Better off to buy Blade and Soul costumes off from cash shop

 That date with cover is free to play from that time forward or an event or something? This is one of the features I had a hard time with. Thanks for info. 26 days away, so close yet so far. The game needs to hurry so i can make a character just to stare at its butt. "Click to learn more" offers only founders pack, already have one cheap Blade & Soul Gold . Wait till you burned 500g for nothing or 1 only.  i was dream to play this game since 2012 but don't know how to get it. NO IP Block right? Im in Asian region, i want to play even i expect i will experience slight delay.

There are many asian versions why not be specific? There is Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese. There is no south east asian version.
Blade and Soul will be free to play with no IP plock except for Russia (CIS region). The game will go live on January 19th 2016.You will have only two options. This is to play on the NA server or the EU sever. There is no plan at this stage to host a local server in your region. You will play with high latency, which makes it basically unplayable.

Its not worth gambling through transmutation to get a rare perm costume unless youre loaded with gold. Buy Blade and Soul Gold Better off to buy costumes off from cash shop lol. how's the cash shop gonna be? Should we be worried? Does anyone know if there are game breaking features in the cash Shop/Premium sub? on 19 jan the game gonna be free for all or its gonna be p2p ? The game is going to be free to play?I love this game.  I only want to know 1 thing , what will be the price of VIP for 30 days.  At what time on January 15 the server will be open for the early access?


Blade & Soul beta is eligible for a chanc

Everyone who signed up for our beta is eligible for a chance at getting a key, which we email out a few days before the start of the beta. If you don't get one that way, there will be other giveaways and opportunities to grab one. Just be sure to follow us on all our social accounts. i have code and download game how i played closed beta (failed connect to server) pls aswer me Don't really know a better way but I'm just open task manager > resource monitor > network and check TCP connection.  i have the problem how cant play? (i cant login, always says how Login failed or when if i can login than at the game character selection says how connection lost etc.. i have 12mb/s internet connection)
Blade & Soul Gold

or server is currently undergoing maintaance (106)(6)  i cant buy funders pack, when i click buy : something went wrong on uor end; plis help me. Restart your internet router if you can and restart your PC. Some people have done that and it's refreshed the connection and let them buy it. The games fun an all but god dam its laggy from the Uk on the NA server, guess ill wait next weet for EU Cheap Blade & Soul Gold .

Hey guys! Looking for a guild for the second beta weekend/release?! Give ours a chance! Have a look at this video and all Information is in the description grin emoticon! Have a great day and look forward to meeting any future guildies.


I've been waiting 5 years for this BNS Gem

Well now I can die happy, but I have to ask by any chance is this going to be released for consoles cause I know a lot of my friends are going to miss out on this.This is the only game I would hook my computer back up for.. Then again, I've been waiting 5 years for this Gem. is blade and soul going to be downloadable for mac users? Omg amazing birthday present for me.

My bday is on the 14th January (early access start on 15th) thank you NCSoft. Good thing for people who got founders cuz there will be a orgy on launch date. 19th of Jan, best birthday present ever! Makes me so happy to have a game finally release on my birthday so I get to celebrate it with Blade & BNS Gold; Soul! hey guys, if i bought a founder's pack, do i need to apply the code from the nc account right now, or after january 19? thank you! Nice but so LAG, when i try to attack almost 3 - 4 seconds delay frown emoticon.. my connection here is around 10 Mbps..Please fix this issue..

Buy Blade and Soul Gold

What error you getting? If it is "cannot connect to server" then that is normal, since Beta is offline until Tuesday. If it is other, you better try re-installing.... said failed and said restalled and done that just the same.


Chelsea after 12 games just with 11 points

People calling Ozil overrated, piss off. Better than Fabre, David Silva and Payet.  Jacob Portillo bro two of these dudes from Leicester City? And those stats speak for themselves.  D | Chelsea after 12 games just with 11 points. Mahrez!!! Im not even Algerian but still MAHREZ!! I am a Özil fan and quite clearly he is much more talented than the other two but Mahrez is the real deal according to me. Who cares where we are from? We love football.

A, C, B due to expectations of them pre season FIFA 16 coins ... Vardy and mahrez Leicester are doing phenomenal so far None of them till they show its class rather than form. Yes but has he been good for a full season? He's on good form but has spells here and there rather than cheap Aion Kinah performing all season like the best players do. We'll see this season fair play if he does but I can see him dying down. Vardy since he's been giving significantly random stats to help his team. Only B coz Not only assist he also created da highest chances in EPL... Great to see our players getting praise .  Jamie Vardy of course, you would expect such statistics from 50 mL pound player like Ozil. Has to be jamie vardy! Absolute no brainer. As a newcastle fan I'm dreading us playing Leicester in 2 weeks! It's Premier League stats, Chicharito is in Leverkusen.

Form is temporary while class is permanent! So B! Best striker in the world? You know HARRY KANE, Riyad Mahrez is the best one . Its obviously A come on hes closing in on Van Nistelrooys record. Mahrez has been the business for so long, you could tell he was special in the championship. As a Leicester fan definitely a, mahrez has been quite inconsistent and has poor work rate, whereas vardy is irreplaceable and puts a shift in week in week out. A and C actually as both as unexpected and both massive achievements. A. By far.


Aion Steam gameplay

At first i was on Kr as asmodian, i moved to Beritra, if you wanna add me: Stabica. Sham Reen You can't play through Steam if you are outside North America, region. Just use NC soft launcher. Everyone send me a link in downloading aion on steam please. gunsliger is a class deleted from in game??? because i stop play aion 1 year and now i'm back but my gunsliger have all stigmas empty and cannot equipe others again.... so what happens???? is it restricted to na? cant find it in my steam, im from eu.

 I am from Germany i play trough Steam u n just create a bat file for it. Yes, limited to NA only for Steam, you can play normaly through launcher though Aion Gold. When will the servers be on I have templar to level up god damt. Yeah I'm kinda worried we'll wake up cheap Aion Kinah one maintenance day and find out that's the day of the merger. Makes it very hard to buy outdoor guestblooms. Whats new in berita server?? Can we get free mythical of choice there for easy set??? Sir can we access and buy stuff on your shop store using steam credit? serv kahrun is dow ty and beritas not make character very nice ty staff . All of the friends I had in the game 6 years ago are gone. All of the friends that I had in the game 3 years ago are gone. It's a completely different game these days and it's just heartbreaking to play and know how much it has completely changed.

The new area is nice but I hate hate HATE that its only 6 stigmas instead of 12 now and wtf is up with reducing the amount of mana restoration skills for songweavers? Thats... Thats one of their defining features...No one said I wanted to go to EU lmao a game can't improve without feedback. There were good changes and bad changes. Both must be mentioned in order to give constructive criticism.


ff14 is just as good

All the data centers weren't based in north America. 3 of them were based in Canada the rest are in Japan.  wow still best mmo but ff14 is just as good if they fix pvp que times ill say different. I quit over a month ago. Happy I did. The game became stale, the crafting pathetic. Red scripts ruined the game. The elitist toxic player base made the game difficult FFXIV Gil for anyone to get anything done as well. Statics, filled with elitist blaming people for everything and fallng apart because of it. Sad the game was fun for a while.. Loved astrologian. I just hated the player base, and how you had to choose either crafting.. or pve unless you wanted to play 10 hours a day you couldnt do both.

First time playing an MMO I guess eh? far from it. Played since UO days seen it all. And seen the decline in the player base/trolls etc. It mostly started with WoW and the modernization of MMO.  No one cares Buy FFXIV Gil . Why are you still following the FB page? Im with John Claude Esh. Your as mucha troll as those you are complaining about. You're dumb then. This is the best MMO on the market. And 3.1 just made it better.  I am not dumb, I am entitled to my opinion. And the best MMO on the market not by a long shot. It has many glaring problems with it. I follow it because I loved this game, and want to keep updated if they ever change certain things that I quit because of. Well I can't see them turning it from a game with lots of content into something you can win everything by playing 2 hours a week.

Maybe you should have changed servers? I know for a fact there are some incredibly friendly servers to choose from. Gilgamesh, Lamia, and Exodus are a few. Also just gonna put this out there, ffxiv is an mmo, and no matter what mmo you play, you will face these issues. No such thing as a prefect mmo but ffxiv has come closer to it than any other mmo I've played. Best to stop whining about not being the best and just play the game.


Guild Wars 2 New build available

New build available! Patch your clients to prep for ‪#‎GW2HoT‬! Halloween content is in-game now! Patch notes are live. If I could patch the game at all. All I get for the last week of trying to update is fatal errors. If still getting that and you have tried everything already just reinstall the game. -repair have you done this, takes less time vs reinstall GW2 Gold , if not call your neighbour maybe they play too, you can copy their uncorrupted .dat  I always keep a back up copy of the .dat when its working D: Good idea Zach Miller! I'll do the same.

Goodbye normal dungeon , hello fractals. Anything new for those without the expac? Or do you NEED the expac to be able to enter guild halls, new zones, etc? You can enter the guild hall without it, just can't help claim it. You also have access to the new WvW and stuff smile emoticon.  You can access guild halls in a limited way but not the new maps. Just buy the expansion lol.. Question: For those of us that already bought the core game, do we still have to pay for the full 50$ of the expansion? Because it says it already comes with the game. (Which I imagine is part of the price.)

Or do we get it for free? I hear that's what happened when Living Season 2 first came out Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold.

I'm sorry if this is an obvious question, but I really wanna know before I erroneously shell out 50$. 50$ gets you the core game and the expansion, the core game without the expansion is already f2p (tho they don't call it taht)I know, I said: "For those of us that already bought the core game." We're not supposed to pay for the core game again are we?  You gotta pay the fifty even if you already own the core game. You need to look at it the other way around:) the core is the free part of this pack. Veterans got a bonus character slot if they pre-purchased.  So, If we're a veteran and we didn't pre-purchase, we're kinda screwed, huh? Unless you'd rather wait for it to go down in price, like the main game. it was announced well ahead of time that pre-purchases who already own the game get a free slot, if you decided not the pre-purchase, that is on you. As for paying the 50$ again, yes you do, the core game is free to play now anyway and all buying the expansion does for those players is lift the restrictions.


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

With each expansion being pre stated as priced at $60. If someone bought the game when it first came out in total that's around $240 at the end of it all. if there is an expansion for each dragon Guild Wars 2 Gold . That's not including all the micro transactions. Your all new way of selling sounds alot like EA.

original game $60 HoT $60 plus one more at $60 this isn't close? that is also assuming there will be only one more expansion after this one. an amount of money doesn't say anything unless you put it into context. 60USD for 2-3 years of fun is nothing, and while i doubt that there will be 2-3 years of content for each expansion, i am sure that they will be worth every cent. I dont think it should be compared to putting 50% in the base game and then releasing the rest as a series of 30USD DLC every 3 months or so. Thank you Anet for all the hard work! Can't wait to see and experience everything Cheap GW2 Gold the expansion has to offer. At the beginning i didnt care about hot...but now i really looking forward to get hands on colonthree emoticon.

Everytime I join a countdown something gets ddo'sed , not that it will stop me but... I can't wait! My legendary needs complete. The countdown to Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns begins today! You can still pre-purchase at.  i only want t o buy heart of thorns ,not another copy of guild wars 2. your not buying guild wars 2 anymore with the core game is free to play anyway you are literally just paying for heart of thorns.  Then you're buying a $50 expansion pack which the creators justified the price of by packing the original game in as a "freebie." The Original, which was $60, when it came out.

Zora Trafalgar Strider ok i see now ,but that means the heart of thorns is still priced at £34.99,for an expansion pack ,thats a lot to pay.do you whine cause you feel like you have to whine ? i dont get it! first you whine about one thing, then it is explained, then you whine about another thing, GODAMNIT.  Dude get over with the "I only wan't to buy HoT , not gw2" ITS FREE TO PLAY now, so get over with it, and buy it if you want to support the game, if not then stfu and go play something else.


3 or 4 dungeons and bosses for gear

 I appreciate all the input. I think I've got a good feel for it from what I've herd so far. I kinda would miss the NMs and stuff. They were always kinda fun. FFXIV Gil The old one was such a grind, but that's what made people appreciate the good gear Buy FFXIV Gil when you seen it on a player.I wish you the best Adam Andrews and have fun if you end up playing it. Thanks for your input Christian Vilches. Have a good one!  If u like spamming the same 3 or 4 dungeons and bosses for gear untill they update them to the next 3 or 4 dungeons and bosses and at the same time make it play exactly like every other mmo but very pretty. Then ya, go for it. If you are looking for that ffxi that stole ur heart making you want to explore every nook and fight every nm. This just didnt do it for me. This is more for casual gamers. Whare you miss a day or month or in my case a year and eh not that far behind.

 is way better. This game lacks originality. Too heavy on instances. Fail Void Ark better be.... COFFIN up that treasure! I see what you did there. Oh...oh ho....hohohahaha! That'd was good ^^Hopefully they will understand that new content should bring higher iLvl if they stick to that vertical progression..

It's so lame when people already have their iLvl200, just to glamour it, or perhaps having new accuracy stats on them..Look at Bismark EX iLvl175.. it's used for glamour, and.. it's ugly.. bec it's outdated the moment it has been inserted.. so lame.. SE you better up the ante, and stopping the reborn features of 2.0 and patches up to 3.0..It's a great game; listen to your people like before, and it shall last for years. Sadly I think they stopped listening to player feedback and just do what they want. Most of the time they get butthurt cause something they implicated went unused so they force players into doing it. Like forcing people to grind out hunts, fates and buying materia.  And when they do reply do fans suggestions it's always "too much server stress" "will require too much memory".


Aion Arthur Koh

Doesn't matter. The incredibly unbalanced PVP already ruined this game for me. NCsoft/Aion Team please confirm: you are NOT changing the Asmodian aesthetics yet again are you? This teaser is making a lot of players upset and worried that our traits will continue to be diminished.
Aion Kinah

If this is a makeover for asmodians, I'm playing that faction again! Nice one! something was wrong with my aion client...after update i cant see any LFG chat in chat window, wtf happening? what should i do?  Is this and Hybrid Elyo/Asmo new race. I wish I could play it... but the client doesnt even download correctly... fail. Stupid ncsoft always do propagand for asmos. Cannot connect to authentication server... website doesn't work... is it on maintnance again or what? ... asmodians with no claws and back hairs buy Aion Gold, what's their new name? Arthur Koh but they have black wings o.o so asmodians change again and join the elyos i presume.  I actually welcome this change. Their claws and mane are the main things holding me back from trying out the Asmoes. (Yeah, I'm a sun-blighted elyos noob lol)

Arthur Koh but that would .. i mean the lore .. and.. wel.. i don't even care anymore there's gaint robots and ppl with guns, not to mention the balaur has a full menchanized armies lol.... I tried to do asmo race twice and just couldnt do it. i played asmo, i enjoyed it as much as playing elyos *0*/


Final Fantasy Elite

I miss playing FF, I am having black mage with draws. frown emoticon Can't wait to get my pc working again. Finally! Excited for some hype content that'll both be challenging and satisfying! No more snoring  FFXIV gil  .

Nice, maybe all the A-holes in Alex will finally drop from DF and queue for this instead. We have created a group without power crazy admins and a minefield of rules. Just normal people coming together for a shared love of this amazing game series. Come and be apart of our friendly and welcoming group, as we close in on 1,000 members in just three months since the group was created. We want you to all be apart of Final Fantasy Elite!  

it'll probably get as ignored as the binding coil of bahamut was, sadly.  i think something like 10% of players even tried BC. You'd be surprised at how few players have even done the ex primals cheap FFXIV gil. lmao don't know ware you are getting 10% from lmao but most players have done all 3 binding coils and all primal's that's just a random estimation from you which is far from the truth. played the game since it came out and i can assure you a lot of people have done the binding coils and primal's.  Most players haven't at all, actually. I don't even think most current players have HW access; maybe only 50% or so. This reddit thread is from 7 months ago, but the percentages seem constant: and because some have not cleard it. you get the asumption that they are ignoring it. how does that work out. and that is going by teams you know fc groups ls groups. etc. so what about the other people who run it with them after it was 1st cleared because that redit post is only really going by groups that have killed,. and not accounting for other people from the fcs/ ls running it with them. ie stand in people or people wanting carried.


I cannot wait for FIFA 16

  I cannot wait for FIFA 16. I am super excited.  watch the FUT draft trailer with Neville and Carragher. It's hilarious. Does anybody know which leagues are going to be in this game?  read the career mode updates, sounds class. FIFA 16 coins

  Or 12 players on the bench in the national team matches? Only on PS4, XBOX One and PC? WTF EA there are still people who use PS3 and XBOX 360.  what are you talking about? It clearly says that the features are available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3 under the "fifa 16" text grin emoticon if those features wouldn't be available on every console it wouldn't say that or where did you get that idea from? When I checked the new Career Mode features it says only Next Gen consoles and PC have em.  The available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 part is for the game itself, Not the new features.  Yep the new features (career mode, not read the others) are only on PS4, One and PC. Those older consoles cant program some of the parts of the game. There is only so much you can do with an old console. FIFA 15 on PS3 is like the PS4 Version of FIFA 14. This is BS that EA aren't doing anything new for the people who still don't have the next gen consoles.


see a Match NY City vs LA Galaxy.

Drogba's name isn't even there ? Come on ..... It's the obvious answer. see...as I said...be ready for until 5 or 7 years...USA the new power of soccer in America. I'm ready! I went to Toronto to see buy FIFA 15 coins Columbia stomp Argentina during the Woman's Soccer game. It was a blast - so many Columbians there FIFA 16 coins. B Gerrard is captain of Galaxy because he is not only an amazing 7player, he is the only true leader of the three.

Dos Santos will be a marketing superstar in LA. Well, you see, you need to start playing to make an impact lamp. I hope Stevie G, Lampard and Pirlo could be playing together in one team. I'd say Lampard based on last season, I think Pirlo will be great for passing but, Lamps still has that all round ability, as does my legend Stevie G but you'd be deluded to say he's what he once was, he'll play like Pirlo, sit back playing pin point passes. That's my opinion anyway.

all of them are legends i will choose all they are my favourite players forever..... Gerrard is already showing himself up for being the overrated clown he is. Pirlo, I Wish to see a Match NY City vs LA Galaxy. I wish they all go back to their current teams they still have got in the World Stage. All three would have... Ten years ago... The MLS isn't great, but the are about average with the old guys.

Not the overrated hollywood wannabe in B, that's for sure. That comment proves you know nothing about football stick to making bombs Mohammed, Never heard that one before Daniel. I bet I know more about football than you. I won't lower myself to your level by spouting a racial insult, partly because I feel sorry for you, you must be pretty damn fugly to have to settle for a (fugly) flag as a dp. I do hope you choke on your insults. Would've been fun if they were all in the same club. What a midfield trio that would've been. Pirlo eyes closed have you seen him play its like watching a young player at his peak. dont ever puts gerrard's picture. everybody hate gerrard. everything about him is not right according to every football fans.


ff14 Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium

Beat the summer heat with the Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium and the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza, which both commence tomorrow!  looking forward to this! love the campaigns.  I'd rather see it die then go F2P. Because our subscription fees keep the servers online.

The day the game stops making money, is the day that they announce its shutdown. is other ways to keep it up.like other f2p games. So glad I came back recently. The quality of life changes were long overdue. I don't plan to cancel until the game shuts down.  Still one of the only few games I enjoy. Making a return was the best gaming decision I made. Wooooohaaaa! It's not going F2P, it's just going to 1) stop doing new content updates buy FFXIV gil  in Nov and 2) will likely gradually lose players over time until it finally closes down for good. They say anything about a sever merge? Regrettably, they aren't going to be able to develop any new platforms for FFXI either- they've run out of the PS-era dev kits used to make content, which is why it'll effectively go into stasis after that point. FFXIV doesn't have that problem- so for your MMORPG FF fix, that's the only possible option.

(Note: If someone finds cheap FFXIV gil  a stash of those squirreled away and gets them to S-E, you're a god amidst men.)

I have not played in years. I am trying to recover my acount. Used to be on the Bismarck server. Well this game will always have great memories but them dragging the PS2 along is pretty much what killed it....i mean now that 360 is gonna be able to play on X1 this would have been awesome if they just ported it to PS3 or PS4 but great games have to end sometime...and for those who still play..kill a mangy for and /poke faffy for me. Any chance you could add again Koru-Moru Trust, I missed it last year and he never been able since that. The level cap missions turned me away from this game. Couldn't complete the dragoon one. You mean the quest to open it up? At this point, you'd be able to solo em. They did a -lot- of quality-of-life changes after Abyssea.  Hated canceling my account but it had to be done.


Final Fantasy 14 customer support

Dear Final Fantasy 14 customer support, please politely vanish because your existence kills portions of my soul each time I have to deal with you. Today in events I sat waiting for 2 hours buy FFXIV gil  when the estimated wait time was 1 hour, so I sat patiently I like to consider myself as a patient person. Finally after 2 hours of waiting for customer support I got an agent named Andrew. Now before we get into how dumb this guy is. My issue is I have the code that I used to purchase the game, I have the name on the account, and backup email for it, and I can answer a security question.

Now seeing as how I have all of this wonderful material to prove my ownership of the account... it isn't enough cheap FFXIV gil (SHOCKER I know). Now I haven't logged into this account or this game much rather in forever. So I need to reset the password on the account as security measure which is fine, but I seem to have lost the email for the account.

So this is where the 2 hour wait for customer support begins I go through this wait and finally we are connected with Andrew. Now in no circumstance ever do I put my real birth date with my name for personal security reasons. So they need me to provide the date of birth that I put for this account and it's been a while since I logged in on that account so obviously I forgot it.

Now for some reason my date of birth is like the largest erification method in the world... because he wouldn't provide me with any other information unless I gave him my date of birth that I provided for that account which was false. So I didn't know it. Here is where the bad part comes.

I provide him with all of this other information that he can use to verify the account is mine but... it doesn't mean anything for some reason unless I can provide him with the date of birth. So here is where I start getting angry. I say in quote "How is it that I can provide you with all of these means of verification and they don't mean anything. A SECURITY QUESTION IS FOR THIS EXACT PURPOSE." Apparently I hurt his feelings because soon after that message was read I get this delightful reply " Agent Andrew: Thank you for visiting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center! Take care and hope to see you online!

Agent Andrew has disconnected." If you are customer support and you do this to your customers, please stop being customer support. Because the only thing you are supporting is mental breakdowns.


Neople made a post during OBT 1 stating

Isn't 5kg a bit fast, I think personal it should be a bit less than that, I would personally talk to a doctor first. get those health enchants for bonus health, and movement enchants for jogging. Put those exercise gears on cheap DFO Gold, and run as if you are in murica!.

LOTS OF VEGETABLES. FRUIT FOR SOMETHING SWEET. ALL OTHER FLAVORS CAN BE ACHIEVED WITH VEGETABLES. It's true. what? put me in that list, ill burn the hell out of calories for the sake of the game, i actually went fo omover 200 pounds to 171, and not stoping.

Use the high intensity training method, burns lbs fast, you'll be very tired a lot but you'll get used to it buy DFO Gold. ok jerry dont fked up this u can do it.

Neople made a post during OBT 1 stating that the fatigue system will NEVER be removed. Plus one more class with 4 subclasses, and 2 more for Thieves.It only feels limiting for the first day or so. As you level, enter stronger dungeons(especially), get more characters and gameplay options that don't use FP, you'll likely find yourself not using anywhere near all of your FP per day."there are too many classes to complain about fatigue". What? Its 2 different things.  Each character has a full fatigue bar play multiple classes have multiple fatigue bars is what they are saying Jakari.  Dear Neople, does this mean I can get my ring recipe lvl 80 back?


Free to play FFXIV

I am not working and my dad gets 200 dollers a week and my mom uses some of that for groceries you try living in a one horse town so there bye bye dont let the door hit you on the way out asshole cheap DFO Gold.  lol so that's your excuse im broke so everything should be free for me.

yeah but you said that ive played a lot of Free to play games and they always end up Pay to win like Grand Fantasia im telling you the none pay to win games so dont think you know any better. well you are listing games cheap FFXIV gil that are crappy and obviously will be Free to play FFXIV because no one would buy a Subscription for such basic games now then tell me a game that is on Par with FF14 which is free to play and NOT pay to win.

Here’s the thing why would one buy a game that is either not gonna work or will crash your computer huh?also like i said im done dealing with idiots im not gonna take back what i said also try looking up archeage maybe this will kick sense into you paul.


Asura's Ground shock

I want grappler to have combo grabs following a secuence of buttons showed in the screen, kinda like king in tekken + some rithm game. also a new air grab that keeps you in the air can be cool, 2 actual ones cant rlly be comboed cause drops to the floor directly. Also some short cooldown skill like muses upercut for less shoulder spamm in basic juke buy DFO gold. How about a skill which creates two linked portals which remain open for a set period of time DFO Gold, any attacks going through one portal coming out of the other, effectively returning-to-sender for any stationary attackers or anybody in the line of fire? A class or subclass built with portals and abilities like this in mind could be pretty fun; perhaps work in some teleportation, like warping to be right on the first enemy in your line of sight, or an F-Mage's substitution.

A male mage subclass that uses the power of the abyss to fight would be awsome. I'm lvl 61, can i drop Dragon Teardrop even from lvl 1 mob? Just asking because i've afriend lvl 61 too and i don't want go too much forward with levels .

I think all Magical base characters, should have magical based reg "x" attack. A nen master, Necro and a F ele, should do M.dmg with the x button that has a similar range or shorter as the Asura's Wave Mani.

ALL AWAKENINGS SHOULD HAVE SUPER ARMOR. (Asura, zerk, battle mage, should have it while attacking, while others should have it while casting)

Asura's Ground shock, should cause Shock cheap DFO Gold. Asura getting a element change option skill for their regular attacks, force wave, murderous wave(I can burn ppl when the get close w0000t!!), awakening, spirit crescent, Angi Pentacle and ghost orb  I love asura .


final fantasy Gold Saucer

Anyone want to create a petition to make this a Gold Saucer mini game?
Anyone want to create a petition to make this a Gold Saucer mini game? This needs to be in the Golden Saucer Also, Minfillia proves she's about as useful in a fight as a wet paper bag. FFXIV gil They really should make a game like this. But spanning over all the Final Fantasy games. Not like Dissidia though. I mean like a proper side view fighter. Just my opinion though. The way I could properly imagine this if it almost played like Marvel vs Capcom 3
Side fighter?

I dont think that fits with final fantasy cheap FFXIV Gil .

Dissidia is as great as it is because of the free 3 dimensional movement. It's not that I don't like Dissidia. It's one of my favorite games. I have always just pined for a MVC style game with Final Fantasy characters. I could just imagine Edgar from FF6 unleashing Bio Blaster in glorious 2D. Ergheiz 2. Or an equivalent. I love this idea, and hope they can get something like it made.
How about Hildibrand vs...anybody? There's nothing in the game called Hildebrand. Yeah, because it's REALLY HARD to write "Hildibrand". His name totally doesn't appear DOZENS of times, sometimes taking the whole screen in a black background. buy FFXIV gil Totally doesn't buy FFXIV Gil. LMAO...this picked up so much steam that even the OFFICIAL Final Fantasy facebook is reposting it! Now it has to happen! This was made by one of the writers that works on the FFXIV team, of course they reposted it. A side scrolling fighting game with a fighting characters does not though. This should really be a thing in gold saucer! We could use our own characters and fight friends!!!


BlizzCon 2014 Costume Contest participant

BlizzCon 2014 Costume Contest participant

Be nice folks. Celebrate someone who enjoys what they are doing in life. Oh yeah, ignore all the hard work and effort she put in. Go ahead and stoop low by mocking her body. Classy, people.

As a lover of Night Elves, I think she did justice on this cosplay! The ears, makeup, and overal crafting was done buy FFXIV Gil amazingly!! She should be very proud of her work, as it's something worth praising.   I'm not a social warrior. I'm a person who is learning how to sew and realizes how much work this woman put in and I applaud her for it. It's not about being politically correct, it's called being a decent human being. What's wrong with fat people? Maybe ALe The Door likes fat night elves?

Because shallow people need to pull others down to keep them company in the dreary pit which is their life. Girl made a whole costume out of LEATHER, for crying out loud. she's legit as hell.

I actually know this person. I know (allegedly unlike some others) took the time to painstakingly make her costume. I know she is a great person and fun to hang with and talk to. I know she is comfortable with her image and confident enough to step on that stage. I'm sorry that anyone who feels the need to make negative comments, and who likely need to tear someone down to make themselves feel good. She would never do the same as she doesn't need to. She's better than the entire lot of FFXIV Gil you put together.


DFO ps3 controller

Yeah but ps3 controller does not seems to be recongnized. I will retry to set the buttons using dfo instead of xpadder. As long as the controller program doesn't mess with the game files then you should be ok. I use pinnacle profiler and it's so much better then any ingame support for most games DFO Gold.

 The game doesn't recognize triggers or allows you to set your d-pad as hotkeys for skills/potions, so while not 100% necessary: No, Xpadder is NOT wasted hard drive space. Also, if you consider the whopping 4MB it takes up a space issue, i've got bad news for you...

 I've always used logitech profiler with my gamepad for DFO (as well as other games)
So xpadder is kinda similar so i don't see why it would get you banned as its a tool that isnt used for cheating but for using peripherals.

I used to use it but i just adapted to the keyboard controls. If i didnt like somethin, i just changed it. Either the skill or the hotkey to another key/button. Overall, i think i got the R1 and L1 buttons to work, it was still fun and it didnt improve my game neither. The hassle i had was still using the keyboard for specfic things while using the controller cheap DFO Gold . Or plugging the controller in or out, which either turned on my PS3 and had to turn it off to play dfo or possibly had to restart dfo for my controller to work. It was worth it tho. At least to me.



1st Print Edition , they wrote it again and again , Buying it Day One was meant to "secure" the 1st print edition.  I just feel like I made sure to preorder so I was eligible for the extra demo and it seems like FFXIV Gil they are still giving it out like candy to anyone who buys the game. I understand that it benefits them as a company when it comes to their future sales of FF XV, but it also seems like the hype was for nothing and those of us who rushed to preorder the game are shown no loyalty in return. I guess I am simply too idealistic to expect loyalty from any company.

I bought the Day 0 edition new.. and didnt get buy FFXIV Gil a code with it for the demo? should it have been in the case? or printed on the receipt? or on the disc.. i questioned it as i bought it.. and the shop keeper said its on the disc.. so i'm starting to think he sold me a used copy of the game.  In the case , a sheet with an image of Noctis and a tutorial to downlaod the demo .

Nope. Nothing in there. Took the game back and got a refund. Refuse to be scammed. Will justwait for the game.

 Is there an online resource for info about how well a video game is doing in sales?


spam in DFO

I played Nexon DnF... I know how Mega's work. And I know a lot of players of this community are returning players from that community.

That didn't change.
buy DFO Gold
People would still buy them in game and spam them even with them being Cash items.

And like I said, if you need to sell something, there is AH and there are forums. Use those, quit flooding the game. Most of us don't even care what you guys are selling, because 90% it doesn't fit our current needs of usage, let alone future.

And it's so "easy" to ignore DFO Gold when you are in a dungeon, and fighting monsters in the Top left corner when you are playing in FULL format. It's been six months since I've even though about any of this so fining it may take some time but I'll give it a look anyway in hopes that it might still work.