Blade and Soul update

Join us tomorrow at 10am PDT for a Shattered Empire live Q&A. Its so funny to see a AFKer at bambo village use faction outfit(crimson) near the beach got killed and revive,killed again revived again ....so on for about one and half hour or more(i just passing by next 1 hour and they still there right now). Maybe reduce the amont of resources Blade and Soul Gold (stingers) from Silverfrost upgrades as well. I loved the game at the start, and enjoyed the crap iut of it, but its gotten to the point where Im looking to other games. The end content has gotten rediculous. A debugger has been found running in the background, why does this stuff happen after every update? worked fine last night for me before update. better not be gameguard being annoying again.2.

And why can't your launcher TELL ME what the damn debugger it detects?  we don't know the exact amount ncsoft want but then they never state so Nathan just put 50k. At the end, what we got ? Nothing, just a fucking silent announcement.

How i could make good use of this event with all of the 1000 132 10054 disconnection error. buy Blade and Soul Gold ? I can't join any cross server dungeon quest because of it....Already tried everything i can found in the forum..but those doesn't fixed the problem at all . There should be more pve soulstone options but that's just me. I thought the story progression start at chapter 33 was happening. They have not said when the story will advance, but it was never mentioned as part of this update. They kinda had hinted to they might.

I seem to be having issues getting into the game. Keeps kicking me off. The Hongmoon Store has been updated with new costumes and resources.  i eventually had to quit BnS, the pace of the updates is extremely fast you cant keep up with the equipment since u need insane amout of gold to upgrade your weapons and stuff...


FFXIV The main storyline is really well done

They need the caps to make the content last longer. It's an easy way of making it seem like the game is filled with more content than it is .  It actually takes away from the game. It becomes very repetitive and boring. I've known many players to unsub because of this. The currency is all ready difficult to get because it comes in small quantities and buy Blade and Soul Gold the Armors are expensive. They need to copy some elements from FFXI.

 It is very boring, and in a few months they'll replace it with another armour grind, and previous content will be obsolete. People asking for xbox one version should know by now.  Phill Spencer stated in an interview about 1 month ago. That the xbox one will not get this game. disapointement after another... this brand does not do any customer research whatsoever the glory days of FF 7 8 and 9 are long gone...story wise and gamemechanics u should sell they brand to someone who cares.  Lol it's just a different style of game. Buy FFXIV Gil And you don't know anything about the story because you haven't played. I can tell you don't know the story because if you did then you'd know that the story is one of the best driving aspects of this game.

The main storyline is really well done, especially leading into Heavensward. Not sure what you're going on about lol. Whilst I agree that the games in the franchise arguably revolve around the popularity of 7-10, games of that era don't belong in modern gaming. Times change and with it, so does gaming.

I don't think the actual story has been a let down in any game in the series, the execution has been questionable (too much text in 13), game mechanics have been experimental, some good and some bad.

FF14, to me is a fantastic game with regards to story and mechanics. Customisation of stats is a let down as far as mmorpg's go but no one ever said it was perfect. U got a good point there..thats kinda what i ment that lost legacy of 7 to 10...stil so hoping to see that again with a new story the depth of 10 and ofc updated graphs specially with playstation vr compatibility as that developer will be using it.


Soulstone Plain Soulstone Plain

crash and freeze 4/5 times running there. i gave up with this event, seriously annoying. and Soulstone Plain zergfest isn't any better. unsure emoticon .  I'm lucky to get 1% damage on anything. Bosses get to 85% then I just watch as I can't do sweet FA until my packet loss clears up. My chat bar won't show anything cheap Blade & Soul Gold I type from anywhere from 40 seconds to 1 minute also.  In my case fps is normal i see everyone moves normal even me. But i cant perform any action. So i just run around and watch. Not going there again.

Well, how many people have an i7-4770K at least that can maintain 20-30 frames per second at big battles? It's a popular CPU but not THIS much. Denroy Derron Mitchell Our guildmate who was able to do Black Wyrm and had no stutters had the same model. He was like "why are you guys complaining about the FPS? Guy had no idea he had solid 30-60, Blade and Soul Gold and that he used such a strong CPU. But still not all of us have a decent GPU.. When a bunch of warlocks and FM's roll through your screen lights up like the 4th of July... That's A lot of particles even If u turn the players off.

Lol careful guys. You're going to upset the fanboys with your criticism of game flaws.. You know, because no one wants to admit they waited three years to be so decidedly let down. 3 years of wait, and we receive the same content, with some broken English translation. "Comedy Gold" is the best term I think. I think they cant fixed bots.

Getting in the ceru camp is easy. Just run up tree on the NE side and fly in. I love the game so far and the warlock is a lot of fun.... but I like to have a second character to play for a change once in a while..... so my question is.... when is the Soul Fighter coming out? I am just curious because if it is going to be 'soon' I wont start some other character, and wait grin emoticon..... thanks... In the plog sanctuary I either die instantly or lose almost all my health when engaging enemies in or close to the water.