Why Jagex sell weapons via SoF

Just introduce them as a update in to the game, no one wants to buy weapons of SoF cause many people see it as rwt.

Why Jagex sell weapons via SoF? I just wonder, maybe oneday Jagex want to sell runescape accounts via SoF. Jagex experience hard time for runescape accounts for sale?

Just make these as proper content without a time limit. We need more balanced weapon sets, Drygores don't have their mage and range counterparts. Well done.

A weapon can easily got by buying gold should out-weigh the months or years spent trying to get a level up to 99? no way smfh, 10 is too little. People clicked their fingers to the bone trying to get a 99 and for 11 years it was that way, now you expect people to just give up on all of that hard work?


Make the interface system more dynamic

From my experience I have an idea to make the interface system more dynamic in PVP/PVE. More dynamic, more players are going to buy runescape account.

Have the Health Bar across the Ability Interface. That way it is much more easier to see and instead of squinting at the small bar on the left side of the interface where its located.

Maybe you can have potions and prayers have timers on the top of the screen, like in the Witcher 2.

That way we can know when our anti-poisons run out or how long a certain prayer lasts, for example. It takes a lot of time out of going through the interfaces to know. If more players buy runescape account, Jagex can spend money to improve the system so I hope Jagex can earn a lot from selling runescape accounts. Free version is for fun.

And this generation is fast so it'll highly help out.

My idea to improve the Runescape NIS

It would be nice if, when you turn off a chat channel in the global chat window, it also removed that tab from the window.

So if I turned off Friends chat, the Friends chat tab would no longer be there. It could be recovered by turning that chat channel back on.

The same could be done to hide the action bar - add a toggle option to the global chat window.

An option to change window transparency would also be nice. I think with the Alpha available, Jagex can earn a lot from selling runescape accounts.

This new system really has a lot of potential, really liking it so far! It is really lucky that I buy rs account to join Gold and Silver Premier Club. Really thank God!

I hope Jagex can release a version of the music within the video without the talking?

Honestly, that music called 'Harmony' have gave me goosebumps everywhere, I think almost everyone loves that music, can I please listen to that BEAUTIFUL piece of music in something like sound cloud?


What do I want Jagex do for me?

I would like Jagex to consider a dividing line which presents what could be game content and what couldn't be game content. Which content should we group for which type of content.

Game content should be given to future updates for the game, where the content fits the game.

Amongst the things sold for payments of services, weareable items, animations, and emotes, hold a pose for reviewing.

Creative content thats presents itself far better as game content should be given to the game. While real life representation content should be given to micro payments.

However I do want to make clear, I don't support micropayment content like Squeelof Fortune/Solomon Store. As I feel it doesn't complement a game.

However I do support monthly membership fees that supports the entire game. And I will always buy runescape accounts whenever I can runescape sell accounts.

Free Super Restores of runescape

If you get a Dr. Jekyll random event (the one where an herb is requested) and can access a bank fairly quickly, you can withdraw an identified cadantine herb and talk to Dr. Jekyll. If you do this, he will ask for it and the potion he will give you in return is a Super Restore (4). You can give him other herbs for other potions, but currently the most valuable potion you get in return is a Super Restore. He will teleport as soon as you go too far away. The best you can do in a situation where you're not really close to a bank is trying to lure him closer, but obviously keeping cadantine in your inventory or skilling close to a bank is much easier. If you buy runescape account, you can get two spins every time you add spins.

What to take away from this fact? Either skill near/at a bank with some Cadantine in your bank, or if you are doing something that's far from a bank, have a Cadantine in your inventory (if you can afford to do so).

Cadantine are currently about 300-500 each. Dr. Jekyll will always ask for the highest level herb in your inventory (guam leaf if there are none or if guam leaf is the highest level herb you have). 

Need more information, you can read 


think of different discussions on General Discussion

I also wanted to conclude that I am always trying to think of different discussions, but it's hard to find a good one.

The other thing I know not many of us can control, but the fact that I see a lot of one-liners or quick responses for the topics like "What if Runescape Closed" and "If you could've gotten a partyhat set but didn't" Stuff shows up on those like "I would bang my head on the wall" "/wrist". Is that really adding to the discussion, no and it's pointless. I know the GD CL's can't really do anything about it. But if the responses were more indepth and some thought put into it that would probably make GD a better forum. 

GD is really good to attract more players to buy runescape account

GD is one of the most visited forums and it's also got great potential. It's relatively open and broad ranging, and there's a full range of topics that can be talked about. This is good in theory but the problem with opening the gates wide (to build on JDud's illustration) is that the sewage trickles through. And it usually floats to the top. No matter what topic you're posting in, daring to runescape sell accounts give a controversial opinion, or tackling the topic from an original angle, will usually result in the original poster or another person to flame you, call your post useless or tell you off for over-analysing the discussion. There's little room for creativity in GD, and for me at least, it's stifling.

There will always be repetition in General Discussion. There is nothing we can do about people who will read the very few original topics people take the time to make, and create spin-offs of these specific topics, therefore causing other people to make spin-offs off of those spin-offs, and so on and so forth. Not to mention, there usually is bandwagon themed periods that General Discussion goes through, and that is usually why you see so many threads that are similar or almost alike in terms of discussion, and theme.


Top seven rare Runes on runescape

Do you know what some rare Runes on runescape are?

Below list is for all players to know some rare Runes, from most rarest to least rarest.

7 Blood runes
10 Chaos runes
50 Air runes
3 Law Runes
67 Nature runes
45 Death runes
45 Law Runes

Hope you can make most of it when you are going to buy runescape account.


Looking forward to Runescape HTML 5 Beta

I do agree, EoC itself wasn't a bad update at all, I kind of like it. The thing i Don't agree with mostly is Squeel of Fortune. The Solomons shop doesn't bother me since it's all cosmetic and doesn't affect the game at all. Does it necessary to buy rs account to join it?

I loved the old combat system, but I also find the EoC to be very enjoyable. Most people complain because they can't accept change. Runescape is evolving. Just deal with it.

Picture   runescape accounts for sale
runescape accounts for sale

To be fair, yes I was once one of the people who "quit" runescape due to the release of EoC but then found myself adapting to it in not so little time. There is 07 servers now, and if you remember 07 then you're most probably old enough to buy the membership to play it 

When html5 comes, how do you feel? It is easy to sell runescape accounts?

Things like Solomon are Jagex gearing up to make the game freemium model; which is better for all players. But sadly; people just complain and take for granted and don't understand the world of Game Devs. They want to be able to make sure they can adopt a freemium model and still profit; because without profit a game DIES.

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How do people think about Runescape EoC

What annoys me about the 07rs is the fact that i dont want to play 07, i want 2012 which i fell in love with. also, I cant afford members right now but would probably play if it were free. Its been one year since i started playing and eoc made me quit so early.

 I guess people would rather AFK rs, I personally like EOC because it makes me more involved in the game. Do you want to know where to buy runescape accounts or where to sell runescape accounts? Just search answers on Yahoo! Answers or Google.

If people are leaving that is a problem in itself. The game has been losing players since the EOC was released 5 months ago, and that is a problem. W18 edgeville, for example, used to be full at all times crowded with combat and PKers. Now when you go it is dead and empty. Jagex needs to FIX the EOC.

If you want to get your money that was spent on runescape accounts back, you can runescape sell accounts to Farmer100.

Matt they could have done that without butchering the combat system. They could have increased special attack frequencies, etc. The EOC needs to be made more like the old system, and they could do it if they listen to feedback. My suggestion is make the need to hit abilities less frequent and make the system overall feel more like it used to.

Maybe we don't want to regain levels and items we spent years getting.


runescape community round-up good or not?

hey jagex mods oer there!, this is a small request.... can you guys create a quest/area based on Indian theme..... well there are lotta mysteries outta ther in India (plz make it f2p if u create).... and one more, y isnt runescape membership cards availible in India?? runescape accounts for sale  really we want it in all major cities!! plz..??!!?? can you do these?? - indian runescape players. plz reply RS.

If theres one tatto i would get, albeit i dont like tattos in general....it would be either a Pulse L'Cie brand or a Magic symbol from  buy runescape accounts 

I'm sure I speak for all of the fans of the EoC when I say I apologize for these people complaining over all the effort to make this game the hit that it is today. Guess the whiners have never heard of change before.


overwhelming popularity

If Any Of You Are Cb 100+ Or Have 90+ Range Or 90+ Mage, Join The Clan "God Chats" Tell Them Sergeant Fadedvisionz Sent You. We Have Daily Event At 7:30 Eastern Time That Include: P.V.M. (Plaver Vs Monster), Fight Pits, Penguin Hunting (Only on Wednesdays), Skill Events, Clan Meetings (Saturdays). Any Other Ideas For Events Are Voted On By Clan So Join And Help Out There Are Many Friendly People Who Can Help You to buy runescape account Or Just Hang Out With You If You Are Bored, So Join And Have Fun. But Remember Fadedvisionz Sent You Caleb Garrett, don't spam here!, u can enter in G.E. talking about ur fabulous clan.
Ãbďo Zóĥďi, u can search any mod with a message to selling Runescape accounts, or to visit the Runescape's forum.

It seems that the overwhelming popularity of the Wildy tag has resulted in some technical difficulties with the application – we hope to get this rectified as quickly as possible and we will let you know as soon as we can update you with some news.

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It's impossible to get eggs now because of cross realm

I totally agree. I have taken more "breaks" from WOW now then ever before because I can't get the items I need. That and the fact that people are becoming more rude(if that's possible) . In fact right now when I'm off FB I'm not going back to the game. I would rather play something else.
i agree completely. Daily quests aint the half of it!!!! Try gettin through Orgrimma with it full up with toons!!! But, in contrast its really easy to get on a BG team!!!!!

Blizzard...get rid of the cross-realm feature...what were you thinking?! Servers exist for a reason, to separate the ~10 million people. It was hard enough before to collect items for certain dailies, now it's impossible, and WoW is a lot less enjoyable. If it takes a "WoW-wide" petition to remove it, so be it. I think you'll find the majority want it gone, if not the entirety.


WEBNODE :: What should you pay attention to when take drugs :: Farmer100

WEBNODE :: What should you pay attention to when take drugs :: Farmer100

Runescape are ungrateful

The players of Runescape are ungrateful, bickering, spoiler swine! They don't care about anything but what they want! Even S U O M I quit. Was it because of the EoC? No! It was because he was fed up with all you hitching snivelers! I quit for the same reason he did! You fail to realize this buy runescape account: RIOTING. SOLVES. NOTHING! You whine and complain and all it accomplishes is getting the actually decent players that play for fun annoyed as hell! You wanna quit because of EoC? Go ahead, in fact I encourage you! Runescape would be better off without all you scummy ingrates!

no to EoC i promise im gona quit and all my friend list say the same, ppl pay for RS now if ppl want to play a game with stamina bar and wtf attacks ppl go and find GAMES with that, u say get 200m of accounts WITH this runescape and now u change all??, wtfff, im marketer and I KNOW what im saying, i remember when ppl QUIT when wildy was removed, i KNOW why u sell spins and TRY to get lollalty of players with programs like lollalty shop or salomons, TO GET MONEY and try to get players close to the game, but really ppl can see whta happend with ruenscape and u gona ruin the game, go back and leave runescape like it is now selling runescape accounts, a GREAT GAME!

Please explain to the people (the idiots and haters), how it won't actually cause people to quit other than the reason they don't have their own opinions or actually try combat evol, and how will eoc affect the ping in the game?


The Heroes of RuneScape

Ariane Ariane Ariane Ariane Ariane Ariane Ariane

A riane is a heroine who doesn't believe in convention. She is a free spirit, hungry to explore the lands of Gielinor to uncover magic's secrets. She hates the idea that all of magic's answers could be listed in a single spellbook, and that there is nothing left for her to discover. Her deep desire to understand more of the world has borne fruit - she is one of the most powerful magic users you will ever cross paths with, and adversaries tremble at the mere mention of her name.

Ariane believes that the art of magic has many more secrets to offer, and disagrees with the strict doctrine of wizards. She believes that buy runescape account gaining experience of the wider world is the best way to improve one's abilities, rather than rummaging desperately in the past.

Ariane was raised in Seers' Village and has spent her life researching magic. She has often been accused of neglectfully exploring the fringes of magic. She has spent a portion of her life studying at the Wizards' Tower and the Wizards' Guild. To underestimate her knowledge of magic would be selling runescape accounts unwise at best...


Registration is open for the HTML 5 beta

Seriously I want to make a shout out to Jagex. Yo, you all are amazing. I freakin LOVED RS back in the day. And now since you brought back it? I'm continuing to love every minute just like as if I was selling runescape accounts picking up from where I left off. You all rock @Runescape.

It's been forever, RuneScape. I miss you. But alas if I come back I will have to spend another month on all the new quests and whatnot to keep my Completionist's Cape.

 A small development team is committed to Old School RuneScape currently. Making OSRS free to play would probably result in a significant drop in membership numbers and also profit as a result. Besides, it's basically the same fee it's always been to receive the membership benefits of OSRS.

How many people here think old school server is trash ? I buy runescape account mean how hard is it to adjust to eoc. Bunch of cry babies if you ask mee

Runescape monsters

Monsters are common seen in Runescape. In terms of my view, killing monsters is the most interesting thing in Runescape. As you have different ways to approach different monsters, you should learn some skills to defeat them. If you want to pick up some valuable drops and gain a fair amount of xp to level your runescape account, you should learn some skills.

It is commonly suggested you have high level in Defense, Attack and Strength if you want to win in a battle with monsters. Some good armors are necessary to protect your from hit. The most important thing is that you have to familiar with different type of Combat. When you tackle different monsters, you should know which combat type is its most weakest and most strongest. If you can buy runescape account to join members, you are able to train all skills that are needed to kill high level monsters.In order to minimize your damage and loss in a fight, you should apply Combat triangle if you are not so sure.

So far, the strongest and toughest monster in Runescape is Kalphite King. Kalphite King has a combat level of 230 that almost you have rarely seen some players who have Runescape account with such high combat level so that you have to form a group to deal with him.

runescape sell accounts
Kalphite King

Before Kalphite King, the Queen Black Dragon was the largest and dangerous attackable monster in Runescape. However, after the recent revolution of Combat, her combat level is the same as Nex’s, therefore the Queen Black Dragon is the third toughest monster to tackle. Even though, it is not so necessary to form a group to defeat her, it requires quick reflexes and fairly high combat level to defeat her. In the quest, the most difficult challenge is to slay her.

As long as you master the weakness and strength of a monster, it is easy for you to catch up a good idea to tackle it! 


No more singing

No more singing - time for the real deal! Check out Behind the Scenes: April 2013 right now! Jagex: Why are you updating the Duel Arena graphics when all of the duel arena worlds are dead? No one does the Duel Arena anymore after the EOC (go look for yourself on the dueling worlds...)

did I read correctly that if you have gold membership then you are already registered for the beta testing? Or do you still need to register next week?

Privty, the worlds are so unpopulated and a lot of people left because Jagex isn't fully listening to us when we say the EOC isn't what we want. They'll probably come around when they notice it won't work without a different,huge combat rework...buy runescape accounts

Its exciting seeing all these new changes being done to runescape. The game has come so far from when i started playing over 7 years ago.

Not enjoying this new facebook layout at all. Where's the sense in non-chronological order? There could be moronic comments appearing every minute that I'm not getting a chance to flame just because I don't know where new comments go. That's not fair.