FFXIV F2P game

All ms have to do is stop being greedy and let people on xbox play without a live subscription ontop of the games subscription. Stop wanting exclusive content fir xbox and accept the initial invitation Sony and square Enix gave them when ff14 arr came out. This whole cross platform with ps and xbox has stemmed from Ms refusing the invite Sony and se gave them almost 3 yrs ago. g I'd love to jump back into this game but I have not played since before Heavensward. 200 dollar physical for windows WILL BE MINE. Cheap FFXIV Gil Gee thats alot of money. Does it come with game time?

When the pre-orders starts and anything known about price? Ty for answier. But... 199$, srsly? They becoming really greedy. That's a lot more than for HW CE :/ . It will be 199 euros knowking them :/ And probably with another broken artbook which destroy while reading... like with HW one. Np it takes a while to wade through the information. And yeah it does have an art book......The statue is cool. It stands just over 7" tall. But the price baffles me a bit too. Granted the expansion is bringing a buttload of changes it's still hard to justify that price for some extra swag.

 Price? And is the figure the same shitty quality as the Midgardsormr? $200 bucks for the CE was quite the shocker, but why so steep? Im buying it anyway but not even WoW CEs cost that so please dont raise the price next expansion. Buy FFXIV Gil  I'll just get the digital CE as the statue isn't as cool as the HW one  I throw my money to? Gonna look nice next to my heavenward CE!!  $200 all cause of the items pfft I'll stick to the $60 digital only the in game items matter WoW's CE have been steadily going up in price..
Steam users get fucked again. Wish I never bought on steam. I wonder if you can use Syldra outside of water? Is this another expansion??

$200 for collectors edition!  Bollocks does it. The subscription keeps the game largely free of arse holes. And largely free of shitty storylines etc. Games like these need subscriptions to keep them great. It also allows the devs to release far more more frequent, high quality content updates than you'd find in any F2P game. Honestly this game would not be the game it is if it were free to play.  P2P keeps the content flowing and bad players out. Plenty of F2P trash games to choose from.  Like paying 60 for the dlc, then paying 15 a month to play. Guys, various people troll every post like this saying F2P. They want to see people get upset and fuss, just ignore it. This happens far too often to be taken seriously.


FFXIV: A Sims Game Reborn

I can't imagine you trying the trial more than once if you couldn't get a group that could do it. Which is why this game will never see challenging content again. FFXIV: A Sims Game Reborn! Um whaaahhhh it's a game not a lifestyle, just saying. IF you wiped that much then the problem is also YOU. Could always Ask them before starting if they know how to do the boss :) Cheap Blade and Soul Gold there is nice people everywhere then you will get the dorks who troll for the fun of it cause it brings laughs to them but not no one elsse.

Chioni AJ Where do you get your statistics? 99%? You must think you are in the 1% huh. With a comment like that, you are definitely in the 99% you claim are idiots. I myself have run into only a small % that are idiots. It must be you, or your server.  2 years ago when ifrit was a new boss content and people gears were limited to ilv 90
Yeah a lot of ppl that time mess up with PUG. But recently i never found that problem.  People care about Ifrit outside of pony farming? Only need 3 people for it anyway.  I mean have you guys played any other MMO? I've never played one with a more competent player base than FFXIV.

I mean you do one thing somebody else doesn't like,Buy Blade and Soul Gold even if it was the correct thing to do in that situation, in WoW and you're getting death threats for the next 3 days. All these new features are amazing! But I still want to see the Viera Race in Stormblood I mean come on I've known so many people who want this to be a possibility... Great game SE, just started a week ago and loving it, keep up the awesome updates. On my way back to the game this weekend. Nice! I was hesitant to start an mmo just cause it had the name Final Fantasy, but it really does feel like a real FF, story and music and everything. I feel bad for people who miss out.

I also loved it. I eventually came to its end though. Definitely coming back for the expansion. You have a LOT of content ahead of you!  Haha yeah I suppose even mmo's have their ends, I feel like it's a nice time to join with the expansion coming out in a few months. Great game. I have always "WoW'd" my way through games. Tthis is the first one that actually pulled me into the storyline and i read and watched all MSQ stuff. Also as soon as ypu reach end game content they are already working on new content to bring us.


FFXIV Dragon nest

I said this over a year ago and man, idk wtf I saw in this game dude I'm pretty sure I was drunk the entire time. Wonder if it'd be worth instead of releasing the patches, pouring it into a proper dlc. If you want this game to be like Dragon nest be my guest. Un that's how you keep an MMO progressing. Otherwise it would just stall and no one would play. It's always been like this. You're always welcome not to grind since there is plenty of other things to do. I guess I just need to not have a life and just play it 24/7 huh? I really hope the Triad story ends with someone absorbing them and a massive Kefa-final-form fight happens.

I also thought of this, and considering the middle part of the area where the statues are has been changing too (half a set of angel wings sprouted, and Kefka's final god form had wings) so yeah just a theory though. FFXIV Gil I've never pvp.... But I guess I am force too now since I want those mounts. :/ Other than that.... Dun Scaith looks amazing and so does the new hair styles.... And Painting! Just this little passage about Dun Scaith's intent and how it was never achieved actually makes me feel a little sad... Loved the game but wasn't into paying for dlc when I was all ready paying each month but looks like the game has got a lot more fun.

There's a difference between dlc and an expansion that's basically another full game ontop on the core 1. And why do you think we pay a sub. Well because you get content updates every 3 months. Cheap FFXIV Gil That content ain't going to pay for itself 😂. Expansion = whole new game ontop of the other 2. 3 month content patches =payed dlc which is what that monthly sub pays for. No need to pay extra for this. When was the last time you played it to not know we don't pay for content patches ontop of the monthly subscription. It's been out since 2013 pretty common knowledge to people who play it lol.

Yer I do no that but I ant going to pay a monthly fee then pay for an expansion. You can argue and say this and that over and over but you buy games to play and if a game needs patches the company puts them out look at destiny you pay for a expansion no monthly fee plus you get content free plus neverwinter free to play you pay micro transactions if you don't like grinding to level up faster plus you pay for expansions. Lol are you a tool or just can't read I didn't say I hated leveling up and I play mmos I play neverwinter, destiny, dc and I like rpg games most. Just because I don't see paying a month for some thing then paying for a expansion when other mmos don't.