods, or at least how much we can expect to find out about them from the god related content that is supposedly lined up for this year. Guthix's story in TWW was really well done and I think it would be cool if the backgrounds of other gods were explained similarly. How much runescape money we should have to join this activity?

I agree with Cryxlea, secrets are good for discussion. I'd also love to see more hidden content, such as the Ga'al mystery. 


eight God Emissaries available now

So there'll be eight God Emissaries; which ones of all the gods we know?

Mod Osborne only mentioned Bandos, Armadyl, Zaros, Saradomin and Zamorak.

Then there's the godless allignment (Guthix), so I could assume you guys could have new gods like Sliske and Tuska coming into play? If so that'd be awesome. I suppose you guys have also counted the Menaphite Phantheon within those Emissaries, or even something else? No matter you buy rs accounts or not, you can join it.

I really hope the NPC's will have as much to tell as the gods themselves, though I would really like to see the gods in person some day (soon).

Noob prayer, nooby god stuff, and much needed high level farming (although if I can't grow dungeoneering xp plants it'll be useless to me). April showers bring May flowers (or some crap like tht) Pretty dissapointing month. Makes it sound like HTML5/NSI thingy isn't going to be opened up to all members until the very end of the month or maybe even June... Was hoping it'd be like... tomorrow. Now I know why we have things like loyalty points, daily challenges, extra spins for members, etc. cuz I wouldn't even pay for members this month if it wasn't for those tiny benefits.
And I want more quests. 1-2 a month (10 a year or so) used to be the norm... So many unfinished quest storylines I'm going to have to wait a decade to see concluded.