Final Fantasy TYpe-0 HD

Was confirmed a long time ago. You can get it with Final Fantasy TYpe-0 HD on March 17th, 2015. We need a FF15 demo yes, but getting it on a humble bundle seems highly unlikely xD.

Hey Square Enix your Sleeping Dogs series are good but the only problem is physics in it as it isn't as much good as in other games so i hope in Triad Wars it will be fixed so your business increases and you people keep creating it and also do some more hardwork in it.I am writing this just to let you FFXIV Gil people know that in what you are failing and just to buy FFXIV Gil increase your business. Since I lack the ability to post this directly as it's own post to the page at large.

Dear @SquareEnix, I want to play your newish Tomb Raider game that I picked up on Xbox live. Unfortunately, making me mash the two shoulder buttons of my controller faster than a hyena on crack just to get through the intro is frankly insulting and not actually a game. Thanks for locking the other hours of content behind a reflex wall instead of giving me something to strategize over. Thank goodness I didn't spend money on this, or I would truly have been as cheated as I feel.


Square actually care about their players and community

 Actually, the amount of content FFXI released INCREASED once ARR came out. XI gets updated about once a month, with big content and new systems once every two months, and smaller adjustments in between. The content roll out is here to stay. It's part of yoshi's plan. This is one of the first mmos to keep me around and this is why. Just when I want a break they give me just enough to buy FFXIV Gil and pull me back in :)))

The content keeps coming, but it's all the same boring grind for items they'll just give away like candy in 2 months. I doubt I'm coming back to this, it's mostly a good game but gets a few key things very, very wrong.

 Square actually care about their players and community if thats what you mean.  The issue with 14 is that yes it gets new content every 3 months and thats great, but its always 3 boring dungeons, a primal which seems to be getting easier each time and an advancement to coil or CT. Its the same thing every time. I dont have to look forward to it at all. I know that in the next 3 months it will be the same things coming. This alone makes the updates kinda stale to me cheap FFXIV Gil. Its never something "new". its just the same old rehased 2 old dungeons and 1 story related dungeon. Just lazy if you ask me. I still play the game but yeah it needs sorting....


an enjoyable experienc of FFXIV

That said, I hope people haven't put you off from the game. It can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you find an awesome free company and make some friends. If people continue giving you a hard time for being new, screw them. They aren't worth your frustration.

Ok making sense now so ya that's a real problem with the last 2 story dungeons there are too many cs and other people want to get cheap FFXIV Gil and other stuff done.

So ya make a party finder for that stuff you need to.

You also need to realize that there are other people here and they have other priority's on their minds than waiting for people to finish watching a cs.

I was mad when I was told to skip the first time but I realize its not fair to the others who are there for other reasons that was not me getting my clear.

And there are plenty of helpful people in the game just don't expect them to stop what their doing to help with everything. Thus I now recommend to everyone regardless of whether you are just starting or not, don't skip cutscenes! As you never know if that scene will be watchable again or not, which if not, would be missed forever.


FFXIV is cyclical

The whole game is cyclical so people have to lvl other classes and help lower players... annoying i agree but helps overall game.  what about people that don't want to grind primals or dungeons anymore cuz they've grown sick of grinding that content already from relics and pony farm?
A: They don't get the cards related to that content. And the world keeps turning.

Great more things to lose money on besides crafting whoohoo. At least as of patch 2.51, you aren't spending any gil (aside from Teleports), so... Almost have all FFXIV Gil crafts to 50 and broke haha.

So I was told that you need a disc and you have to pay for it. That's not true is it?  3.0 is heavensward expansion its a paid for expansion pack u can buy digital copies aswell ofc. 2.51 is a patch. 3.0 is the expansion. i too pre-ordered type o for the FFXV Demo, tho type o looks like a pretty awesome game to fill the wait time till FFXV finally releases. can't wait!

you got a long wait only demo buy cheap FFXIV Gil out this year game might be xmas but could be 2016 before release.  I'm getting the type 0 just for the demo while waiting until FFXV comes out for Xmas or New Year or next year ,Thanx.


a few quests should be completed for FFXIV beginners

One is to enable the Raiders manual tasks, 15 quests "forgotten Manual" in the sea are addicted dolphin pavilion connection. Raiders complete manual requirements,buy FFXIV gil you can get different rewards, from experience to gold tickets to the military, and will reward Raiders manual reset once a week. This task is very important, we must remember to complete. 

One is used to open the Chocobo partner model, 30 quests "trusted partner" in the black forest department Sennan (x17, y28) Next, after the completion of the field can be used to summon a Chocobo fight together with you , call lasted 30 minutes, then can not use the automatic discharge of this function.

You can also gain experience with Daguai upgrade, Chocobo can choose to upgrade after three directions T, Healer, DPS plus points, to enhance its combat effectiveness. Right-click on the call out of Chocobo, you can lift the call. After the call Chocobo Chocobo can not take the horse away.

Dyeing equipment is used to turn a function of, 15 quests "colorful world", in Western Nalan (x12, y24) Next, the three main city grocery store to buy orange juice, to the task NPC can be.


Is is safe to buy ffxiv gil?

Is is safe to buy ffxiv gil?

If you ever see people gathering and seemingly teleporting from point to point, you've found yourself a bot.

They gather stuff, sell it, then sell off that gil, alongside the ffxiv gil of highjacked (often phished) accounts.

Square have already commented on the issue so they're likely aware of them. As for why the bans are on a delay, I don't know exact reasons.

I'm usually neutral with these kind of topics, but I want to ask something:

Person A buys gil, he has gil now. Person B sold items on the Board or to NPCs, he has gil now. If Person A buys gil via RMT, how exactly is he a bad person, especially if this is his only game and he's "investing"?