do same dungeon x times per day for upgrade in Blade and Soul

 I think it is important to provide feedback, i don't want returning gifts, i want the game to be more appealing where it matters, until level 45, it is a good game, past that it is a wall .  returning gifts/bonuses would be nice tho. I always return to certain games to get them return things and level new classes- just to let them rot again- it's also useful if a new class arrives and makes you return.

 it is easy untill legend nowadays Blade and Soul Gold ...just be less nab and earn that gold.even story gives hm5 and like 50g for free...they did lower all equipment costs (like half of what it was) and you still complain about it being to hard? Takes 2 days to get to 50 by urself and leg is so ez to get now lol.. Ha! I'm lazy too, that's why I hardly get anything done. Weapons stay same lol.

Theres effort and theres is just pointless grind where basically nothing feels rewarding which is what blade and soul feels like yeah go do same dungeon x times per day pray for rng upgrade something that doesn't even feel rewarding and rinse repeat, it takes more or less zero skills to get upgrades in this game besides boring repeatables. What is in this game rewarding? Dungeon ways thats it pretty much nothing when you see loot box and its just pile of garbage in it. Unless throwing ££ at cash items like trove and what not for shortcut.

Precisely, the grinding doesn't feel rewarding at all. You can play all you want, but the efforts feel wasted. In the high level multiplayer dungeons, the pros won't stop to help the others, when some just will AFK and do nothing. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold The low level dungeons where you can do something, there is really nothing to do, save help new players through them, something i do gladly, but that gives no rewards in return, the solo dungeons are impossible, and i like to do more than just follow mindlessly the story. So it isn't really appealing to even boot the game, something really sad, keeping in mind the potential this game has. I really want to spend money on the game, but i don't find a single reason to do so.


Final Fantasy was fighting a hidden boss on FF X-2

One of the best moments playing Final Fantasy was fighting a hidden boss on FF X-2 and my gf comes over and watches me fight for over an hour before I beat it. We are married and have a 12 year old daughter named Aeris! My first Final Fantasy title was Final Fantasy. Growing up with next till no friends this franchise keep me kind and Buy FFXIV Gil strong willed at heart. Growing without Final Fantasy i know for a fact i would not be whom i am today. I truthfully believe i owe my life to these games as they have helped me battle a life long depression. Many do not realize the power of these games behold, they challenge not only your mind but also your soul.

Final Fantasy XIII is my first touch point with FF franchise. Love the story and characters. Definitely looking forward to FFXV and FFVII remake. I really can not choose my favourite, it's impossible. I can't choose just one. FFVI, FFVII FFIX AND FFX. I just can't decide between them. I haven't played any of the spin offs or the mmorpg games, Cheap FFXIV Gil just the main ones. There is one I can not stand which is X-2. And I hate to say it but I despised episode duscae and the other demo for XV.

I just felt that gameplay has strayed too far from what made the series so much fun and stand out from other games, it felt like a hack and slash adventure (and I hate to say it but a piss poor one). Which has quite upset me, because the final fantasy series has got me through 2 physical and soul crushing fights with cancer.  Long live Final fantasy!!!!FF XII will always be my favorite .But I hope you guys consider bringing back Final fantasy Tactics.

 I played every titles from the main series and if I have to choose my favourite one it wouldn't be that easy, because I really got in love with 8 and 9. Final Fantasy 8 was the first Final Fantasy that I've ever played. The character Squall is so great and the entire game is awesome. I also really love the story around Zidane in 9 that he feel so alone and then all his friends appear to show, that he's definately not and they're supporting him to get back on track.


Stop Eating Dumpling hajoon

You have to send them an e-mail explaining what's happening, I had that same problem a few months ago, I sent them an e-mail to appeal@ncsoft.com and they responded really quick, it took a few days but my account was recovered, I ended up deleting it as it was use for spamming and sell gold, creating bad rep for it.... i click on submit ticket, Blade and Soul Gold but it ask me to log in, but it don't want couse my email is not correct. Angel Soulless Roman Thanks. I hope it ll help.

Love the one with Poharan in the witches outfit. this is a pumpkin worth smashing. bns fix your countdown bug in xserv. what you have done with 6v6 matchup system? make a good maintenance of the game. Stop Eating Dumpling hajoon . Untl what time is the maintenance? TOMORROW: Join Community Manager Bethany Stout and Associate Producer Jonathan Lien in the Beluga Lagoon on.Just started playing BnS enjoyable game for most part, but one of the most bothersome things about it after playing Gw2 and Tera no Account wide storage.

Greetings Opaw Na Kalbo! Buy Blade and Soul Gold The appeal@ncsoft.com is legit. You can send them an email if you think the account lock was unjustified. Thanks! Yeah lets all play Battlegrounds is well Balanced players with Legendary weapon vs Oathbreaker weapon well balanced stats. Plus lots of Down Syndrome people who dont know how to Play a Domination map that requires to Defend a single base, rather they love to roam and lose, cause players loves kills... just do Arena if u like so much to kill or just go Crimson and attack the 70% pop of Ceruleans...

Hi Blade & Soul I love your game an all but when are you guys gonna do a better job removing the gold spammer's i mean its hard to find people in shout or in whisper when you have gold bots cutting you off, hence the reporting doesnt do much since they keep coming back aside from that keep doing what you guys are doing. Pls fix warlock's thrall bug stuck in combat & first person view bug when will enter dungeon via cross server,Thats so annoying.