see a Match NY City vs LA Galaxy.

Drogba's name isn't even there ? Come on ..... It's the obvious answer. see...as I said...be ready for until 5 or 7 years...USA the new power of soccer in America. I'm ready! I went to Toronto to see buy FIFA 15 coins Columbia stomp Argentina during the Woman's Soccer game. It was a blast - so many Columbians there FIFA 16 coins. B Gerrard is captain of Galaxy because he is not only an amazing 7player, he is the only true leader of the three.

Dos Santos will be a marketing superstar in LA. Well, you see, you need to start playing to make an impact lamp. I hope Stevie G, Lampard and Pirlo could be playing together in one team. I'd say Lampard based on last season, I think Pirlo will be great for passing but, Lamps still has that all round ability, as does my legend Stevie G but you'd be deluded to say he's what he once was, he'll play like Pirlo, sit back playing pin point passes. That's my opinion anyway.

all of them are legends i will choose all they are my favourite players forever..... Gerrard is already showing himself up for being the overrated clown he is. Pirlo, I Wish to see a Match NY City vs LA Galaxy. I wish they all go back to their current teams they still have got in the World Stage. All three would have... Ten years ago... The MLS isn't great, but the are about average with the old guys.

Not the overrated hollywood wannabe in B, that's for sure. That comment proves you know nothing about football stick to making bombs Mohammed, Never heard that one before Daniel. I bet I know more about football than you. I won't lower myself to your level by spouting a racial insult, partly because I feel sorry for you, you must be pretty damn fugly to have to settle for a (fugly) flag as a dp. I do hope you choke on your insults. Would've been fun if they were all in the same club. What a midfield trio that would've been. Pirlo eyes closed have you seen him play its like watching a young player at his peak. dont ever puts gerrard's picture. everybody hate gerrard. everything about him is not right according to every football fans.


ff14 Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium

Beat the summer heat with the Vana’diel Summer Campaign Compendium and the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza, which both commence tomorrow!  looking forward to this! love the campaigns.  I'd rather see it die then go F2P. Because our subscription fees keep the servers online.

The day the game stops making money, is the day that they announce its shutdown. is other ways to keep it up.like other f2p games. So glad I came back recently. The quality of life changes were long overdue. I don't plan to cancel until the game shuts down.  Still one of the only few games I enjoy. Making a return was the best gaming decision I made. Wooooohaaaa! It's not going F2P, it's just going to 1) stop doing new content updates buy FFXIV gil  in Nov and 2) will likely gradually lose players over time until it finally closes down for good. They say anything about a sever merge? Regrettably, they aren't going to be able to develop any new platforms for FFXI either- they've run out of the PS-era dev kits used to make content, which is why it'll effectively go into stasis after that point. FFXIV doesn't have that problem- so for your MMORPG FF fix, that's the only possible option.

(Note: If someone finds cheap FFXIV gil  a stash of those squirreled away and gets them to S-E, you're a god amidst men.)

I have not played in years. I am trying to recover my acount. Used to be on the Bismarck server. Well this game will always have great memories but them dragging the PS2 along is pretty much what killed it....i mean now that 360 is gonna be able to play on X1 this would have been awesome if they just ported it to PS3 or PS4 but great games have to end sometime...and for those who still play..kill a mangy for and /poke faffy for me. Any chance you could add again Koru-Moru Trust, I missed it last year and he never been able since that. The level cap missions turned me away from this game. Couldn't complete the dragoon one. You mean the quest to open it up? At this point, you'd be able to solo em. They did a -lot- of quality-of-life changes after Abyssea.  Hated canceling my account but it had to be done.


Final Fantasy 14 customer support

Dear Final Fantasy 14 customer support, please politely vanish because your existence kills portions of my soul each time I have to deal with you. Today in events I sat waiting for 2 hours buy FFXIV gil  when the estimated wait time was 1 hour, so I sat patiently I like to consider myself as a patient person. Finally after 2 hours of waiting for customer support I got an agent named Andrew. Now before we get into how dumb this guy is. My issue is I have the code that I used to purchase the game, I have the name on the account, and backup email for it, and I can answer a security question.

Now seeing as how I have all of this wonderful material to prove my ownership of the account... it isn't enough cheap FFXIV gil (SHOCKER I know). Now I haven't logged into this account or this game much rather in forever. So I need to reset the password on the account as security measure which is fine, but I seem to have lost the email for the account.

So this is where the 2 hour wait for customer support begins I go through this wait and finally we are connected with Andrew. Now in no circumstance ever do I put my real birth date with my name for personal security reasons. So they need me to provide the date of birth that I put for this account and it's been a while since I logged in on that account so obviously I forgot it.

Now for some reason my date of birth is like the largest erification method in the world... because he wouldn't provide me with any other information unless I gave him my date of birth that I provided for that account which was false. So I didn't know it. Here is where the bad part comes.

I provide him with all of this other information that he can use to verify the account is mine but... it doesn't mean anything for some reason unless I can provide him with the date of birth. So here is where I start getting angry. I say in quote "How is it that I can provide you with all of these means of verification and they don't mean anything. A SECURITY QUESTION IS FOR THIS EXACT PURPOSE." Apparently I hurt his feelings because soon after that message was read I get this delightful reply " Agent Andrew: Thank you for visiting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center! Take care and hope to see you online!

Agent Andrew has disconnected." If you are customer support and you do this to your customers, please stop being customer support. Because the only thing you are supporting is mental breakdowns.