RuneScape Community team gather round the campfire for a live Q&A

Get your community questions ready as the RuneScape Community team gather round the campfire for a live Q&A!Sabre has a sabre. Best thing ever. And then he got a dagger instead.  so close.re you talking about the longsword in the picture or the long knifes? cuz yes the little sword/knives would be chinese Runescape accounts for sale butterfly swords. tho the longsword looks more like a middle eastern sword.

runescape account

That's it for the Q&A I'm afraid, sadly the message for Facebook hit a technical issue and didn't go out when it was meant to. Fear not though, you can still read the questions and answers in the thread! -Crow.the HTML5 beta is really slow at the moment even with shadows turned off in google chrome is there plans to make it run better and perhaps with support of firefox? its a danged shame as the graphics really do look much nicer with the html5 client just a shame it runs so slow, i have a decent pc and can run other games on high settings so know its not on my end...

WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO SLAY DRAGONS IN FULL BRONZE, AGAIN? Doing silly things like that is what made me love the game. People would just make that Jackie Chan face when they saw me like WHY and I'm like CUZ I CAN! Now its like OH GOD THE FIRE IT BURNS ME FLESH! Even WITH an anti dragon shield.


WoW's Ancient Game Design

I'll come right out and say it...  I don't like this island.  It sounded like a neat idea at first, but now it's just... meh.  There's not really that much to do, very little (or no) reason to come back after you'll got your toys, Buying world of warcraft account it's like Battlefield Barrens but with a lot more effort put into it, though likely with the same result.

I'd rather they just not throw all those rares out there and all and use those assets to do maybe a side questline for players, so 5.4 isn't just SoO and The Island of Not-Rare-At-All's.  People are upset about no Alliance story (well, too little story, because there's definitely some going on), WoW accounts for sale but the resources being used for this could be used to do something with that.  Eh...  I'm just not seeing the point of this island and all these resources.

The rare hunt is kinda fun, but on islands, it just don't take too long.  Same with exploring.  I think we're once again seeing a pendulum swing too far. the whole thing feels like a bit of an overreaction.  Blizzard's been a bit too reactionary with the expansion, and each time it's a pretty extreme reaction.  Somewhere in the middle would be nice. I think they are trying to find an answer to dynamic content in other games like Rift and GW2, but are somewhat restricted by WoW's ancient game design! so they are trying various options out, I get the impression they are using this time as a test bed of stuff to see what works and what does not, possibly for next expansion.

People have been QQing all expansion that they are sick of dailies. "No more dailies, just give us something else to do in a new zone other than dailies!"

Well... Here ya go. Cheapest WoW accounts  I dont know about you but other than random events/bosses in a zone... what else would have you go there other than dailies? 


I Hope The NPCs Stand in The Fire

 I hope the NPCs stand in the fire, and if you don't triage properly, you fail.  Yeah, just to test their triage skills, one of the NPCs should, in the middle of the encounter, drop to, say, Cheapest WoW accounts 25% with a DoT that will progressively take the rest away. That'll test their "OH **** HEAL" capability, and their ability to not get tunnel-vision. Well, if they wanted to be realistic, that 25% with DoT situation will happen at the same time as the tank taking some spike damage and another DPS taking completely avoidable damage.
Dispel the DoT, throw a HoT on the 25% player. Shield if it's available to your class.
Wind up a big heal on the tank.
Let the derpy dps either realize they're standing in the fire or die.
 Actually, I would take the opposite view.  If someone continues to stand in bad locations and take massive amounts of damage, I think the Healer should get bonus points for prioritizing the heals.
A group that wipes because the healer goes OOM trying to keep one silly/bad DPSer alive is a total wipe, as opposed to when the Healer is aware enough to let the "baddie" die to save the Tank is showing skilz.
 Totally agree with you Kensdisguise2.
I've healed a Lei Shi fight (the water elemental) where a few dps stand in front of the boss (where only the tank should be).  When I was a young/naive healer I used my big/fast heals on them as much as I could to keep them alive (and was always out of mana before the end of the fight). 
Now that I've gotten better at healing. Buying world of warcraft account I'll throw a Hot on them (if they get out, they should live and I can heal them again).  If they don't get out, they die, and I save my mana for more important things.
(Now if no one else was taking damage I may heal the bad player for fun--but I would probably do more good attacking the boss.)
This is correct. Do the DPS whine when someone fails a mechanic and an add spawns that needs to be killed? Of course not.
Do tanks whine when somebody pulls an extra trash pack or spawns a mob during an encounter? Well, sometimes, but they shouldn't. 
The point is to work as a team, not to play god with your teammates. 


master of al dungeo's

Name:I have slain them all muhahaha.
Description:kill all dung boss
Levels required to complete:113 dung
Other content required (if known):
Name:master of al dungeo's
Description:you need do a 120 dung emotions sell runescape accounts
Levels required to complete:120 dungeo
Other content required (if known):
Name:Itz my cape.
Description:you need make a skill stand for you 99 dung cape
Levels required to complete: 99 Dungeoneering buy runescape accounts
Other content required (if known):
Name:I've already been there
Description: go unluck all Resource dungeons sell rs accounts
Levels required to complete:85 dungeo
Name:master of all tree's
Description: cut a Grave creeper tree,
Levels required to complete: 90 woodcutting
Other content required (if known):


To Avoid Giving Characters Specific Ages

I'm really distracted by the "decade since the Exodar crash" at the beginning, given Blizzard's tendency to squish the timeline in official sources, rather than draw it out. Even if the official timeline hasn't been updated since 2007,  Buying world of warcraft account the stories and novels have been pretty clear on things like Anduin's aging to mark time passage since end of BC/beginning of Wrath until now (and consider that pre-LK Arthas met his friend Varian's infant son, too). That whole thing with "one year of lore time between expacs" still annoys me, since the two-ish years real time we keep ending up with isn't that bad. Even in real time, it's more like a half decade. ;) The unofficial timeline cited in that KYL post at the time tended to draw timelines out just a tad too far, I think.

I'm less annoyed by new night elves claiming to have grown up on Teldrassil though, as now in game, yeah, a young child could have spent most of their formative years into young adulthood there, WoW accounts for sale especially if we use real time of WoW's activity (and it started canonically 4 years post-Hyjal, making it something like 10-12 years!) instead of compressed "official timeline."

Either way though, with the mess of Warcraft's canon and timeline issues, "close enough" is usually good, and why I try to avoid giving characters specific ages ("late teens" "early 20s" "middle aged" "young adult" is often what I go with, especially in non-Human/drastically different lifespan having races we don't have a lot of age lore on--like draenei).

On the topic of the guild spotlighted here, it sounds pretty awesome. I love my draenei characters! I have a mage, a shaman I rarely play, and a new monk I am loving to pieces; finding stories for them is a lot of fun. One of my RP guilds has quite a few draenei, and we've tried an all or mostly draenei guild before on my server; lack of defined lore at the time (and this was in BC!) made it hard for some people. If I ever poke my head into Wyrmrest, I'd love to give Kharanei a look, even just to interact socially.

I like to go with Velen being super special in his connection to the naaru, and other draenei are long lived due to the Light and their inherent magic, but "immortal" is not something I tend to like. 

New draenei characters come out of a stasis pod at the start of their zone; with running away from Legion over the centuries, resources gotta be tight and keeping people safe is a big thing, so put some people in stasis for a time; maybe that's how folks from Argus are still alive? World of Warcraft accounts Depends on how literal the idea of Sargeras offering power and immortality to the original Eredar is, too.

See, now you guys got me musing on timelines and draenei lore. 


Why CRZ Should Be Scrapped

We used a Google form that we linked on the forums and which was linked here on WoW Insider as well. Cheapest WoW accounts Unfortunately only a small percentage of the sign ups on that form actually responded to our BTag requests. That is the nature of the beast, while I was only around to help promote on the forums and such, there was a lot of conversation between the organizers on how to handle the influx.  I think we (but mostly they) did a great job.  

 It did use the term "CRZ" repeatedly.  And, again, this event has nothing to do with CRZ.  It tricked CRZ and did something you can do in Pandaria, where CRZ is turned off.  People might look at this event and think, "Oh, CRZ aren't so bad."  Yes, yes they are.  Cross-realm grouping *isn't* bad, though. WoW accounts for sale  Until they changed the way Oondasta worked, it was a good way for people on low-pop servers to kill the big dino.  And, of course, you can pull off stuff like this.  And there's no limits on the realms you can pull from.

CRZ, however, is a series of instanced zones that randomly pull people together from a specific pool of realms, tossing them all into the same buggy area where leveling characters are either repeatedly murdered or otherwise griefed by high-level characters, to say nothing of the mess Noblegarden and similar holidays are becoming.  (Disclosure: World of Warcraft accounts I don't need squat from Noblegarden, I have my title and mount and all the toys.  But I know too many people who WERE affected negatively, and I've witnessed firsthand how rude the all-too-numerous campers are..)

The event sounds lovely.  It was an example of the success of CRGs, and an example of why CRZ should be scrapped and replaced with CRG alone.


I have a different perspective than you and D4

Honestly it's utterly obvious to me, maybe because I have a different perspective than you and D4? I was just flabbergasted to keep hearing "you can't use the (entire) 200 million figure" because I was completely upfront about using a percentage. *shrug*

Hadn't heard of the petition, but I heard all about the private server and the legal action(or threats thereof). And that's what (I heard) got their attention and thinking about the possibilities. (A big part of that was the donations he got.) And you're right, it's about the possible revenue stream. There was what, 750,000 votes required for it to not only have no extra membership fee but also open to f2p? If we go by the hiscores, there aren't even that many members, and it was a members-only vote.

And you hit the main argument on the nose - as I understand sell rs accounts it, D4 is under the impression that the forum vocal minority is heavily influential on jagex policy and actions. He's free to correct me if I'm wrong in my impression of his position, though. My position always has been that majority will trump minority (no matter how vocal) every time, buy runescape accounts because the majority provides the greater part of the revenue, and no capitalistic company would aggravate the majority to please the minority.

I could be wrong, but my perception is that MMG sell runescape accounts is in a quite unenviable position. He has to make players happy *and* be responsible for making sure the company turns a profit (the two being connected, but still). He's got an extremely negative vocal minority to deal with (the only power such a vocal minority ever has being a negative one, and we've certainly seen that with player attrition. The vocal minority likes to lay all of that on Jagex, but personally I see it as a mix of the mistakes Jagex has made (and boy have they made some blunders I will admit) and the negativity being spread around by the vocal minority. When I started back in '08, if I had seen all the negativity, I might not have started.


A lodestone in Mort'ton or Burgh would be really useful

Aside from all the drama, i have played this for about 8-9 years on and off. i actually think it's a good idea. considering i played rs accounts for sale hours for a quest cape, i earnt that cape and all it's helpful achievements,

load-stones won't neglect the achievement, so what if people do not like more load-stones,

rather get xp than spend all my time travelling to get there, much adoring the elf area! i have waited so long for this helpful update Runescape accounts for sale, it is 2013 rs people, change is inevitable, appreciate what choices we actually do have rather burying your head in the sand with rose tinted glasses and thinking we can control these updates, we can suggest but they are the ones that get paid here, they have 100% control,

just wish things were not nerfed as much, it's like they want to take the enjoyment out of things such as slayer.

A lodestone in Mort'ton or Burgh de Rot would be really useful. I spend a lot of time running through Morytania every time I want to go  Runescape accounts sell to the swamps or the ruins, even with the quest's 'secret short cut' and other means of travel.
It seems the current teleports to get there are things like: Temple Trekking total companion lvl 500, and Player owned house portal after DT quest magic lvl 66. Fair enough we have to complete a task to get access to the place and all, but then to avoid running and ghouls we have to jump through hoops or spend runes to go to our houses to go through house portals to get back there.
I understand if you don't, but it would be very useful.
I mean, you're building one in Tirannwn, and there are teleport crystals to get there... Just sayin'


Runescape 3 is finally upon us

Just one question and I don't know if anyone can answer it for me. When the content is a story progression, does it mean I can't get to the quests I haven't got to and have started already? I think it's just the beta that can only work on Chrome. When the actual thing comes out i think it will work on Firefox and even Explorer.

but seriously, who uses Explorer anyway? "Divination: Prepare to unlock divine powers from your surroundings with a new skill for RuneScape 3, arriving a few weeks after launch."

Gee sounds like runeless magic. We don't already have that, right? Oh wait, yeah we do. It's called EOC. Looks like we'll be unlocking more eoc ability ******** "from our surroundings". If this is lame I swear to god runescape accounts for sale...

~ An Angry Moribus Who's Waited Too Long For A Stupid Skill ~ The day of Runescape 3 is finally upon us and I am looking forward to it.

I have tested out both the NIS beta and the HTML5 beta and I had very low to no lag in the NIS beta when playing it alone and not on some other online game, but the I had heavy lag when I played the HTML5 beta and computer screen was messing up a bit that I had to do a complete reset just to fix it sell runescape accounts .

My computers computer specs should be fine either way, but I'll wait till the 22nd to give a final verdict on how well I'm able to play.

As for Divination coming out a few weeks after Runescape 3 I will say that it will be released on either Aug. 5th-6th or Aug. 12th-13th.

It should be a blast using divine powers in the game. I wonder what kinds we will have? The ability to command cows to go on a rampage against the farmers? I'd pay good gp to see that. Lol


lodestone is a great update

why does everyone dislike this update? i'm sick of having to use multiple items for transport (staffs, amulets, rings, bracers, teleports, loadstones) just to get to places to sell runescape accounts.

This is a great update, we already need to spend too much time completing quests and grinding to 99 in skills, this is a great update.I wonder how the wildy one with work, if it would be close enough to bring more traffic towards rune running making it more convenient for RuneCrafters.

How did this even become an update for runescape?

Do JaGex not even think before implementing an update anymore? Micro$oft did the same thing when they thought it would be a good idea to buy runescape accounts remove used games and make it so you had to connect to the internet once a day.

Why add something/remove something that worked perfectly fine beforehand. They have made magic an obsolete skill its only good for the highest level spells.

I never found myself complaining because i couldn't sell rs accounts get to an area. I have teleports to all important places in my house and a tokkul-zo to get to fairy rings.

This 'update' is just for players who are too lazy to do quests/don't know that you can get around runescape with a handful of items.

InB4 you get J-Mod like abilities in runescape, can choose your skill levels/items that your runescape character has.


Xbox could even post a pic

Remember when you banned my Diablo 3 account sale for no reason.. after i payed 100$ for the collectors edition and logged like 400+ hours..

That looks horrible, GJ PS you have officially destroyed what was left of Diablo 3 before Xbox could even post a pic.you gave us a beta on pc n had bad reviews for pc what makes u think console is going to do any better? You know the only thing I miss in two is bosses dropped good items. That and wp from act to act. Other than that both are short, elites are the challenge and you farm over and over again. Oh mercs are weaker in 3. As for ps3 I don't think it will work. sell your consoles. and buy a gaming pc. problem solved. us pc gamers keep on going with the same pc for yearsss. console gamers have to buy new consoles to keep up with games... thats point one. point two. diablo III on consoles selling Diablo 3 account... hmmmm why not make diablo II for consoles as well so console gamers can have the chance to play it to i guess.

make the game better, dont add it to consoles ...."lets add our crappy game to MORE PLATFORMS! a game we lost touch with and dont update, the first expansion to continue the storyline was slated for august lol no news whatsoever no patches since like 9 months ago >.> blizzard be slippin on there millions. so many but hurt people over this..youll still have your PC version..so whys it matter if its for console?.. there not mixing servers.. itll literally be 2 separate games basically..so get over it. its not messing with the PC version in any way Diablo III accounts.


important Items in Diablo 3

The Diablo series is all about items, weapons, or armor. Outside of the nearly endless combination of rare and magic cheap diablo 3 items in the game, there are a few main items that you need to be familiar with.

1) weapon
2) off hand
3) hands
4) wrists
5) shoulders
6) necklace
7) ring
8) belt
9) shoes
10) chest armor
11) pants

I made this list with the mindset that damage is the most important stat for a demon hunter. Hands, wrists, shoulders and accessories were placed in the said order because from my experience, crit dmg and crit chance tends to appear in higher values in the said order while dex bonus remains consistently the same in all categories. I placed chests and pants last because from my experience in diablo iii accounts, I have never seen crit dmg or crit chance on the said pieces. What's your opinion on the subject?

Another one is gold. All items bought or sold are paid for in gold, and as in Diablo 2, gold is automatically stored in a character's purse, without taking up inventory space. Gold does not need to be clicked on to pick it up in Diablo III; it's automatically picked up when a character moves near a stack on the ground. So you can find ways to earn more money to buy more items for your diablo 3 account.


Trix Got Some Nice PR Here

 I love almost all forms of electronic music, so I sample from many different genres as long as they fit my sound and sets.  For this particular event, Cheapest WoW accounts when I have a two hour slot and open the show, I start deep with some techno, tech house, deep house, or deep progressive house to warm things up, then use some energetic techno to bridge into popular trance and trouse infused with some electro house, which is the main part of my set.  Towards the end, I'll take things to a more underground sound with dark trance.. a bit coldharbouresque in nature, using select techno or progressive house tunes where appropriate and when they fit the sound.  When I have a 1 hour slot, I skip the deep warmup.

Occasionally I'll do a special event, such as on Friday the 13ths or around Halloween where I'll do a mix of very dark, spooky techno, WoW accounts for sale deep trance for one half, and terrorcore the second half, bridged together with a demon summoning ritual.

I also usually try to have guest djs once a month who bring their own sound of a wide variety of genres, and our afterparty dj goes all over the board, often playing a lot of classics.

I have only been to about 3 or so clubs so far (Yuyuko of WRA) and it's nothing like a 'second life' deal. It's really fun to watch or listen to the music if you do not RP. If anything, it's something to do on those nights when you don't feel like going out or playing other games and just want to mingle.

Glad to see that Trix got some nice PR here. World of Warcraft accounts Hope to see more WRA events pop up

PVE is nothing but a gear grind

To all the PVP'ers out there that say things like, "PVE is nothing but a gear grind", Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  I present Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street: "Ultimately, we want WoW PvP to be about skill and gear and not just skill."

You are now welcome to remove the phrase "PVE is all about gear" from your list of comments about PVE.  Thank you.

PS - I'll be over here enjoying this show, because I see hilarity in my future
 "WOW PVP is trash", "WOW PVP is awesome".... Doesn't matter to me.  The fact that for YEARS PVP'ers have been griefing PVE'rs about the "gear grind" saying "PVP is more about skill than anything" and then having the lead dev say that's not the case.... Oh, that's just delicious.

 Did PvPers think that the difference between Honor Point and Conquest Point gear was purely cosmetic or something?  Of course better gear helps you in PvP.  If you have two players of equal skill, then chances are the one with better gear will win.  Why do people think this is some sort of shocking revelation? 
 Well, I think both pve and pvp ultimately come down to skill and gear. Very few people disagree with this aside from a few trolls on the forums.

I find your glee at GC stating the obvious very curious; it's like you took personal offense to a few trolls and decided they represent everyone who enjoys pvp. where to buy WoW accounts, whatever floats your boat.


never be going to BG's to gear up in PvE gear

It has been clearly stated you should never be going to BG's to gear up in PvE gear. Invest in Contender's and suffer. buy cheap wow accounts The end. If you did arena ONLY, you could get someone who is well geared to help and go. You'll have almost 4 pieces in 3 weeks with no RBG cap and winning ONE bg a day. 6300 honor from those one wins per day. I don't get the complaint. This is way easier given the time committment and RNG of Raid Finder and Heroics. You're essentially WELL geared after 3 weeks. Personally, I would be annoyed if I worked hard for my gear and any rando out-geared me in a short amount of time. CONTENDER'S. SETS.
This is exactly why I quit the game after four years and three accounts paying $45 a month.  They should have left PvP alone since it was introduced in Vanilla.  Grinding through three stages of gear and the absolutely monotonous and repulsive dailies have made the game such an ungodly drag it wasn't worth the price of admission anymore.  I loved my druid healing and they broke that in PvP so I switched to a pally.  The pally was overpowered as healer and became shitty as hell as a tank when MoP started.   It became absolutely horrible to keep switching characters when Blizzard kept fucking them up.  I had 23 level 85s and 4 lvl 90s when I finally just let them expire.  The Golden Lotus dailies are absolutely horrible and the way they unlock more dailies simply adds to the monotony.  It is as if they spent all of their time and collective brainpower trying to make end game over task the player instead of making it enetertaining to the player. fast wow gold Great job on the questing from 85 to 90 but the rest of it is why I will never again give you $45 a month. 

 WoW was good and I still believe they will get it right but I am tired of paying them for not good.  I still plan on playing an arena season on the normalized servers.


It's Basically to Prevent

a) raiding as the only way to be competitive in PvP, and conversely
b) arena being the most efficient way to gear up for raiding

The past few months have taught me that WoW players are obsessed with efficiency and view any gear that isn't nailed down behind a schedule or skill barrier as required for them.  Any system that *doesn't* completely separate the gearing paths for PvE and PvP such that each is impractical for the other will result in players being compelled to cross over from one play style to the other to gear up, fast wow gold and even moreso than doing dailies to raid, that is ridiculously not okay.


stacking resists and defensive stats is necessary

I appreciate the help. What I'm waiting on from Blizzard is to flatten out damage spikes. Right now with 300+ resistances and DPS gear I find Inferno too rediculous. My suspicions were correct though that I will need to stack even more cheap Diablo 3 gold resists in the later acts to get farther. My opinion is that this is wrong, and not design intended to be the case. Their design blog stated Monday that we should be able to take massive amounts of damage, and deal out heavy DPS. In the current existent game this is not the case, so I will wait for the change, and then come back  D3 items for sale.

I'm believing stacking resists and defensive stats is necessary now, but will not be in the very near future. I'm anticipating a buff to life leech, and a nerf to damage of Inferno champion packs soon. This is as per their design document.

I dislike sword and board, especially in a game where there is no specific role for a clas like in wow... ex; LF2M Diablo Inferno Tank and Healer. Get my idea? Even worse is that even if you have the gameplay of a turtle, you still get easily thrown around by mobs like a rag doll.

But what I really mean is that the gameplay that brings me the most fun is ALWAYS worth it. If I constantly die regardless of how I build my character in terms of abilities/gear/Diablo 3 accounts, then the game has a severe lack of balance.

But then again this is Blizzard so...


I've enjoyed PVP on

So my warrior is the only character I've enjoyed PVP on, buy cheap wow accounts  and so I leveled him with the intention of doing some casual PVP and maybe running LFR a bit. Can someone who understands the changes here help me out: does this mean that PVP gear, even capped at 496, would be suitable for LFR raiding? I'd really rather not have to deal with two sets of gear if I can avoid it.
Monks and druids can use pvp gear as tanks and do reasonably well.  Paladins and death knights can to a lesser extent because they benefit well from haste.  Warrior tanking in pvp gear just isn't going to work.
 If you happen to be geared in full conquest 496 gear, then you should be fine in LFR. Theoretically, your conquest set should have the same base secondary stats as 496 raid gear. That said, there are a couple issues that you need to address.
The first is gems and enchants. Chances are you're gemming straight PvP power or resil, which is completely useless in PvE, not to mention a few of your enchants will be completely stripped of their value.
Second is hit and expertise capping. For PvP, you should only be capping them at about 3%. PvE, you need 7.5% to put out your full amount of damage.
Yes, you can LFR in Conquest gear, but you'd be gimping yourself in a few areas. If you have that kind of gold to throw around, then by all means go ahead. If not, good luck performing optimally.

 I hadn't even considered gemming/enchanting. how to buy WoW gold I certainly don't have the gold to be flip-flopping like that all the time. Guess two sets of gear would be the better option.


Character Out of Someone Beloved

The meme character who has had zero character develpment since his intro to wow, buy world of warcraft gold is the one who kills Nazgrim, an actual character who we have had interaction with since wrath.
I wouldn't have minded so much, if it wasn't Nazgrim he kills. I liked Nazgrim, and acknowledged him more as a lore figure then Gamon. Now if Gamon killed Malkorok, that would have been better, since Malkorok represented the worst scum in orcish society, according to tides of war (the novel).
I just found this tweet by Kosak:
"I can only assume you've listened to voice files out of context? Gamon only fights Nazgrim in special circumstances."
So while Gamon is involved in the fight, I guess we have to do something special to actually have him involved? Just though it was interesting.
I'm no fan of either side over the other but it saddens me a bit knowing Nazgrim's going to die... I don't know why but I've always had a soft spot for him!
Kick arse Gamon! I know that's hypocritical of me but Gamon deserves to finally kick somebodies backside! And no I don't count players he's killed.

Is it just me, or, is anyone else really psyched that this rather minor lore development is likely entirely the players' doing? Unless Blizzard has plans for Gamon from the start, I think it's really cool that they're making a character out of someone beloved and well known in the community despite his obvious intentions to be a very minor named mob.


Fury management and WotB uptime

Knowing how to manage your fury is a very important factor for barbs that use fury spenders, to be more succesful. This includes gaining as well as spending fury, especially when it comes to WotB uptime. It depends from build to build and on the given situation at what levels you want your fury to be, but before i explain this, let's take a look at ways of gaining and spending fury.

Ways to increase fury generation: Diablo 3 item

Many builds use/rely on BR:ItF. Here's how it works.
While under the effects of Battle Rage, Critical Hits have a chance to Diablo 3 account buy generate 15 additional Fury.

This tells us, that stacking CHC is beneficial for fury gen. Do note, that crits have a chance to generate fury, therefor the actual chance can be smaller than your CHC. To calculate the actual chance, you need to look at the proc coeficient of the abilities you are using. Diablofans user ZzEzZ has created a neat spreadsheet that covers this. If you wish to learn about it, visit his thread here: http://www.diablofan...-complete-list Diablo 3 account sell/

Other ways than your heroes CHC to increase fury gen:

Mighty weapon with Weapon Master (only 1h)
Animosity (passive)
Unforgiving (passive)
IK 5set bonus
In some cases AS/APS (RLTW)
Followers – Templar directly, Scoundrel with 3% CHC, Enchantress with AS (for RLTW)

Spending fury and WotB uptime cheap d3 gold:

It is obvious why generating/gaining fury is good. Spending it is equally importnat if you want to have a good WotB (Thrive on Chaos) uptime.


Cost of WoW Is High

That's kind of the point though, Jeff.  For half the cost of WoW's annual fee you can get unlimited access to an entire, new game. safe wow gold And don't kid yourself, some of these games are going to keep you WELL occupied and interested beyond a simple year.  Hell, most of them are pushing out a 5.2/5.4's worth of brand new content every single month - for not a penny more.  And your estimation doesn't even include the box fee(s) associated with WoW.

I am not suggesting that WoW isn't a good entertainment value, rather that the dollar movies have invaded the multiplex when you're still trying to charge nine bucks to see your film.  The world has just changed, that's all, and calculations like yours ("what -- 180 dollars?") aren't really par for this particular course anymore.
Good on you. I'll play WoW all year for my $180 because I like it. If you can get by with less great. 
Since you are on a WoW site pretty heavily, your game must not be all that. Otherwise you would be on that site commenting, right?

I play other games too, many of us do.

I didn't just slap your grandmother, and it isn't exactly the height of shocking that there some real competitors out there for zero dollars right now.

If people pay more for it, buy cheap wow accounts who are you to say it should be cheaper? Start your own MMO or any product and let me boss you around about how you handle your accounting.