FFXIV Emerald/Topaz Carbuncle & Wayward Hatchling

(NA) The Emerald/Topaz Carbuncle & Wayward Hatchling are on sale for 30% off during the SE Spring Sale! Shame that Australian customers can't order them since the EU store we have to use only has "digital" items. :( FFS, Square Enix, show us some love!  I use a deputy service to get goods out of Japan and anywhere in the world, Buy FFXIV Gil I wonder if he does US only stuff to other parts of the world as well.... Look up Shopping Mall Japan, and see if they can help.  I want to shame SE into offering it to us too, why have the EU/AU shop at all if all they are willing to send us is digital codes? This is not rocket science. (I already use such services from Japan as well, but that's for companies that don't even have a presence for EU/AU...)

Last time I ordered from square was the hevensware collectors edition. Customs held it for a week, it came 2 weeks late and I had to pay 20$ to get it out of customs. Square Enix offers me no compensation. So you'll excuse me if I never order from them again. Customs isn't their problem... If anyone, it's USPS and everyone knows they won't compensate anyone for anything. if you read the small print when you buy things, it says that you as the purchaser are responsible for any customs fees and taxes on your purchase, and you have to tick a box to agree to that. I dont understand why youre angry about it.

It's your responsibility to educate yourself about the customs process in your country.  I wonder how much sales would increase if you folks didn't gouge customers on freight costs. Its international shipping. Maybe I dont get around very much...but is that supposed to be cheap?? How about a sale on shipping. Would love to buy FFXIV Gil but us Canadians get the shaft bigtime... I would TOTALLY buy these , IF YOU WOULD SHIP TO AUSTRALIA .. but you dont.  Yeah the last time i bought the carbies i had to get them through some one on ebay. Yay time to buy my wife that Emerald Carbuncle I promised her :P  Im still waiting over 48 hrs on my digital pc copy of ffxiv lol. Square your store is terrible.

Do you guys plan on getting a shipment of those cait sith plushies any time soon? not on sale on the UK store though? At least can't see it. Can see it on the US one. Think yourself lucky the UK has a store. All Australia gets is a shitty digital purchase store. this. I want these. I would pay for the shipping, but we dont get that option. Suck so be Aussie.   I want a carbuncle for my carbuncle but I can't throw anymore cash away for a few months. Sweet looking forward to buying it! I love anything Final Fantasy in products.

They should have stopped at monthly fees for the accounts and reasonably priced merchandise, these cash shops, retainer fees, and over priced music is just a sign that it's going to get worse. You're literally bitching about optional items that serve next to no purpose in the actual game. It's intended to be an small bonus for the people that do care enough to buy the album as a blu ray, not the other way around. They could not add a minion at all. If you're buying OSTs for minions FFXIV Gil you're a special kind of stupid. They aren't even forcing you to buy it, everything besides the retainer service adds nothing to your game. And the reason other games don't charge for extra storage is because they don't offer it to begin with. If it bothers you go play a different game. Jonathan Contreras I still use my spoony bard.

Ill just wait and get it on itunes for like 1/4 the price. If it was a CD with the minion I would pay for it (as well as not at this price) for I can play it in my car as well but just a blue ray... Its not worth it. Also only thing i would be able to listen to this on is my play attacked to my TV. Its one of the few things I dont have built into my PC, and my older MAC does not have one. Hopefully they've wised up and let us buy the full album on ITunes.Oh look, another thing added to the list of things you can't get because you live in Australia... Seriously, when are they going to stop screwing us over with not being and to get anything but game DLS in the EU store?!

Instead of Nidhogg I wish you'd let us buy the whole album off iTunes instead of buying each song individually....  cute now only wasn't $50 plus shipping so nearly what $60 if not more yeah music good and would love to have the minion but already pay enough for monthly and what few extra that already pop on mog station Buy FFXIV Gil you guy need to get a reality check and think about people income cause we do have bills to pay already and games we want. If it fights with the Midgardsormr I'll absolutely die why would it fight with him? wouldn't it fight with wind up hraesvalgur? (i spelled it wrong i know)

 He seems to hate all his family so let him fight both I say. And this is why I either record the tracks in-game or download from Youtube. Milk that cow.   These albums are for audiophiles and FF music enthusiasts. Not intended for everyone. Because the music on YouTube isn't for those fans either who don't wanna shell out 50 for an album that should cost 15.  Myo Zaw Tun I love Final Fantasy music and if they compiled every patch together into one album it would be worth that cost. Fffff that postage charge takes the pisss, your store is getting worse now you asshats. I'd like a digital only copy, physical media is not ones forté.


Blade and Soul PSTS bottlenecks man

 Knowing ncsoft there not even gonna think about doing it. Oh neat, community is still crying over catch up mechanics. PSTS bottlenecks man, and the stupid proc rate on crafting them its just plain ass and they wont release an item than increases crafting rates. ncsoft never listens to the community, But when they do.....it sucks. With how far content is right now I don't see why you're so butthurt about this. It's all on you for getting far ahead of everyone else.  Gah. I quit this game after hitting 650ap. Pretty cool but, ain't fun with high ping so that's it for me. Would be fantastic if they ever release sa servers, but knowing ncsoft.. Buy Blade and Soul Gold  all those whales out there must be screaming right now. well its time for everyone else to catch up now. there will always be another event. gotta help the lil guy now.well still ppl will not let brainless players join the party :PPP

 I'm a whale and I have no problem with this. As long as they don't give out the newest stuff I don't care. Besides it helps me gear my alts.  I may sounds like a lazy sob or something but can you please include twilight flower? Lol having a potato lappy can't survive 24man (msp/kv) always crash the game at the middle of boss fight. So yea. Im having a hard time farming those. Still waiting for ryzen though to upgrade my rig :/ rip. You should've farmed honoraries in october, november when it was not more than 8g :3 But i dont know the cryiiing man... Getting stuff at lvl 45 cap wasnt a dream.... You had 3 heroic dungeons 2 instances and junghado. Thats it. Now try to collect more than 60 soulstones and 23g for an upgrade. Cos accesory costs got reduced too...Max 6-7g daily and you needed like 50g for an upgrade....

I quit the game because it kept getting easier and easier to the point that everything you have worked hard for gets given out a month later. Go farm forging orbs and do skybreak spire. Honorary ornaments???? cheap Blade and Soul Gold No???? Its THE ONLY THING i have trouble collecting. I can farm these stupid mats faster than the shitty box. Thanks for skimmin the wrong surface agsin ncsoft. Rip trove.... Just upgraded my wep to baleful last night -.- Congrats how much was it in materials close to 1000 gold.

 Spent 180 gold on two lament flowers for my girlfriend last night to..... She wanted to get baleful same time as me. Now watch she will probably get 6 flowers by the end of the week -.- THANKS FOR THIS EVEN. YEA JUST WHAT I NEEDED :)))) OMG SO NICE!!! All these mats drop most of the time. Should have included Ornaments, Forging Orbs, and prem stones.  The hexagonal ruby looking nice though. All my level 50 characters need it since I miss out on the ruby from previous events. Don't be lazy craft them from the transmutation process or buy em for 300g.  Legendary weapons are not required for 90% of this game. Pretty bad when you have to have things like this. Why can't you just make the game better?