Trix Got Some Nice PR Here

 I love almost all forms of electronic music, so I sample from many different genres as long as they fit my sound and sets.  For this particular event, Cheapest WoW accounts when I have a two hour slot and open the show, I start deep with some techno, tech house, deep house, or deep progressive house to warm things up, then use some energetic techno to bridge into popular trance and trouse infused with some electro house, which is the main part of my set.  Towards the end, I'll take things to a more underground sound with dark trance.. a bit coldharbouresque in nature, using select techno or progressive house tunes where appropriate and when they fit the sound.  When I have a 1 hour slot, I skip the deep warmup.

Occasionally I'll do a special event, such as on Friday the 13ths or around Halloween where I'll do a mix of very dark, spooky techno, WoW accounts for sale deep trance for one half, and terrorcore the second half, bridged together with a demon summoning ritual.

I also usually try to have guest djs once a month who bring their own sound of a wide variety of genres, and our afterparty dj goes all over the board, often playing a lot of classics.

I have only been to about 3 or so clubs so far (Yuyuko of WRA) and it's nothing like a 'second life' deal. It's really fun to watch or listen to the music if you do not RP. If anything, it's something to do on those nights when you don't feel like going out or playing other games and just want to mingle.

Glad to see that Trix got some nice PR here. World of Warcraft accounts Hope to see more WRA events pop up

PVE is nothing but a gear grind

To all the PVP'ers out there that say things like, "PVE is nothing but a gear grind", Where to sell World of Warcraft accounts  I present Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street: "Ultimately, we want WoW PvP to be about skill and gear and not just skill."

You are now welcome to remove the phrase "PVE is all about gear" from your list of comments about PVE.  Thank you.

PS - I'll be over here enjoying this show, because I see hilarity in my future
 "WOW PVP is trash", "WOW PVP is awesome".... Doesn't matter to me.  The fact that for YEARS PVP'ers have been griefing PVE'rs about the "gear grind" saying "PVP is more about skill than anything" and then having the lead dev say that's not the case.... Oh, that's just delicious.

 Did PvPers think that the difference between Honor Point and Conquest Point gear was purely cosmetic or something?  Of course better gear helps you in PvP.  If you have two players of equal skill, then chances are the one with better gear will win.  Why do people think this is some sort of shocking revelation? 
 Well, I think both pve and pvp ultimately come down to skill and gear. Very few people disagree with this aside from a few trolls on the forums.

I find your glee at GC stating the obvious very curious; it's like you took personal offense to a few trolls and decided they represent everyone who enjoys pvp. where to buy WoW accounts, whatever floats your boat.


never be going to BG's to gear up in PvE gear

It has been clearly stated you should never be going to BG's to gear up in PvE gear. Invest in Contender's and suffer. buy cheap wow accounts The end. If you did arena ONLY, you could get someone who is well geared to help and go. You'll have almost 4 pieces in 3 weeks with no RBG cap and winning ONE bg a day. 6300 honor from those one wins per day. I don't get the complaint. This is way easier given the time committment and RNG of Raid Finder and Heroics. You're essentially WELL geared after 3 weeks. Personally, I would be annoyed if I worked hard for my gear and any rando out-geared me in a short amount of time. CONTENDER'S. SETS.
This is exactly why I quit the game after four years and three accounts paying $45 a month.  They should have left PvP alone since it was introduced in Vanilla.  Grinding through three stages of gear and the absolutely monotonous and repulsive dailies have made the game such an ungodly drag it wasn't worth the price of admission anymore.  I loved my druid healing and they broke that in PvP so I switched to a pally.  The pally was overpowered as healer and became shitty as hell as a tank when MoP started.   It became absolutely horrible to keep switching characters when Blizzard kept fucking them up.  I had 23 level 85s and 4 lvl 90s when I finally just let them expire.  The Golden Lotus dailies are absolutely horrible and the way they unlock more dailies simply adds to the monotony.  It is as if they spent all of their time and collective brainpower trying to make end game over task the player instead of making it enetertaining to the player. fast wow gold Great job on the questing from 85 to 90 but the rest of it is why I will never again give you $45 a month. 

 WoW was good and I still believe they will get it right but I am tired of paying them for not good.  I still plan on playing an arena season on the normalized servers.


It's Basically to Prevent

a) raiding as the only way to be competitive in PvP, and conversely
b) arena being the most efficient way to gear up for raiding

The past few months have taught me that WoW players are obsessed with efficiency and view any gear that isn't nailed down behind a schedule or skill barrier as required for them.  Any system that *doesn't* completely separate the gearing paths for PvE and PvP such that each is impractical for the other will result in players being compelled to cross over from one play style to the other to gear up, fast wow gold and even moreso than doing dailies to raid, that is ridiculously not okay.


stacking resists and defensive stats is necessary

I appreciate the help. What I'm waiting on from Blizzard is to flatten out damage spikes. Right now with 300+ resistances and DPS gear I find Inferno too rediculous. My suspicions were correct though that I will need to stack even more cheap Diablo 3 gold resists in the later acts to get farther. My opinion is that this is wrong, and not design intended to be the case. Their design blog stated Monday that we should be able to take massive amounts of damage, and deal out heavy DPS. In the current existent game this is not the case, so I will wait for the change, and then come back  D3 items for sale.

I'm believing stacking resists and defensive stats is necessary now, but will not be in the very near future. I'm anticipating a buff to life leech, and a nerf to damage of Inferno champion packs soon. This is as per their design document.

I dislike sword and board, especially in a game where there is no specific role for a clas like in wow... ex; LF2M Diablo Inferno Tank and Healer. Get my idea? Even worse is that even if you have the gameplay of a turtle, you still get easily thrown around by mobs like a rag doll.

But what I really mean is that the gameplay that brings me the most fun is ALWAYS worth it. If I constantly die regardless of how I build my character in terms of abilities/gear/Diablo 3 accounts, then the game has a severe lack of balance.

But then again this is Blizzard so...


I've enjoyed PVP on

So my warrior is the only character I've enjoyed PVP on, buy cheap wow accounts  and so I leveled him with the intention of doing some casual PVP and maybe running LFR a bit. Can someone who understands the changes here help me out: does this mean that PVP gear, even capped at 496, would be suitable for LFR raiding? I'd really rather not have to deal with two sets of gear if I can avoid it.
Monks and druids can use pvp gear as tanks and do reasonably well.  Paladins and death knights can to a lesser extent because they benefit well from haste.  Warrior tanking in pvp gear just isn't going to work.
 If you happen to be geared in full conquest 496 gear, then you should be fine in LFR. Theoretically, your conquest set should have the same base secondary stats as 496 raid gear. That said, there are a couple issues that you need to address.
The first is gems and enchants. Chances are you're gemming straight PvP power or resil, which is completely useless in PvE, not to mention a few of your enchants will be completely stripped of their value.
Second is hit and expertise capping. For PvP, you should only be capping them at about 3%. PvE, you need 7.5% to put out your full amount of damage.
Yes, you can LFR in Conquest gear, but you'd be gimping yourself in a few areas. If you have that kind of gold to throw around, then by all means go ahead. If not, good luck performing optimally.

 I hadn't even considered gemming/enchanting. how to buy WoW gold I certainly don't have the gold to be flip-flopping like that all the time. Guess two sets of gear would be the better option.


Character Out of Someone Beloved

The meme character who has had zero character develpment since his intro to wow, buy world of warcraft gold is the one who kills Nazgrim, an actual character who we have had interaction with since wrath.
I wouldn't have minded so much, if it wasn't Nazgrim he kills. I liked Nazgrim, and acknowledged him more as a lore figure then Gamon. Now if Gamon killed Malkorok, that would have been better, since Malkorok represented the worst scum in orcish society, according to tides of war (the novel).
I just found this tweet by Kosak:
"I can only assume you've listened to voice files out of context? Gamon only fights Nazgrim in special circumstances."
So while Gamon is involved in the fight, I guess we have to do something special to actually have him involved? Just though it was interesting.
I'm no fan of either side over the other but it saddens me a bit knowing Nazgrim's going to die... I don't know why but I've always had a soft spot for him!
Kick arse Gamon! I know that's hypocritical of me but Gamon deserves to finally kick somebodies backside! And no I don't count players he's killed.

Is it just me, or, is anyone else really psyched that this rather minor lore development is likely entirely the players' doing? Unless Blizzard has plans for Gamon from the start, I think it's really cool that they're making a character out of someone beloved and well known in the community despite his obvious intentions to be a very minor named mob.


Fury management and WotB uptime

Knowing how to manage your fury is a very important factor for barbs that use fury spenders, to be more succesful. This includes gaining as well as spending fury, especially when it comes to WotB uptime. It depends from build to build and on the given situation at what levels you want your fury to be, but before i explain this, let's take a look at ways of gaining and spending fury.

Ways to increase fury generation: Diablo 3 item

Many builds use/rely on BR:ItF. Here's how it works.
While under the effects of Battle Rage, Critical Hits have a chance to Diablo 3 account buy generate 15 additional Fury.

This tells us, that stacking CHC is beneficial for fury gen. Do note, that crits have a chance to generate fury, therefor the actual chance can be smaller than your CHC. To calculate the actual chance, you need to look at the proc coeficient of the abilities you are using. Diablofans user ZzEzZ has created a neat spreadsheet that covers this. If you wish to learn about it, visit his thread here: http://www.diablofan...-complete-list Diablo 3 account sell/

Other ways than your heroes CHC to increase fury gen:

Mighty weapon with Weapon Master (only 1h)
Animosity (passive)
Unforgiving (passive)
IK 5set bonus
In some cases AS/APS (RLTW)
Followers – Templar directly, Scoundrel with 3% CHC, Enchantress with AS (for RLTW)

Spending fury and WotB uptime cheap d3 gold:

It is obvious why generating/gaining fury is good. Spending it is equally importnat if you want to have a good WotB (Thrive on Chaos) uptime.


Cost of WoW Is High

That's kind of the point though, Jeff.  For half the cost of WoW's annual fee you can get unlimited access to an entire, new game. safe wow gold And don't kid yourself, some of these games are going to keep you WELL occupied and interested beyond a simple year.  Hell, most of them are pushing out a 5.2/5.4's worth of brand new content every single month - for not a penny more.  And your estimation doesn't even include the box fee(s) associated with WoW.

I am not suggesting that WoW isn't a good entertainment value, rather that the dollar movies have invaded the multiplex when you're still trying to charge nine bucks to see your film.  The world has just changed, that's all, and calculations like yours ("what -- 180 dollars?") aren't really par for this particular course anymore.
Good on you. I'll play WoW all year for my $180 because I like it. If you can get by with less great. 
Since you are on a WoW site pretty heavily, your game must not be all that. Otherwise you would be on that site commenting, right?

I play other games too, many of us do.

I didn't just slap your grandmother, and it isn't exactly the height of shocking that there some real competitors out there for zero dollars right now.

If people pay more for it, buy cheap wow accounts who are you to say it should be cheaper? Start your own MMO or any product and let me boss you around about how you handle your accounting.

The WOW References Music

The game references music, though. safe wow gold It's out there. So, I ask you, dear breakfast readers, to put fingers to keyboards and try out your Azerothian muse. What's the music you would add to game? Is it just battle chants? What about something with a nice flute? What would the music of Azeroth sound like?
A Gnome (Pict) Song.
You never look where you tread
Always your heavy hooves fall
On our bellies, our hearts and our heads
And you never hear when we bawl
You people pass by -- and that's all
And we gather behind you in hordes
And plot to reconquer you all
With only our tech as our swords.

We are the little folk -- we!
Too little to love or to hate
Leave us alone and you'll see
How fast we can bring down this state
We are the worm in the wood!
We are the rot at the root!
We are the taint in the blood!
We are the thorn in the foot!

Mistletoe killing an oak
Rats gnawing cables in two
Moths eating holes in a cloak
How they must love what they do!
Yes -- and we little folk too!
We are as busy as they
Working our works out of view
Watch, and you'll see it someday

We are the little folk -- we!
Too little to love or to hate
Leave us alone and you'll see
How fast we can bring down this state
We are the worm in the wood!
We are the rot at the root!
We are the taint in the blood!
We are the thorn in the foot!

Though maybe we are not strong
Yet we have robots that are
Gladly we'll guide them along
To smash and destroy you in war
We shall be small just the same
When have we never been small?
But you -- you will die of the shame
And then we shall dance on your graves!

For we are the little folk -- we!
Too little to love or to hate
Leave us alone and you'll see
How fast we can bring down this state
We are the worm in the wood!
We are the rot at the root!
We are the taint in the blood!
We are the thorn in the foot!


The 5.4 PTR Have Been Posted

Warlocks weren't exactly tearing shit up. wow gold for sell I don't get it. They should have just removed chaos bolt from the casting while moving if they wanted to nerf it a bit. It would play more like ele that way. But just straight up axing it to the point nobody will pick it is pretty absurd.
I don't think they understand what they're doing to warlocks.  GC says WoW can never be Street Fighter because it's server based, but it's too late! fast wow gold  We have eaten the forbidden fruit, and anyone who's put some hours in on a KJC lock knows damn well WoW can do fast, fun, high-action combat.  Now they're all, "Nothing to see here!  That never happened!  Go back to standing still and watching bars fill up like every other fire mage."
Warlock changes - boo!
Hunter changes - but I like teh silence =/
Very excited for proving grounds & the virtual realms. Question though (I don't think I saw info on this in the notes) - will the virtual realms still be CRZ'd? How the heck is that going to work? o.O I'm guessing it'll replace CRZ, but I didn't see where it said anything along those lines.
As I understand it, buy world of warcraft accounts VRs will include ALL aspects of the game, whereby CRZ has been extremely limited to only low level zones and even then prohibitive in the way it allows you interact (or more appropriately NOT) with other players.
It will probably be too soon to say, but I'd wager that if VRs don't help the issue of 'ghost zones' and being able to complete ENTIRE story arcs inside a zone without seeing another player in a Multiplayer game, they will continue to use CRZ to counter this. 
However I cannot speak with any authority on the subject, if VRs solve the problems CRZ was designed and brought in to solve in the first place CRZ may well be a thing of the past, I will miss it, but I think I am the only one ^^
In short, if VRs populate low level zones, CRZ is likely gone, else don't expect anything to change IMO.


Reliable "rule" Associated With Warcraft

A couple of weeks ago GC shot it down as unfeasible, wow gold for sell and I agree. It's not as simple as say, multiplying all the mob's HP by X%and their damage by Y%. You'd have to completely rebalance the boss's abilities based around current max level abilities and mechanics. Just as an example, a lot of old bosses were designed around dispels not having a cooldown, which would be murderous with today's 8 second cooldown. Sure you could correct this, but by the time you accounted for allt he differences it just becomes not worth the effort. You might as well just make new content.
There is a reason "never say never" has become the only reliable "rule" associated with Warcraft.
They rebalance and retune things constantly, where to buy wow accounts and what you've described is nothing but another example of this.
The only thing one can say for certain is that Flex Raiding is being released as a test and one can only play wait-and-see to find out where it goes from this PTR description and announcement ...
Anyone ever been trolled so well in game that afterwards you couldn't help but laugh?
ex: The other night i was trying to grt into a Throne of Thunder PUG. After 10 mins of spamming trade, i get an invite. I didn't really look at where the summon was for, just clicked accept. I end up in the Arena in the Cape of Stranglethorn, surrounded by twenty Alliance. Needless to say, I quickly went down. It was a pretty spectacular troll.

Power source of diablo 3

Energy according to the role of the occupational character varies, Master's energy is secret energy, the energy of anger Barbarian, Demon Hunter's energy is hatred and precepts (two kinds of energy, faster recovery hatred for hunters with high attack high damage , discipline slow recovery for hunters trap and other tactical support provided diablo 3 accounts for sale), the energy is magic witch doctor, monk's energy is refined gas.

Maximum energy or energy recovery is faster growth Diablo 3 pairs of energy in both directions, these growth items and equipment are made available.


I'm Enjoying The Quest Line

I'm collecting titan runestones for the 4th week so far. gold for WoW . though this week I've only run the last portion of lfr so far.. and I've got a whopping 4. Of 6 bosses that drop them, to see either none drop any or get one out of those 6 opportunities is just annoying. I don't expect to see like 6 a week, considering we only need 12 (i think, I forget). buy cheap WoW account . but 1 each week on average is just a pain.  But I was in the same boat with the sigils too, I had way more of one than the other, and it took me running an extra msv or 2 in order to get that last one of whatever that I needed. 
Although I'm enjoying the quest line, and the story that goes with it, I'm failing to see how this is a Legendary thing. I've never had an Legendary before, but I've been part of the raid group to help get one for one of the team. World of Warcraft account for sale My DS group had a rogue with the fangs, and I remember hearing him (as well as other rogues on various parts of the chain) talking about what they had to do (sometimes screaming, cursing.. funtimes) to get the different levels of new daggers.. the end result being the best daggers. We also had a mage in Firelands working on the staff, and its various levels and multiple variations of a staff. I was on board with the beginning, getting the gem to go in the weapon, then the extra socket for the weapon.. but then we got a meta gem for any helm.. then we'll get a pretty cloak. I mean I like the stat boost and ilvl stuff, but I thought we'd be making modifications to the weapon that we got the whole time, not making it useless once a better weapon dropped in the next raid. I used my sha gem on the lfr mace from empress, which I valor-upgraded the first time the guy was available. It was gone the 3rd time I downed horridon in lfr when the staff dropped.. and now its even gone from my off-spec since I got the staff from ji'kun.  At some point during the next raid, my helm will go away. Hell, if I get a better one now that my raid team is in tot it could be replaced sooner (and i'll have to get another one). I don't get the point of replaceable items that are replaceable while content in current. I thought there may be a bonus or something for having all the parts at some point (which I kinda hope not since.. the mace is gone..), or something bigger coming from having all of them, but really.. this is just a really long quest chain with some nice rewards.
As for the catch up part, I'm kinda on the fence. I won't go through the process on alts. I had started it on my warlock, but stopped after the valor part. I turned in the valor quest (since they dropped the amount needed, I completed it by accident), I don't think I bothered picking up the other 2. I know I have no intentions of bgs on my lock. For people who started late, or who had terrible luck with drops - there are a few on my raid team.. its a nice thing. Part of me wants to say NOOO!!! Because I did it the long way, but I started at the beginning.. soo that was my choice to stick with it. But, on the other hand, there are any number of reasons why someone would be starting late.. be it an alt-turned-main or not having the time sooner to work on it.. that a catch up feature is nice.


The Quotes of WOW

I am as (potentially) excited over this new feature as anyone who has been dying for them to address the population problem, but in the interest of serving as a voice of caution, please let me share two fairly recent Blizzard Blue comments with you:
" ... WoW accounts cheap  yesterday we discussed low-population and faction-imbalanced realms with our developers. They have some pretty bold and spectacular plans for addressing this in anticipation of implementing some of the features we plan to in Mists. buy cheap WoW account  I just don’t have a lot of information to share with you at this stage of programming and development."
"[This will be] the first step toward improving the play experience when leveling on a low-population server. Sell WoW account The world will be more populated, opening up the possibility for you to make BattleTag friends who you can then invite on future adventures. World of Warcraft is meant to be a massively multiplayer role-playing game, so we want to give players on lower population realms access to a larger community to play with."
The first quote was from February 2012, the second from late September 2012, and the topic of each was, of course, CRZ. 
For better or for worse, I think we all know how well CRZ was greeted by the community.
I offer this because all we're reacting to is the potential of this fix, and everyone (myself included, below) seems to be getting overly excited over this most-welcome idea!  Personally, I will choose to remain cautiously excited without solid expectation.  It would be a shame for everyone to get their hopes skyrocketed, only to sink back into disappointment, QQ and rage when/if it proves to be less-than-perfect.
CR play was welcomed by those who had more than 2 brain cells.It was just the start of a fully integrated cross server game play.It was feared by the many WoW haters who drove some easy manipulated players into no mans land.But of course ... Now in the end ... It turned out as I predicted in patch 5.4 an eternal populated Azeroth, independant of population problems ...
Blizzard is MILES above the rest of the mmo bunch with this superb technology.
1.  Those unhappy with the CRZ glitches and problems are/were not WoW haters, they were CRZ haters.
2.  5.4 is months out from release and just released into the limited test environment within the last 24 hours.  Far too early to be calling this one a success (hell even GC said it mightn't appear in September).
3.  Perhaps someone out there is/was aware of or cares about your predictions and proclamations, but my guess is that no one is tracking the history associated with BenBosmans on WI.  Congrats on patting yourself on the back for a premature bit of public self-love, though!
4.  This is the exact same thing that most every single MMO on the market is already delivering, rather than Blizzard being "MILES" ahead of the rest, this is Blizzard playing catch-up.  Finally.
5.  Please do not mistake my responses here as Blizzard hate, WoW hate, or even BenBosmans hate (I think this might be the first time I've ever interacted with you, I've never seen you on here that I can recall).  Just sayin.