Congrats Zeni and the ESO team

There's so much more than that tho....  Imagine what 2017 brings tge studio with all the new awesome DLC coming out.  Lol people complaining about a 40$ mount, some games the mounts can cost hundreds. And you're fine with a company completely ripping off its customers? Because that's just complete robbery.  In the end nobody is forcing you to buy it. They gotta make products for the customer that can waste that money. ZOS has done an amazing job avoiding the pay-to-win trap. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I agree that the Elk is obnoxiously priced. But the beauty of that is that I will NEVER be required to buy that Elk. No one will do any better with that Elk. If someone wants to spend their money on it, that is really none of my business.

ZOS has done an amazing job avoiding the pay-to-win trap. I agree that the Elk is obnoxiously priced. But the beauty of that is that I will NEVER be required to buy that Elk. No one will do any better with that Elk. If someone wants to spend their money on it, that is really none of my business. what game has mounts that cost hundreds of dollars? Well earned. Just got this game and am very impressed. great game just because ppl want cheaper things changes nothing you do not have to buy it unless you want it. $40 for a mount?!?! It had better boost carry capacity .

How much did that reward cost? lol  Very well deserved! Congrats Zeni and the ESO team! Congrats ESO! You guys deserve it.. Keep your money away from this game. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold  Damn trolls on ESO how do you get so powerful?? You haven't truly celebrated the #NewLifeFestival until you've danced around a bonfire in nothing but your Nordic Bather's Towel. Be nice if I could actually get the towel (and other mementos). I must've completed over 150 festival quests and still haven't got it and that Hissmir fish-eye rye recipe and I'm NOT gonna get ripped off 100K gold to buy it from someone whos got it multiple times. Fix your RNG!

Yup I'm still looking for hismir recipe...done the dailies on 8 toons looking for it and nothing..wtf it can't be this rare to find...And yet its in every guild trader so ppl are getting multiples. Lol I got it after turning in the first quest.


BNS would be a good game to port to Xbox and PS4

Hello, all the server lately is a little broken, what is the cause and if they are already solving it . Just finished downloading the update. Getting a sendlog every 20 seconds with an error calling out d3d8thk.dll. Tried repairing the client to no avail。 Just finished downloading the update. Getting a sendlog every 20 seconds with an error calling out d3d8thk.dll. Tried repairing the client to no avail.I'm two weeks trying to download the patch 5.1 and it is impossible for me, I got in touch with tech support and nothing works T^T.

Look on forums from eu they fix that problem..I was wondering a public and fair explanation about why you banned ppl from several countries... what gonna happen with this ppl who already payed ur jobs Cheap Blade and Soul Gold ... answer me this question! ..... Why have you done nothing to stop these people hacking????? or will you just ban me off this page so i cant comment and you carry on letting them get away with it! the reason your servers are dead is because you do nothing! absolutely nothing! but if this is the way you want your game to continue to die then go ahead you wont be getting my 250$ a month anymore!  I seen it, even got e-mails of fail attempts of it... I haven't play for more than 2 years now, it must be really bad then...

Ye it is ppl can't master there classes so they have to use the hacks so they can win. Buy Blade and Soul Gold 70-80% of them use hacks now. ty for ruin 65 lvl pvp,also please get rid off that bloody connection issue it happens 2days ago and still goes on when the dredgion applies comes.I updated the game in 4 PCs...now I can only play in the one where I got Windows 10...the others have Windows 7 x64.  I deleted everything and download the whole game again, now it works after 10 hours.

I My Mouse has stop working after patch HELP!!! ... ican't use my mouse after loading the game up it's not reading my clicks. Was such a good game in the beginning before pay-to-win. What a shame. This would be a good game to port to Xbox and PS4 as a Free to Play with Microtransactions. The lag is bad. I wish they would use a new game engine and keep our stats. Cry engine 4 please. Can we get an update to why the servers are crashing? There are rumors of a DoS attack occuring.  ye it could possibly be russians revenging on being banned


do same dungeon x times per day for upgrade in Blade and Soul

 I think it is important to provide feedback, i don't want returning gifts, i want the game to be more appealing where it matters, until level 45, it is a good game, past that it is a wall .  returning gifts/bonuses would be nice tho. I always return to certain games to get them return things and level new classes- just to let them rot again- it's also useful if a new class arrives and makes you return.

 it is easy untill legend nowadays Blade and Soul Gold ...just be less nab and earn that gold.even story gives hm5 and like 50g for free...they did lower all equipment costs (like half of what it was) and you still complain about it being to hard? Takes 2 days to get to 50 by urself and leg is so ez to get now lol.. Ha! I'm lazy too, that's why I hardly get anything done. Weapons stay same lol.

Theres effort and theres is just pointless grind where basically nothing feels rewarding which is what blade and soul feels like yeah go do same dungeon x times per day pray for rng upgrade something that doesn't even feel rewarding and rinse repeat, it takes more or less zero skills to get upgrades in this game besides boring repeatables. What is in this game rewarding? Dungeon ways thats it pretty much nothing when you see loot box and its just pile of garbage in it. Unless throwing ££ at cash items like trove and what not for shortcut.

Precisely, the grinding doesn't feel rewarding at all. You can play all you want, but the efforts feel wasted. In the high level multiplayer dungeons, the pros won't stop to help the others, when some just will AFK and do nothing. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold The low level dungeons where you can do something, there is really nothing to do, save help new players through them, something i do gladly, but that gives no rewards in return, the solo dungeons are impossible, and i like to do more than just follow mindlessly the story. So it isn't really appealing to even boot the game, something really sad, keeping in mind the potential this game has. I really want to spend money on the game, but i don't find a single reason to do so.


Final Fantasy was fighting a hidden boss on FF X-2

One of the best moments playing Final Fantasy was fighting a hidden boss on FF X-2 and my gf comes over and watches me fight for over an hour before I beat it. We are married and have a 12 year old daughter named Aeris! My first Final Fantasy title was Final Fantasy. Growing up with next till no friends this franchise keep me kind and Buy FFXIV Gil strong willed at heart. Growing without Final Fantasy i know for a fact i would not be whom i am today. I truthfully believe i owe my life to these games as they have helped me battle a life long depression. Many do not realize the power of these games behold, they challenge not only your mind but also your soul.

Final Fantasy XIII is my first touch point with FF franchise. Love the story and characters. Definitely looking forward to FFXV and FFVII remake. I really can not choose my favourite, it's impossible. I can't choose just one. FFVI, FFVII FFIX AND FFX. I just can't decide between them. I haven't played any of the spin offs or the mmorpg games, Cheap FFXIV Gil just the main ones. There is one I can not stand which is X-2. And I hate to say it but I despised episode duscae and the other demo for XV.

I just felt that gameplay has strayed too far from what made the series so much fun and stand out from other games, it felt like a hack and slash adventure (and I hate to say it but a piss poor one). Which has quite upset me, because the final fantasy series has got me through 2 physical and soul crushing fights with cancer.  Long live Final fantasy!!!!FF XII will always be my favorite .But I hope you guys consider bringing back Final fantasy Tactics.

 I played every titles from the main series and if I have to choose my favourite one it wouldn't be that easy, because I really got in love with 8 and 9. Final Fantasy 8 was the first Final Fantasy that I've ever played. The character Squall is so great and the entire game is awesome. I also really love the story around Zidane in 9 that he feel so alone and then all his friends appear to show, that he's definately not and they're supporting him to get back on track.


Stop Eating Dumpling hajoon

You have to send them an e-mail explaining what's happening, I had that same problem a few months ago, I sent them an e-mail to appeal@ncsoft.com and they responded really quick, it took a few days but my account was recovered, I ended up deleting it as it was use for spamming and sell gold, creating bad rep for it.... i click on submit ticket, Blade and Soul Gold but it ask me to log in, but it don't want couse my email is not correct. Angel Soulless Roman Thanks. I hope it ll help.

Love the one with Poharan in the witches outfit. this is a pumpkin worth smashing. bns fix your countdown bug in xserv. what you have done with 6v6 matchup system? make a good maintenance of the game. Stop Eating Dumpling hajoon . Untl what time is the maintenance? TOMORROW: Join Community Manager Bethany Stout and Associate Producer Jonathan Lien in the Beluga Lagoon on.Just started playing BnS enjoyable game for most part, but one of the most bothersome things about it after playing Gw2 and Tera no Account wide storage.

Greetings Opaw Na Kalbo! Buy Blade and Soul Gold The appeal@ncsoft.com is legit. You can send them an email if you think the account lock was unjustified. Thanks! Yeah lets all play Battlegrounds is well Balanced players with Legendary weapon vs Oathbreaker weapon well balanced stats. Plus lots of Down Syndrome people who dont know how to Play a Domination map that requires to Defend a single base, rather they love to roam and lose, cause players loves kills... just do Arena if u like so much to kill or just go Crimson and attack the 70% pop of Ceruleans...

Hi Blade & Soul I love your game an all but when are you guys gonna do a better job removing the gold spammer's i mean its hard to find people in shout or in whisper when you have gold bots cutting you off, hence the reporting doesnt do much since they keep coming back aside from that keep doing what you guys are doing. Pls fix warlock's thrall bug stuck in combat & first person view bug when will enter dungeon via cross server,Thats so annoying.


Final Fantasy XV and Square Enix for all your hard work

Thank you Final Fantasy XV and Square Enix for all your hard work into putting this game and this trailer together, there are absolutely no words to describe how amazed I am with your magnificent and talented team of artists and the vision you have for each game you develop.I thank God for putting all of you together and giving you the strength so you can develop such incredibly titles FFXIV Gil, thank you so much for making my month and can't wait to have on my hands the Collector's Edition of this game no matter what *__* <3

You guys are by far the best in the whole world for me!!!  I have a theory and it explains in the description that it's a nightmare Noctis is having as well as an omen King Regis receives about a very catastrophic future that he's trying to prevent. I think it's either an evil entity or Chaos trying to corrupt Noct to kill Luna and destroy the world. To boost up your theory this game is based off FF,FF4, and FF6, all the ideas came from those games so maybe nova crystallis is a thing and also chaos is the one pulling the strings of the cursed Lucius bloodlines.

Love it! Keep touching on the theory! I also think the crystal is evil and has evil tendencies that has cursed the Lucian bloodline.

 The crystal is chaos ; Buy FFXIV Gil ) and the former kings have kept it in check for a balance of peace, but regis wants to end the bloodshed by ending the cycle, thus instead of sending noctis out by himself instead he sends him with friends to prevent that possible future, noctis may still get possessed but with the help of his friends that can be avoided, and maybe by doing this will anger chaos and he will see that eos burns for breaking that balance, then it leads up to noctis and his friends to destroy chaos, so that way the curse will end.


Blade and Soul Customer Support

I minimize my play of bns now :3 thank you guys for your wonderful job making cash cow out of people. If your forum login does not work, you might want to try logging into your NCSOFT account Buy Blade and Soul Gold first  and then reloading the forums. If both do not work preventing you from submitting a ticket, please send your ticket to our Customer Support by email: support@bladeandsoul.com. Unable to connect since 1 week with the f....g Err-200 Useless game support no more money for you...

 Why does it scroll so fcking slow? Blade & Soul Will there be support for Turkish language? The Rumble in the Realm signups end tomorrow! Can someone tell me what " external links are not permitted " when opening the " marketplace means and why the dirt just suddenly no longer works! It droning! Hello, I'm sorry I could the bug when opening the market not reproduce. When exactly is the message with you on? Hello, Blade and Soul Gold if I get on the camp run or when opening on the menu, it is the work of the load icons then stands in the chat system: External links are not permitted.

The ticket to our support was in this case the best way to find a solution. Please give them a little time to respond to them. By the way, we also have a german fb page. Take a look at: Recently I found out that my clan got scammed by a player and all the members were kicked out of the clan with the exception of the scammer. I didn't know about this until the former leader informed me the reason why I was kicked out of the clan.

He, former leader, and other former members wrote to you regarding this issue and nothing was done to punish the scammer or retrieve all the items from the clan. This is just poor player support from you and I thought the dev care about the players. People spent their time to get the clan to rank 15 and all other clan exclusive crafting. Please, if there's anything that can be done regarding the retrieval of the stolen goods and punishment of the scammer, do something about it.


Blade & Soul bamboo outfit

 Welcome to BnS where we slap u in the face for all ur hard work....n pls don't forget to check out our of redye every ORINGAL outfit, we have (n more to come ) urs only for 20$ (1600-NC) Blade & Soul why is it that im having dungeon issue. I am always being disconnected once im in xserver dungeon? Whats going on? Its been two days now. Buy Blade and Soul Gold RIP to the people who spent 1k on the bamboo outfit right after the recent tourna.   Lol it makes me sad that you guys did this...i feel like I wasted money now.

They* said multiple times it was going to be in the store ... They always add it to the store after some time... You did waste your money, but that is your fault not theirs. I can already hear high rank pvp player crying about the gold they loose from this outfit now in the store. "oh no, what will I do with my 19 bamboo costumes now?" -Virus probably It was litterly the only way virus was making gold. Cool, would love to get back into this game but can't get my password to change guess i'll move on lol oh well.

HI .. I CAN'T GRATE ACCENT IN Blade & Soul what this Blade and Soul Gold ?? Account Creation Failed you are not authorized create an account. Oh look more female sexualised items to not buy for all my male characters. wasnt it a competition reward? thats so BM if you put it in F10 and it was lol,  It was a reward for imp tournament but the imp organizers were also taking the extra costumes and selling them for way more than they were worth and giving the codes out to friends so it's better to end that with a legit way to purchase it.

 If I had won this in outfit design contest, I would be mad now... and if u didnt win the contest but bought the costume u wouldnt be mad, pls help i play from europe if i go in american server i have lag or not? It's already been in the store tho? They wont put it back until months later or its relevant to an event o.o, Yeah, I saw that outfit in the store 2 months ago.


Earn BNS seasonal and weekly rewards for proving your worth in 1v1 combat

Season 5 has begun! Earn seasonal and weekly rewards for proving your worth in 1v1 combat. Lol random haven't played this game in months nor have I really thought about it since they ruined it, but thanks for the random pop up! Glad to see the game is still kicking!  Lags in arenas unplayable without WTFast witch is another 10E monthly just one of many things... Buy Blade and Soul Gold Sad part of quitting the game is I had some kick butt names!

Why does it matter why I think it's ruined? If you like it than play it if you don't than don't.... I'm one of the people that do not like it so I don't play it... That simple...Just thought it was random that it popped up on my newsfeed when it never did before.  Alot of hack, gold seller, news updates making the ingame life hard if u have a real life, more hacks in arena, lag, scammers, duppers, need more ? or you think players with 5k gold in first month of the release, was only farm ?

Paige Creekmore because they are hurting for people thats why they care for your opinion.  I see what you mean, but unless it is the BnS team asking it's still pointless since they are the only ones that can make a change. Like I said if u like it play it.  My LBM was named spinderella, I agree its sad to not play with a such a kickass name. Blade and Soul Gold  Aw I love that name! Yeah I doubt I'll ever have the basic names again oh well! My name now on the current game I play is.

Screw 5th season, i just logged in, just to find out that ncsoft changed the 4 number pin to 6 number pin. And there is no way to get in, nir to reset, only to contact support,,, seriously this is the worst game support online. its always been 6 for me lul what drugs you on.


FFXIV New patch come south

If you can do everything in this patch in one day, which I highly doubt you could, but if you did, you have way too much time on your hands. The game is meant to be played a couple hours or so a day, not all day everyday. It's obvious none of you have played NA mmo before. That's the deal Buy FFXIV Gil. New patch come south. New gear. Leading to new grinds. Then rinse and repeat. If that's not for you, you spent WAY too much time in this game as is and its time to quit. Welcome to the MMO of today.

The same people that complain there's nothing  to do are the same people who rush through the content. You're meant to pace yourself. One day... lmao ok thanks for the laughs.  I really want to get back into XIV, but I just hate how MMOs are now with the constantly rotating "end game".

I miss FFXI but I kinda had my fill of it when I quit a few years ago (and lack a PC to play it on currently lol) and besides, while I sorely miss many things about XI, FFXIV Gil the UI and need to constantly gear-swap are tediums I can do without. If only they could recapture the magic of Vana'diel but with the graphical refinements and combat pacing of XIV - Personally I still think 1.0 was great towards the end .

Not digging the new tome gear this patch. I've liked all most of them so far. My fav was the Sol gear. That Eastern touch was nice. Primal was hit and miss but still good and the Eso was nice getting separate job gear. My DRG never looked better. Hope the new Alex gear is better.


BNS Dungeon Matching

With those plans, I'd *STRONGLY* recommend you wait till sometime next year, after this whole content rush has been over for a while. Should be more suitable to you then.  ah i c, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try searching for some newest gameplay on youtube for me information anyway.

Thing is that all end-game, Blade and Soul Gold is group play outside of the two towers. Then with the whole content rush, upgrading takes more doing due to the limited supply, but increased demand of necessary materials. After more of the updates available in other versions have been released, you'd find progressing would be more comfortable. Then after the content rush has been over for a while, materials you can't farm as a leveling player would have come down in price due to in-game supply, not periodic cash shop, and related injections.

Max Jenius Hmmm well, so it's kinda "abit hard" for an old player to comaback playing in this version I guess ? I was wondering about Dungeon Matching. is it hard to find a party on "not so popular" dung? because I'm kinda collector, I love collecting stuff in game and BnS have alot of costume to get >_<

Last time I play I have a problem about this one, So I tried to lv up my gears and solo as much dung as possible.ah I see now, Thanks alot Max :Buy Blade and Soul Gold D Imma comeback when it's ready then.  I'll keep an eyes on the update from now maybe gonna try a game for abit to see what really happen. Maybe I'll like it or maybe not. Happy video games day to everyone. I hope yo get 1k gold on dailt chalange tomorow. I got 100gold the other day haha.


Blade & Soul make a gunslinger

Also, the game economy is inflated because of a few people making impossible for the rest to play, that should also be addressed. I'd suggest a top pricing for the tradable items and increased fees for those which are sold close to that limit.

u know, i play this for 3months and i dont do paying for gold. just do quest dailies sometime Buy Blade and Soul Gold if ur lucky u can get 100g. in 3months i played, i got 1500g wd true breeze weapon + true oath acce. just play and enjoy nvm the pay. But I do still have hope for 1,000 gold. Lol

Materials cost in f5 is controled by players. You cant put the blame on the server. If you think is expensive, hunt dungeon. It do take times but at least u save a lot. At the end just wanna say play games is to relax not end up stressing yourself. Haha. Happy gaming!!  they should reduce it to 50% Blade & Soul make a gunslinger <3 and bring mounts in game <3 awesome storyline keep it up.

Having 10000 ap still its useless here.. Blade and Soul Gold No pvp i mean at all, open world pvp is dead in everygame.. Dont tell me ssp for pvp cuz here most servers are single faction based, dont count arena since every game has an arena thing and ofc..RNG boxes, i saw once some get 10000 gold at that moment i stoped.. Why makin 177481848662 dungeons?? U need a whole day to make quest its waste of time even upgrade thinga when u never gona use against some1.. I really miss good old days of L2.


where to get Blade and Soul outfit in game

Meh that's kinda unoriginal....Buy Blade and Soul Gold I guess when i see the other pieces once they are up i'm gonna cry cause we'll never see them ingame xD. Well for the winner outfit i hope jin males get the same outfit as gons....honestly the jin male one looks so meh. Can't even follow your own guidelines, you guys picked one that not only traces intellectual property, but takes intellectual property (Fire Emblem) and slaps it in their design! LOL wow.

Well kids, we know what to do in the next contest, STEAL! It's all good, because NCWest doesn't care enough to screen the entries! If I decide to enter next time, would I be able to draw it traditionally and scan it? Or would working digitally be better?

I've been wanting to do this, but I never thought my drawing skills would be good enough, like compared to this. I'm just disappointed NC couldn't even follow their rules, it's honestly not even the fault of the contestants that the people they submit to didn't take much time to really look. That's almost more depressing than anything lol. Blade and Soul Gold It speaks volumes to the player base who is into that aspect of the game.

This may sound crazy, but would it hurt NCSoft to give something small in game to everyone who put time and effort into to participating in this? Giving 300ish people the Bamboo costume wouldn't be a massively big thing to ask in my opinion. I'm not saying giving the ncoin prize out, since that is for the top 10..which is completely deserved. I feel like that would make a lot of people REALLY happy and appreciative. You keep saying "thank you so much for everyone who took the time to enter"....well then give them something to show your gratitude?


FFXI had a few players

That's kind of dumb. 120 hours is very different from 5 days. No one is going to play 24 hours straight for five days in a row, in fact, what you're encouraging is something that could result in death.  IIRC FFXI had a few players keel over from playing too long so it seems a bit irresponsible to even begin to imply that you can play FFXIV Gil "up to 120 hours free" over a 5 day period. Obviously its not advice on their part, or encouraged behavior, or the expected way to play, or anyone's fault but anyone dumb enough to try, but it stills seems a bit tasteless.

Do you guys really think they want people to play 120 straight? Bunch of red bull or amphetamine and you're away. Anyone who does it is careless. You can't just sit and avoid the bathroom or neglect moving around lol I wouldn't even push the 120 hour limit but I'll be taking advantage of the time I can play while my husband watches the kids tonight.&nbsp Buy FFXIV Gil; If the wait times are half as bad as they used to be you can just queue as dps and go cook a roast.

Dude clearly just misread the time line. No big deal.  oh this is kinda misleading. I thought it was 120 total hours you could play anywhere from now til the 30th of august. which would have been an incredible, incredible free period. but it's just 5 days from first login during the period (which is still an amazing thing for a free period).

Some poeple who have been away may have to do updates to play and of course you cant update if your account is not current.  Tyler Harper You didn't open the article, it's legit 5 days and the timer begins when you first log in. The event lasts a month+ but the timer begins when you log in.  you do realize this lasts more than am month right? it's giving you 120 free hours over a 30 day period. Yeah I think people were misreading the start and end dates.


urope group 3 have any of the servers playing Blade and Soul

Bots will fill the empty servers/zones.  Funny how Europe group 3 doesnt have any of the servers my friends play on. How about have the servers in actual Europe? They merge servers , Blade & Soul Gold means game is dying , already so fast hahaha .. Brace yourself, bot armies are coming. Aaron Brown we can play together w/o having to make new characters. Had the bot issue been fixed or are they still spamming?

 Isn't as bad as before, very little compared to before in most servers. Though, with this happening they're sure to uprise again. Better start playing because they're allowing cross server play soon. Thanks for the upcoming lags, dcs and bot army... This means people are playing less blade and soul.

Its meen if i play wild springs and Buy Blade and Soul Gold i can come to windress. So megaserver a la Guild wars? I hope this fix the awwfull lag... Blade & Soul when will i be able to use the hongmoon charm after the 10th purchase. Let me know plz. Start playing on Windrest to avoid Wild Springs, two weeks later they get merged. Why this.  Would love to play this game but 9 fps makes it impossible.

Woo! My friends are literally from both Poharan and Iksanun, so this is great for me. THANK YOU . for the first time in my life i am not salty about the rogue rng boxes again crashing currency. Doing anything they can to save the sinking ship, but actually fix the holes that are making in sink. weh~~~ i thought they are going to finally put SEA or any closer server for us in Asia, quit the game because of terrible ping sad.


Give a accumulative XP gain bonus for each level 50+ BNS character

The result is some of those that are trying to use alts, in this very alt unfriendly game, Blade and Soul Gold are still just playing their old chars, not the new one, even if they were looking forward to the class. i dont know what else to do. i have tried to uninstall and reinstall.... and everything else please anyone else have this issue? I have contacted support but yeah.

-Let us add alts to our clan if we have invite privileges, this would be especially helpful for those one person clans.  also no one wants to fight someone with ~820AP and pve pointless since there is nothing you need except outfits...but aquiring outfits does not require you to have best gear.
-Give a small accumulative XP gain bonus for each level 50+ character you have.

Basically the most popular games right now are the ones who doesnt require alot of time Buy Blade and Soul Gold but you spend the most time playing it because its fun and enjoyable, all the mobas makes much more money but at the same time looks effortless, nobody wants to work\grind in game , u know u do that in real life and it sucks.

and sins then i can not log in in my acount. I was at the cross server dungeon while this did happened, and also i received a wishper from a gm at that tim. I do not know whare i sould send an email about this problem. 10 Stinger + 10 moonstone guaranteed drop from last dungeon bosses with high chance to drop more in 4m.


My original FC paid close to 200mil for their Large house

The "houses should go to active players" BS as to stop. Because spiting in the face of their customers who played and spent time on their plot just to loose it all because they took a break from the mindless gear grind is a very good way to never get their money ever again. I know I wont be back...

The release date will more than likely be announced with the next live letter on may 22nd. Some predictions I have heard put the release date at may 31st to June 7th, Buy FFXIV Gil but won't know for sure till the live letter. From the way they worded in when they shut it down, FFXIV Gil they left it open to be down longer. At this point where the patch will most likely be released in a month or less (just a prediction based on how SE has done things in the past) they will start it back up with the patch.

Well that sorta screws those of us who where letting a smaller house get reclaimed in the hopes of buying a bigger one with the patch.  be cool if next patch let us go half way to 70 level 65 cap would be nice. and i recommend each class has different armor because all my tanks have to wear excatly the same gear and when i glamour my drk had drk gear on but my paladin and war look the same. though i'am greatly enjoying this game and still have lots to do smile emoticon

i like to clear things and besides i got other stuff to do so take your time se. keep making this game awesome My original FC paid close to 200mil for their Large house, originally. Never heard them complain when they were put below 100mil. tongue emoticon Kindly stop complaining. I'm not complaing it was a freaken joke. Though your comment can be considered a complaint.  I hear ya on that. The FC I am in on Leviathan has enough for a large plot now. It will just be a matter of if we can get one before they are all gone.


NEW dungeons in fFXIV patch 3.3

I haven't touched the game in bout a month or 2 lamia seems like a graveyard and already hit endgame with 5 diff classes dunno if it's like that on other servers but it's sad to see me off of it for this long i was on it day in and day out. idk how i feel about this patch coming out i'll prob login to see whats up . Not impressed, FFXIV Gil nothing fresh is added to the game. Savage which is pointless, no story to it. Relics will never be great according to yoshi p, and gear is useless after a patch.

 David totally agree, no one is ever happy, games amazing. I think he means new and fresh as in a new type of content that isnt rehashed or used in the same pattern as old content. Tbh the map dungeons arnt even gonna give a challnege so its really gonna be no fun. And its sad to see them say if you already of up to date lore gear you will have no issues walking thru the 2 new dungeons tbh theh should of kept 3 for the roulette. Just means nothing looks or feels new. Same themes and people will always feel differently. I feel the same, its eh. Tbh anything after 3.0 has been eh. Hope the next expansion theme suits my taste better.

The hard modes are completely different areas that open up in a dungeon. Hardly rehashed. When did yoshi ever say relics will never be great lol. Guess some people just need to let the world know they retarded bitches. Yoshi has always said relics will be best towards the end'.

Babies or puppies aren't really that cute if you think about it. Food never tastes the way it should, my girl is not pretty, there isn't enough money in my bank account and and my house is small. Nicholas Sisneros that's all stuff yo can choose.Buy FFXIV Gil Don't eat bad food, stop fucking fat chicks, get a better job.. See? Hopefully you`ll find another game that suits your needs then. One that`s not a MMO, of course, with those levels of expectaion you have. Nothing to? You mean like taking a risk and self imploding like WoW? Ffxiv failed once, so forgive them for not taking alot of risks.Yep that's why I left, every patch moves the goal posts one inch.....boring.


Blade and Soul update

Join us tomorrow at 10am PDT for a Shattered Empire live Q&A. Its so funny to see a AFKer at bambo village use faction outfit(crimson) near the beach got killed and revive,killed again revived again ....so on for about one and half hour or more(i just passing by next 1 hour and they still there right now). Maybe reduce the amont of resources Blade and Soul Gold (stingers) from Silverfrost upgrades as well. I loved the game at the start, and enjoyed the crap iut of it, but its gotten to the point where Im looking to other games. The end content has gotten rediculous. A debugger has been found running in the background, why does this stuff happen after every update? worked fine last night for me before update. better not be gameguard being annoying again.2.

And why can't your launcher TELL ME what the damn debugger it detects?  we don't know the exact amount ncsoft want but then they never state so Nathan just put 50k. At the end, what we got ? Nothing, just a fucking silent announcement.

How i could make good use of this event with all of the 1000 132 10054 disconnection error. buy Blade and Soul Gold ? I can't join any cross server dungeon quest because of it....Already tried everything i can found in the forum..but those doesn't fixed the problem at all . There should be more pve soulstone options but that's just me. I thought the story progression start at chapter 33 was happening. They have not said when the story will advance, but it was never mentioned as part of this update. They kinda had hinted to they might.

I seem to be having issues getting into the game. Keeps kicking me off. The Hongmoon Store has been updated with new costumes and resources.  i eventually had to quit BnS, the pace of the updates is extremely fast you cant keep up with the equipment since u need insane amout of gold to upgrade your weapons and stuff...


FFXIV The main storyline is really well done

They need the caps to make the content last longer. It's an easy way of making it seem like the game is filled with more content than it is .  It actually takes away from the game. It becomes very repetitive and boring. I've known many players to unsub because of this. The currency is all ready difficult to get because it comes in small quantities and buy Blade and Soul Gold the Armors are expensive. They need to copy some elements from FFXI.

 It is very boring, and in a few months they'll replace it with another armour grind, and previous content will be obsolete. People asking for xbox one version should know by now.  Phill Spencer stated in an interview about 1 month ago. That the xbox one will not get this game. disapointement after another... this brand does not do any customer research whatsoever the glory days of FF 7 8 and 9 are long gone...story wise and gamemechanics u should sell they brand to someone who cares.  Lol it's just a different style of game. Buy FFXIV Gil And you don't know anything about the story because you haven't played. I can tell you don't know the story because if you did then you'd know that the story is one of the best driving aspects of this game.

The main storyline is really well done, especially leading into Heavensward. Not sure what you're going on about lol. Whilst I agree that the games in the franchise arguably revolve around the popularity of 7-10, games of that era don't belong in modern gaming. Times change and with it, so does gaming.

I don't think the actual story has been a let down in any game in the series, the execution has been questionable (too much text in 13), game mechanics have been experimental, some good and some bad.

FF14, to me is a fantastic game with regards to story and mechanics. Customisation of stats is a let down as far as mmorpg's go but no one ever said it was perfect. U got a good point there..thats kinda what i ment that lost legacy of 7 to 10...stil so hoping to see that again with a new story the depth of 10 and ofc updated graphs specially with playstation vr compatibility as that developer will be using it.


Soulstone Plain Soulstone Plain

crash and freeze 4/5 times running there. i gave up with this event, seriously annoying. and Soulstone Plain zergfest isn't any better. unsure emoticon .  I'm lucky to get 1% damage on anything. Bosses get to 85% then I just watch as I can't do sweet FA until my packet loss clears up. My chat bar won't show anything cheap Blade & Soul Gold I type from anywhere from 40 seconds to 1 minute also.  In my case fps is normal i see everyone moves normal even me. But i cant perform any action. So i just run around and watch. Not going there again.

Well, how many people have an i7-4770K at least that can maintain 20-30 frames per second at big battles? It's a popular CPU but not THIS much. Denroy Derron Mitchell Our guildmate who was able to do Black Wyrm and had no stutters had the same model. He was like "why are you guys complaining about the FPS? Guy had no idea he had solid 30-60, Blade and Soul Gold and that he used such a strong CPU. But still not all of us have a decent GPU.. When a bunch of warlocks and FM's roll through your screen lights up like the 4th of July... That's A lot of particles even If u turn the players off.

Lol careful guys. You're going to upset the fanboys with your criticism of game flaws.. You know, because no one wants to admit they waited three years to be so decidedly let down. 3 years of wait, and we receive the same content, with some broken English translation. "Comedy Gold" is the best term I think. I think they cant fixed bots.

Getting in the ceru camp is easy. Just run up tree on the NE side and fly in. I love the game so far and the warlock is a lot of fun.... but I like to have a second character to play for a change once in a while..... so my question is.... when is the Soul Fighter coming out? I am just curious because if it is going to be 'soon' I wont start some other character, and wait grin emoticon..... thanks... In the plog sanctuary I either die instantly or lose almost all my health when engaging enemies in or close to the water.


Blade and Soul lv 45 a hours of playing

Why is it whenever u buy a weapon skin and use it in ur weapon then take it off it completely get destroyed? Is it a bug or something?  I want to buy your premiume membership on your website but it wont let me even let me click on it. when will your website be back up and wroking? still cant play quest capter 27.......sad..........after inside 5m always dc,,,im so boring just play daily quest every day?????????????GM please help me.

Instead of thinking Store buy Blade and Soul Gold why you don't fix lags problem? :'D today it's soo laggy and everyday is even worse x'D. Will we ever have marriage system in blade and soul? cause ik there alot people who would love to have that in game. Seem to be having trouble gathering , not getting tooltip that'll let me gather. In jade stone. Any suggestions what the problem is?

today i cant download the game again
yesterday everything is look fine but today cannot even download a game
the error massage is still coming up
the support's solution is not work.

Can anyone explain me why i lost my character when i update the game its not excited i was lv 45 a hours of playing !!!!!! Please help. I apologize again, Blade & Soul Gold but because I received the reward only event level of a character ? from what I understood from the site they were to receive all the liv pg 10 or higher. Balance your game just some fuckin classes are fuckin easier and op than other like this blade dancer resist all fuckin time insane dmg and cc...For summoner no comment!

Can yall do something about these summoner super bots in pvp. After 20% they damn near go invincible and resist everything. Its all from the same person Hiway I - IV. I encountered his bots about 7-10 times already. The amount of BOTs is absurd. There is no way to calculate how many BOTs per player. Now has Summoners and Destroyers in the Arena. Add Captcha and end to this disgrace. It's a shame!


Blade and Soul FPS drops and optimization

As planned I started B&S last week with the release of the warlock and loving it A LOT, the story is very good compared to the last 2 mmorpg I played Final Fantasy XIV that got "good" at the end of ARR wich is a long way to go and Blade & Soul Gold TERA that wasn't that amazing tbh but with this one I enjoy the lost, battles and some humor as well lol but the Corean names are like hmm hard to remember somehow lol. Now about what Sorcorer21b said that had good points tho.

-I watch every single stream they do but most of them sadly are like "No, soon, later, I don't know" it feels like we are wasting time watching it sometimes but enjoying it overall.
-Story Line I'm enjoying it so far with my partner (if I was alone I might not enjoy it as much) Buy Blade and Soul Gold .

-Input lags and FPS drops and optimization they said are "Working on it" on the last stream. The only issue with a B&S with this matter is when I go to the Lobby I get HUGE LAG SPIKES and DCs but if I build through PF and go manually everything runs smoothly. I hope they fix that soon because I don't have any issue with other mmorpgs I played before.

-Yeah I'm aware that most of the people they say they have are bots or people not giving money to the game so...I hope that changes soon I personally don't find premium worth it but I bought a costume I LOVE for my main char and I plan to buy more outfits in the future.Lol prestige idiot idea you need kill boss at only one camp onthe fcking open world. You hunts but ok you win whats no prestige vs player we dont have prestige. And what if on arena the gear is useless? I think that's great with that system nobody have advantage over the other. You get prestige points through killing players, and it's not just limited to misty woods. You can pvp anywhere in the game.Actually play and understand it before you critique it.


Blade and Soul Blackram Supply Chain

We need to stop playing so someone can hear us!  Wtf is this? NCSOFT, are you even paying attention to your forums? Get out of here, you gold-selling scrub...  Please fix the razor drop, I got all the corrupted weapon except the razor and still can't get i.  Doing ToE 40 times to only see 1 razor from boss caused me to shed tears. Opening 40 boxes and not getting one razor was the bottle that gathered them.

Blackram Supply Chain 4/6 man>Bloodshade Harbor 4/6 man>Naryu Labyrinth. gold spammers are sending me friend requests ._. its getting annoying being harrassed i block one and 3 more harrass me. i got this 4049 error also.. so far this solution work for me,just delete those game guard file, running back launch let it download again after that it will self repair and i dont know how and why its work.. i can login and play new job warlock. getting E2018, please fix this. How are we supposed to Blade & Soul Gold level up Buy Blade and Soul Gold when we can't even get on to the game server. Also my Premium is counting down. This is money that we are talking about. Not just some in game currency.

Would love it if you could do it other way around and sell the coins for Soulstones, so the more PVE orientated players can get them without getting migraines in arena. ripperoni pepperoni. Interesting... and still no update for the Gameguard situation that most of us are facing. It's not our job to delete files, move files from place to place, and what not... and we keep having our requests ignored. Might you please address this, shed some light onto why this is happening? Some of us still can't play the new content, and some of are still having crash errors... Read your forums, look at the number of reports there. How about fix those please?


how to craft the high allagan gear dyables in FFXIV

I enjoy the story but more likely than not I am put into a team where at least one member is toxic, sadly it is always a tank or healer so they will either leave or not do anything until you get kicked.

I'd really like to get back into this but don't feel it is worth the money with those kinds of people in the majority, FFXIV Gil especially in end game content when you get automatically kicked because they don't like your class choice or you IL is a little off or just that it is your first time. My advice be the tank or healer or find a friend who will fill that need for you. There will always be idiots and you shouldn't allow them to ruin everyone else's game. Report abuse or abandon the dungeon. There are plenty of people who are willing to help out if needed.

 Last time I was one I was the healer and ended up doing stone vigil was it called? With no tank, so me healing our blm who was taking all the agro xD

Once more content is added I will give it another spin, if only it took the time I played off of my subscription time not just taking it off if I have or haven't been on . Love everything (especially being able to buy Lightning's gear in pieces), except being able to craft the high allagan gear dyables. All the farming people did and we can't just get an item from the coils to dye the gear we already have...I hope that's not true cheap FFXIV Gil . it's my own fault, for not progressing into the game. my PC is shot, and barely can manage FF XIV as it is. frown emoticon hoping to get a decent upgrade in the very near future.

 See I'd love to play. However it's just circling the same line of launch game. Sign in. Download patch and then black screen with an error code. This has been 3 days of me trying to make it work. 3 days. I'm not happy. Very excited about this patch! Much more excited than the last one, fixes some problems that I had with the game and is a huge step in the right direction! Will be happy to see more progress in the right direction with future patches!


Blade and Soul is nigh unplayable for OCE/SEA players

Yall don't read and comprehend? He's not talking about claiming items from the mail. He's talking about being able to SEND mail to other people. It's Not free. I had to spend ncoins not in game cash and I agree, it's totally stupid. Would be nice to send stuff to an alt. so what you're saying is that they should just give you all their extremely hard(and expensive) work for free?

I hope they did it for the bots and when they are gone they change it. This feature is to prevent gold sellers from sending "illegal" gold. I have friends without premium or pts and they didn't have to pay for mail confused emoticon are u trying to use the instant access mail? Blade and Soul Gold

Douglas Pierre Wilson Have you played other MMo in your life ! ?? Never have I ever need to pay REAL MONEY to send mail to a friend, Fee yes, real money no. that's dumb! The reason you have spend to send mail is else botters would spam your mailbox. Wish people would have some common sence.

Blade and Soul is nigh unplayable for OCE/SEA players. Even if you dumped one or two servers in Japan for us we would be grateful. 180 ping without VPN is bareable, 350 ping is not. A lot of us in the SEA/OCE region have been your biggest supporters, but Buy Blade and Soul Gold despite that were shown a lack of love. Majority of OCE/SEA players will more than likely quit before long and you'll end up losing a lot of premium subscribers from that alone. We're sick of being ignored by every MMO orientated company. Theres no reason you can't set up an english client based server in JP. FFXIV allows that, I dont understand why you guys can't ar this point. You're obviously making decent money from the competitive side of this game alone.


Blade and Soul character

Guys first you need to fix commom problems like disconnect, lag, gold sellers, delay after pin and so.. After you can focus to add extra content. Just play a Kung-Fu Master. Not because it's weak but because it requires time to really get down and longer to use it effectively in pvp.

Guys first you need to fix commom problems like disconnect Blade and Soul Gold , lag, gold sellers, delay after pin and so.. After you can focus to add extra content. Guys help me please. i cant finish my download. its always stuck, my download speed suddenly drop from 300kbps to 0 and then not working anymore. someone have same problem? Why the big eye little mouths on the toons? Why the pedo bait small children toon races? The little lolita females look very strange.

Why have only a certain way to counter a certain offense? Why would someone need to "learn" what buttons to push and when? Let's give the skill to the character not the player. I am not my character. I pick skills FOR the character not for ME to have to be finger quick on a keyboard. This is really annoying in those darn jumping puzzle type games. If we want a "sport" out of a fantasy MMO game let's have real martial artists dress in those electronic pick up interfaced suites and go at it, having pressure pads to hit for knock back etc.

Yea i kinda hate that timing system too.....its not an mmorpg anymore cheap Blade & Soul Gold, its more like mortal combat with lvls and loot......or remember prince of persia boss fights when u quickly had to press a button to damage him or else u get rekt....mmorpgs arent what they used to be anymore..


NCsoft Blade and Soul serve maintenance

Well, that's obvious Mark smile emoticon , but yes, an Oceanic server would have to be located in Australia/NZ. Don't think i've seen any NCsoft game with an oceanic or sea server which is sad. A lot more people would support the games if these people were thought of in the first place regarding server locations etc. They only care about the mass markets i guess.

What happens today, I could not enter the game has been disconnections and errors all day. any khnow when warlock class coming? After the game starts, i cannot see the characters and cant start the game, the only thing i see is the game's screen ? Just you. Only disconnected once. Blade and Soul Gold Which was just now that's why I came to check FB lol.  I don't know when you tried to log in but there was a maintenance on 27/01. Other than that if you're stuck after the pin code, keep waiting.

You guys commenting here should start a blog and stop coming here to complain about support issues and how little things in a video game are ruining your lives. Adapt and deal with it until things improve or leave. It's so simple. The game is amazing and my guild is amazing. I can deal with launch issues because Ive been doing this since 1999. It will be OK. Give it time. Have patience. It's the Hongmoon way Buy Blade and Soul Gold . colonthree emoticon .

Most of the time players who complain about issue is just their computer's fault lol. Like all this disconnecting problem. While majority of players aren't having problems at all. Toulue Vang yeah I agree. I mean the servers have crashed us out but not all the time. I play flawlessly almost every night during prime time.  i cant play since the first patch of today it keeps getting erros, later with this patch i log in like for 5 minutes and then it crash again, i have tried putting the client to repair but no response i don′t know what to do.


Blade & Soul Launch Even

 I really need a Blade Dancer Lyn first of all ^^
By the way I saw a lot of dissatisfaction. I know you will try your best to solve everybody's problem. I hope you can cut out all of the problems before the launch.  I think I am going with KFM. It's gonna be my first time playing. I usually play supports Blade and Soul Gold , and when not, dual-wielders. Since KFM's a tank (which can fit 'support' nicely) and a bruiser, I'll give it a shot! smile emoticon.

I'm a noob at the whole PC stuff im an Xbox guy but want to join the master race can you help me out bro and tell me what link to go to be able to sign up and download id really appreciate it bro I really want to play blade and soul it looks dope. I didn't know I have to redownload the client until the moment I couldn't get into the server , now I am kinda sad and hopefully I could reserve the name I want still.......  Your launcher decided to do a file check right as I pressed play at 6PM. It only took 4 minutes to have someone snatch my names from me. Bloody well done...

Blade & Soul Launch Event plz tell me if i buy cash shop items now will i get my prem memebr ship points later need to know so i can buy while feeling safe.  I live in the Philippines can I play this game? region blocked? and are you planning it to be release on Steam soon because thats the only way we PH players can buy ingame shop items like dota 2 (too few poeple owns credit cards here) I notice that the Lobby Store is available in the Name Reservation and that it is possible to purchase items from the store. I ran some tests and bought a few things, and it does show up in my purchase history and brings my NCoin amount down both in the client and on the web site. However, it did not add Premium Points to my rank. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I am wondering if it is safe to purchase items from this Lobby Store and if it will add the premium points and items once the game launches or enters head start?


a mix of force and kungfu masters

It will be open today to download, not few days like ^ said lol. Logan Charles Marble when did they say the download will be available today? I can't wait next Friday i so want to playing it ! is this game going to be available on steam? I have great hopes for this game. It took a while for TERA to go on STEAM. Hopefully, this BnS won't take that long.

NcSoft likes to use their own launchers. I don't expect that the game will launch with Steam, especially because it's not already on there. Ton of games that haven't officially launched doing some of their beta stuff via Steam, they didn't do that.NcSoft has two games on Steam BNS Gold, at all. Lineage II and Aion. They have something in common, and that's being kind of old as far as games go with aging. Lineage II was uh 2003, 2004? Aion was 2008. Ah, that said you can make Steam launch non-steam games or even run the overlay in them if that's why you want it on there. 

When will i be able to play the game? i hope philippines is not IP banned. No the Philippines is not IP blocked but expect high latency when you play from either NA or EU server.t is hugely delayed and basically makes the game pretty much broken. who cares if its slightly delayed xD, i just want to play this marvelous game. Were we can Download the new Game Client please answer?i already have Founders pack??  Keep watching the page they will put it out before the 11th for name reservations.

It will be on youtube some time after the stream .  can we play this game in the phillipines? Yes you can play from the Philippines their is no IP block. But do expect high latency when you play from either NA or EU server. There's an eighth class in the NcSoft East version that is Jin and Lyn only. So that's not gonna be in ours yet, but will come sooner or later. Ninth class teased at, but not really any information about it yet. The teaser just suggested a mix of force and kungfu masters Blade & Soul Gold .


useful jobs are Soul Wardens and Merry Potters

Will I be able to use the beta client on release or will I need another one? If so, where can I find it? You'll need to download another client, and the link hasn't been given for the new one yet. Did they state that we have to. Last update they said they don't know yet. If they updated please link the proof stating so. Okamii Lea Auld they stated many times on twitter and forums that you need to download new one.

The only useful items from crafting are the Crit Rate bopaes. Wait.... you mean I will have to take time out of my busy schedule to actually find stuff to make other stuff? Without hitting things in the face? This can't be right. You probably have to kill something rare too. That also takes time and getting things you want in life usually takes time you said it in your comment. So it can be right.

 I was being sarcastic. If this wasn't in the game I would question the makers highly.  I like crafting, and finding sample material is like finding treasure. Could cbt players get the winter and halloween outfits from the events? ;u;they were so pretty!  BNS Gold For those who played at KR/RU what profession is Really usefull in endgame? I played in CN, and useful jobs are Soul Wardens and Merry Potters cheap Blade & Soul Gold . I heard that endgame bopae arent crafted. i will check these professions, thank you.

Sindy Fuentes, he specifically asked KR and a private server though...  pretty sure id rather celebrate the launch by actually being home playing the game.  Please give us just one OCE server, It will be filled to the brim! Game is impossible to play on NA at 200+ ping!!! Please! Won't be playing on NA because of this! Looks amazing, can't wait to give it a try!