NCsoft Blade and Soul serve maintenance

Well, that's obvious Mark smile emoticon , but yes, an Oceanic server would have to be located in Australia/NZ. Don't think i've seen any NCsoft game with an oceanic or sea server which is sad. A lot more people would support the games if these people were thought of in the first place regarding server locations etc. They only care about the mass markets i guess.

What happens today, I could not enter the game has been disconnections and errors all day. any khnow when warlock class coming? After the game starts, i cannot see the characters and cant start the game, the only thing i see is the game's screen ? Just you. Only disconnected once. Blade and Soul Gold Which was just now that's why I came to check FB lol.  I don't know when you tried to log in but there was a maintenance on 27/01. Other than that if you're stuck after the pin code, keep waiting.

You guys commenting here should start a blog and stop coming here to complain about support issues and how little things in a video game are ruining your lives. Adapt and deal with it until things improve or leave. It's so simple. The game is amazing and my guild is amazing. I can deal with launch issues because Ive been doing this since 1999. It will be OK. Give it time. Have patience. It's the Hongmoon way Buy Blade and Soul Gold . colonthree emoticon .

Most of the time players who complain about issue is just their computer's fault lol. Like all this disconnecting problem. While majority of players aren't having problems at all. Toulue Vang yeah I agree. I mean the servers have crashed us out but not all the time. I play flawlessly almost every night during prime time.  i cant play since the first patch of today it keeps getting erros, later with this patch i log in like for 5 minutes and then it crash again, i have tried putting the client to repair but no response i don′t know what to do.


Blade & Soul Launch Even

 I really need a Blade Dancer Lyn first of all ^^
By the way I saw a lot of dissatisfaction. I know you will try your best to solve everybody's problem. I hope you can cut out all of the problems before the launch.  I think I am going with KFM. It's gonna be my first time playing. I usually play supports Blade and Soul Gold , and when not, dual-wielders. Since KFM's a tank (which can fit 'support' nicely) and a bruiser, I'll give it a shot! smile emoticon.

I'm a noob at the whole PC stuff im an Xbox guy but want to join the master race can you help me out bro and tell me what link to go to be able to sign up and download id really appreciate it bro I really want to play blade and soul it looks dope. I didn't know I have to redownload the client until the moment I couldn't get into the server , now I am kinda sad and hopefully I could reserve the name I want still.......  Your launcher decided to do a file check right as I pressed play at 6PM. It only took 4 minutes to have someone snatch my names from me. Bloody well done...

Blade & Soul Launch Event plz tell me if i buy cash shop items now will i get my prem memebr ship points later need to know so i can buy while feeling safe.  I live in the Philippines can I play this game? region blocked? and are you planning it to be release on Steam soon because thats the only way we PH players can buy ingame shop items like dota 2 (too few poeple owns credit cards here) I notice that the Lobby Store is available in the Name Reservation and that it is possible to purchase items from the store. I ran some tests and bought a few things, and it does show up in my purchase history and brings my NCoin amount down both in the client and on the web site. However, it did not add Premium Points to my rank. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I am wondering if it is safe to purchase items from this Lobby Store and if it will add the premium points and items once the game launches or enters head start?


a mix of force and kungfu masters

It will be open today to download, not few days like ^ said lol. Logan Charles Marble when did they say the download will be available today? I can't wait next Friday i so want to playing it ! is this game going to be available on steam? I have great hopes for this game. It took a while for TERA to go on STEAM. Hopefully, this BnS won't take that long.

NcSoft likes to use their own launchers. I don't expect that the game will launch with Steam, especially because it's not already on there. Ton of games that haven't officially launched doing some of their beta stuff via Steam, they didn't do that.NcSoft has two games on Steam BNS Gold, at all. Lineage II and Aion. They have something in common, and that's being kind of old as far as games go with aging. Lineage II was uh 2003, 2004? Aion was 2008. Ah, that said you can make Steam launch non-steam games or even run the overlay in them if that's why you want it on there. 

When will i be able to play the game? i hope philippines is not IP banned. No the Philippines is not IP blocked but expect high latency when you play from either NA or EU server.t is hugely delayed and basically makes the game pretty much broken. who cares if its slightly delayed xD, i just want to play this marvelous game. Were we can Download the new Game Client please answer?i already have Founders pack??  Keep watching the page they will put it out before the 11th for name reservations.

It will be on youtube some time after the stream .  can we play this game in the phillipines? Yes you can play from the Philippines their is no IP block. But do expect high latency when you play from either NA or EU server. There's an eighth class in the NcSoft East version that is Jin and Lyn only. So that's not gonna be in ours yet, but will come sooner or later. Ninth class teased at, but not really any information about it yet. The teaser just suggested a mix of force and kungfu masters Blade & Soul Gold .


useful jobs are Soul Wardens and Merry Potters

Will I be able to use the beta client on release or will I need another one? If so, where can I find it? You'll need to download another client, and the link hasn't been given for the new one yet. Did they state that we have to. Last update they said they don't know yet. If they updated please link the proof stating so. Okamii Lea Auld they stated many times on twitter and forums that you need to download new one.

The only useful items from crafting are the Crit Rate bopaes. Wait.... you mean I will have to take time out of my busy schedule to actually find stuff to make other stuff? Without hitting things in the face? This can't be right. You probably have to kill something rare too. That also takes time and getting things you want in life usually takes time you said it in your comment. So it can be right.

 I was being sarcastic. If this wasn't in the game I would question the makers highly.  I like crafting, and finding sample material is like finding treasure. Could cbt players get the winter and halloween outfits from the events? ;u;they were so pretty!  BNS Gold For those who played at KR/RU what profession is Really usefull in endgame? I played in CN, and useful jobs are Soul Wardens and Merry Potters cheap Blade & Soul Gold . I heard that endgame bopae arent crafted. i will check these professions, thank you.

Sindy Fuentes, he specifically asked KR and a private server though...  pretty sure id rather celebrate the launch by actually being home playing the game.  Please give us just one OCE server, It will be filled to the brim! Game is impossible to play on NA at 200+ ping!!! Please! Won't be playing on NA because of this! Looks amazing, can't wait to give it a try!